The Bucket List

About five years ago, I did a “meme” over on my LiveJournal account. This was before Twitter and Facebook. Back then LJ was the cool place to blog and hang out. Anyway, the meme was to come up with the top 100 things you wanted to do before departing this plane of existence.

I attended a funeral yesterday, hence my absence. A close friend lost his mother. Charlie Lu was just shy of being 90. She lived a full and varied life, sharing 68 years of it with the love of her life, Roscoe. As it was out of town, I had time to reflect on the drive home and I remembered the Bucket List I’d once done. I went back (yes, I STILL have my LJ account) and I found it. Over the next ten Fridays, I’ll be sharing my list with you, for what it’s worth, ten items at a time. From my LJ post:

Caution. Meme-age ahead. From the ridiculous to the sublime, I present The List(tm). This was a tough one. I’ve led…if not exactly a charmed life, at least an interesting one. I’ve done amazing things, seen incredible sights, and lived to tell the tale. I’ve met famous people…and plain people with stories worth hearing. And actually? If I died without accomplishing any of the things on this list, while I might be wistful, I would be content with my life. I suppose when push comes to shove, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

1. Visit Ireland.

2. And Wales.

3. And Scotland.

4. And look for the Loch Ness Monster while I’m there. (My concrete Nessie in the front garden doesn’t count. 😦 )

5. Attend the Edinburgh Tattoo. No. It has nothing to do with needles and ink and everything to do with massed pipes and drums.

6. See the Snowy River and mountains in Australia (and Ayers Rock, too, I suppose).

7. See New Zealand – all of it.

8. Have one (or more) of my novels published.
8a. Sell a book to be published.

9. Attend The Only’s wedding and be a grandmother. (Should that be two items?)

10. Cruise up the west coast to Alaska and take the train back across Canada.
10a. Cruise period. (We took a Caribbean cruise a couple of years ago.)

See? I got to mark some off since I originally wrote this. What about y’all? What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? I’m off this weekend for a writing mini-conference with the very talented and interesting William Bernhardt. He’s teaching his short course on writing and then will meet with each participant individually to go over pages. He has the first five pages of SEASON OF THE WITCH. I’ll be interested to see what he has to say about it! 😉

Have a great weekend. See y’all Monday!


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to The Bucket List

  1. JB LYNN says:

    Great list! Good for you for crossing things off it!

  2. I’m with JB. Your first ten items look great and way to go for crossing some of them off.

    I don’t really have a bucket list. The only thing I can think of that I want to do before I die is get my books published. Other than that, I just take what comes along in life. And looking back, I’m pretty happy with the things I have gotten to do.

    Good luck and have fun with your writing course and getting your pages looked at. You’ll have to tell us all about it Monday. =o)

    • Silver James says:

      I will! My CP be and I are driving down tonight (all of about 10 miles :lol:), spending the night at the hotel, attending the cllasses tomorrow, followed by dinner and then home. I’ll have Sunday to put everything together. 🙂 This is OKRWA’s bi-annual conference and members get to attend free–well but for the hotel. 🙄

  3. ban says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a bucket list … I guess I could spend some time thinking of things I want to do buuuuuuuuut I’m lazy.
    When I was younger I always wanted to visit Australia. I think I still do but I wouldn’t look forward to the trip. Now I’d rather go to Hawaii, though that trip probably isn’t much better :/
    Yay for #8 and #8a !!!

    • Silver James says:

      I think the way to go to Australia is by cruise ship. 😉 I’ve flown to Hawaii. Jet lag was unreal! Enjoyed the trip but I was awake at like 2 a.m. for the first couple of days until my inner clock adjusted. Once I flew home a week later, I’d mostly gotten on Hawaii time which had me all discombobulated at home–not to mention that I slept for like 24 hours straight! 😆

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