Moonstruck Wolf & Romance Adventures

Welcome to what I’m currently calling Romance Adventures. Once upon a time, there was Kindle Worlds where best-selling authors invited other authors to “play” in their established worlds. I was lucky enought to be included by 4 different authors. Then KW went away. Some of the authors decided to created their own publishing arms and authors could elect to stick around. I did–for awhile. I now have the rights back to all my books but one and I’m perfectly happy that iit, as part of my Hard Target series, still has a happy home in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay. These books have all been updated and revised to reflect only characters in my Moonstruck world. All the books are revised and republished as part of my extended Moonstruck World under a series title of MOONTRUCK WOLF. While they have a series number and characters from my other series appear, they are stand-alone and can be read in any order. 

Moonstruck Wolf howling at the moon




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Blood-n-Fire Monstruck Wolf 2500BLOOD & FIRE (Moonstruck Wolf #1)
A Wolf shifter gone rogue…
For Rhys Kendric, banished from his pack as a teen, life as a bounty hunter is good. Women chase him, he can drink any three men under the table, and he hasn’t lost a bar fight in years. Given the job of tracking bail-jumper Reece Chatham, son of the man who’d exiled him, Rhys uncovers an archaic pack practice: taking a blood bride. In a case of mistaken identity gone totally wrong, Rhys is stunned when the bride-to-be sets his blood on fire.

A modern pack princess…
Celina Monaghan will do anything for her father and pack—well, almost anything. The idea of an arranged marriage to a strange Wolf in this day and age has the feminist side of this Dallas Fire & Rescue EMT bent all the hell out of shape. She’s agreed to meet this Reece Chatham guy face-to-face, but submitting to him? Nope, not gonna happen. She’s holding out for a mythical true mating. Then the man she thinks is Reece walks in the door. He can’t be her true mate!

A Blood Moon mating…
Surviving pack politics threatening to set the town on fire and a Blood Moon challenge to get their happy ever after? What could possibly go wrong…besides BLOOD & FIRE!

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Crash-n-Burn Moonstruck Wolf 2500CRASH & BURN (Moonstruck Wolf #2)
A lone Wolf on the hunt…
As a Homeland Security investigator with a unique set of gifts, it’s Derek Alexander’s job to track down the worst kind of prey—human traffickers. One step behind, he missed them in Kansas City, but after an unlikely informant puts him on the trail to Dallas, he might find his case come crashing down around his ears, taking his heart along with it.

A woman on the job…
Katherine ‘Kit’ Carson is a new Airport Rescue Fire Fighter at DFW International, but she didn’t expect her first day to land her in the middle of an inferno. Between investigating a plane that exploded mid-air and encountering a hot government agent, Kit’s work might send her into a fiery spiral of love and danger she was never trained to handle.

When duty and love collide, a Wolf and his mate are destined to Crash & Burn.

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Montana-Moon MW logo 2500MONTANA MOON (Moonstruck Wolf #3)
A lone Wolf doing a favor…
When Tait “Shooter” McCord, Wolf shifter and former SEAL, agrees to repay a debt by tracking down a woman in trouble, the last thing he expects to find is a curvy bundle of femininity who drives his inner wolf wild. Man and beast have one goal in mind—protect their mate from the enemies chasing her tail.

A lone woman on the run…
Lauren Reilly is exceptional at her job as a historical archivist at the Pentagon. Except her mad skills lead to discovering files so top secret that her life is now forfeit. That old joke “If I tell you, I have to kill you”? Yeah, turns out it’s not so funny when it’s real. After an attempt on her life, she reaches out to a friend of a friend for help. When assistance arrives in the form of a hot bounty hunter turned bodyguard, Lauren is so far out of her comfort zone she wants to turn tail and run.

Discover they aren’t so alone after all.
Under a Montana Moon, a moonstruck Wolf can depend on friends old and new to help rescue the woman he loves. Even if they have to burn down the world saving her from their enemies.

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Rescue Moon updated cover BBI 3-13-22RESCUE MOON (Moonstruck Wolf #4)

His secret should have been safe…
Master Sergeant Hawkins “Hawk” Greenwood has all his tickets punched—Green Beret, Ranger, Delta Force, and working ops so secret they don’t show up in his personnel file. On loan to Captain Ghost Bryson’s Delta Force team as a survival instructor, Hawk receives new orders: rescue a school teacher kidnapped in Mexico. His full-blood Choctaw heritage is great for going undercover south of the border, but his secret ability to shift into a wolf makes him uniquely qualified for this assignment.

Her safety should have been assured…
Anthropologist Dana Peterson assumed she’d be safe working on a project for the Mexican Department of Antiquities with her group of prep school students—until the local drug cartel kidnaps them all. The kids have rich parents to pay their ransoms. Dana has no one. Abandoned by the State Department, her only chance for freedom comes in the form of a wolf attacking her kidnappers. When a mysterious man appears to guide her to safety, it’s not desert heat she needs to worry about, but the chemistry flaring between her and her rescuer.

Her blood is the key…
There’s more at stake than meets the eye. Dana has a target on her back—placed there by a shady geneticist. It’s up to Hawk to keep her safe and claim her as his mate because under the full moon, even hearts can be rescued.

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SEAL Moon updated cover BBI 3-13-22SEAL MOON (Moonstruck Wolf #5)

A Wolf haunted by his past…
Former Navy SEAL Riley “Speed” O’Brien left the Teams after his best friend died in his arms. After kicking around for a couple of years, the wolf shifter lands on the Gulf Trident, a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. As Safety Officer, the lives of everyone on board are this Wolf shifter’s responsibility—including the new OIM. Who just might be his mate.

