The Sound of Silence

Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween in the Big Easy…

Welcome back to New Orleans, the favorite Halloween haunt of mundanes and magicks alike. In this latest tale from the award-winning Penumbra Papers series set in the world of FBI Agent Sade Marquis, an ancient prophecy comes to life—one that threatens to destroy the precarious truce among the magical races.

Seeker of Justice. Guardian. Gargoyle.

Roman Montagne was created to keep humanity safe from the evil in the world. Appointed by the Concilium Magicae to be the Legate of New Orleans, Roman balances on the narrow line between his duties as First Sentinel of the Gargoyles and his responsibility as Legate. The first rule of Gargoyle Club is “Don’t fall for a human…especially a witch.”

Orphan. Fortune Teller. Witchling.
Verity La Croix doesn’t quite know what she is. Despite being raised by a powerful witch in the bayous, she’s stuck telling fortunes in Jackson Square. Stalked by a sorcerer dealing in the black arts and seduced by a gargoyle, Verity might be the missing piece of a prophecy’s puzzle. Cursed at birth, is she innocent or doomed?

Judge. Jury. Executioner.
If the woman he loves proves to be the prophesied Crucible of Eve, Roman’s duty is clear. He must uphold his honor and slay the enemy of his kind. But is she innocent? And if she is, will he turn renegade to save the woman who holds his heart?
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