A woman out to prove her worth…
Taylor Dagny has the right ticket punches and an almost desperate need to prove herself to her family, who owns the controlling interest in Delta-Dansk Exploration. Taking over as the Offshore Installation Manager of the Gulf Trident is her first step toward her future. One problem. Her sexy safety chief is determined to knock the chip off her shoulder, and get her naked.

Under attack
A mercenary force, an uninhabited tropical island, and two people fighting for their lives. More prepared for the board room than the jungle, the buttoned-up Taylor must deal with an over-protective moonstruck Wolf, creepy-crawlies, and the criminals willing to sacrifice her to the gods of greed. Can this moonstruck Wolf save his mate and convince her to love him at the same time?

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ASSASSINS-MOON updated cover BBI3-13-22ASSASSIN’S MOON (Moonstruck Wolf #6)

A man living in the shadows…
Wolf shifter Griffith Caine is a disgraced SpecOps sniper working in the dark of the moon as a paid assassin. When a major player offers millions to take out her competition and his family, Griff can cross his one moral line in the sand or walk away—except the woman signing the check will put him in the cross-hairs if he does.

A woman looking for daylight…
Lennox Morgan lost over a year of her life to PTSD and crippling depression. She’s come to Brazil to help out at an orphanage, hoping to find herself. Instead, she finds an enigmatic man with a dark agenda and a vindictive arms dealer, yet she has a chance for more happiness than she could ever have imagined. All she has to do is survive.

From the jungles of Brazil to the playgrounds of the rich in Rio de Janeiro, these wounded warriors will fight for their lives, their love, and their future—with an assist from some very special Delta Force operatives…

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UaAM updated cover BBI 3-13-22UNDER THE ASSASSIN’S MOON (Moonstruck Wolf #7}

A Wolf with a target on his back…
Charged wih a civilian massacre in Afghanistan, Brody “Babel” Buchanan went AWOL from Delta Force to search for the truth. An innocent man, all he wants to do is clear his name. When a message in a bottle eventually leads him into the depths of the Brazilian rain forest to a burned-out orphanage, the last thing he expects to find is his mate. Or his enemies. Good thing he has friends in strange places.

A woman on a deadly mission…
As one of the CIA’s most lethal assassins, Izeta Cordero’s job is to eliminate enemies of the USA. Her current assignment is to eradicate a former Delta Force Special Operator who’s gone off the reservation. When Zeta puts the man in her crosshairs, she discovers he’s far more special an operator than she ever imagined, putting her mission, her heart, and possibly her life at risk.

Under the Assassin’s Moon…
Old enemies resurface and death comes hunting, but two lost souls might find the redemption—and the love—they didn’t know they were searching for. All they have to do is survive.

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The following books remain in one of Susan Stoker’s worlds due to the anthology nature of the mini-series of which they are a part.

The men and women of the Tarply Volunteer Fire Department are ready to take on whatever life throws at them: wild fires, storms, or finding–and maybe losing–the loves of their lives. Share their stories set in the shared Badge of Honor world created by Susan Stoker and published in her Police and Fire: Operation Alpha imprint. Texas won’t ever be the same again!

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1-ElenaFighting for Elena by Silver James (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD, Book 1)

Volunteer firefighter, fierce protector, foster dad…
Fire Chief David “Pops” West doesn’t mind being all those things, but when an attractive, young social worker blows into his life like the backdraft from a raging inferno, he’ll acquire another distinction he’s not totally comfortable with—silver fox. Duty, loyalty, responsibility? Check, check, and check. Attraction and dating? Oh, hell, no. It’s been ten years and he’s so out of practice they probably changed the rules on him. The Tarpley, Texas Volunteer Fire Department, his ranch, and the young folks in town are his life. And they’re all he needs. Except when he wants more.

Dedicated advocate, tenacious social worker, wrangler of runaways…
Elena Rodriguez knows certain people think she cares too much. But helping kids, especially the forgotten ones trying to survive on the streets of San Antonio, is her life. To the exclusion of all else. Sure, she has no social life, but that’s never been a problem. Until a sizzling hot fire chief comes to her rescue. Who cares if he’s older? She’s ready to socialize. Too bad fate has other plans.

Fighting for Elena…
When a young teen stumbles out of the path of outlaw bikers and into their lives, the silver fox and the woman who cares too much will team up to protect her—as their attraction for each other explodes. Whether battling wild fires, wicked weather, or outlaw bikers, Pops will do whatever it takes to keep Elena.


6. Justice 1500x2400Fighting for Justice by Silver James (Poice and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 5)

A lone Wolf in the Lone Star state…
Former Texas ranger Jack Riggs is now the duly appointed sheriff of Bandera County. He has two problems: the bad hombres kidnapping women and the pretty woman his wolf wants to claim. At his age, he figured his wolf half knew better and besides, what does he know about wooing a woman? Better to stick with fighting crime. He understands bad guys. Women? Not so much. Can an old Wolf’s learn new tricks before it’s too late?

A woman with a soft heart…
Justice McAlester runs Wind Wolf Ranch Wildlife Rehab Center, is a firefighter with the Tarpley VFD, and now has to wrangle her teenage niece. She doesn’t have time for the handsome man with the star on his chest, or the stars he puts in her eyes. She’s perfectly capable of going it alone, but when Jack Riggs looks her way, she can’t deny the attraction. If she’s not careful, he’ll ignite her desire.

Crime, corruption, and cartels…
Fighting for Justice is pure instinct when she’s threatened by outlaw bikers linked to a cartel. Right or wrong, a Wolf has to do whatever it takes to protect those he’s claimed.

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