The Characters of Penumbra


AngHarm Sade smallSade Marquis: Her best friend turns furry, her godfather is a master vampire, and she had a gargoyle bodyguard. Her dad is an accountant and her mother is a former showgirl and mistress to Oberon, High King of the Seelie Court. As a Special Agent with the FBI, it’s Sade’s job to investigate when magical crimes spill over into the human realm.

Sinjen blue eyes-Goran small
Kristian St. John: Sinjen to his friends, this sexy Professor of ancient history at the University of Chicago was once a Knight Templar. Now he’s a master vampire. He knows what he wants and he plans on getting it and keeping it. Of course, he has to convince Sade first.

Caleb face
Caleb Jones: Sade’s best friend, occasional partner in the FBI, and he turns furry when the moon is full–and sometimes when it’s not. Since werewolves stay furry until puberty, Sade thought he was a dog until she woke up to find a naked boy at the foot of her bed when she was twelve. He arrived with a big red bow when she was six. He has a nose for magic and trouble.

Ariel Daoine: Known as the King’s Seducer, he’s been trying to seduce Sade since she was a teenager. This fae is notorious for lovin’ ’em and leavin’ ’em. Despite his propensity to shed glitter, Ari is one of the good guys. Usually.

Roman profileRoman Montagne: Gargoyle Sentinel and at the discretion of the Councilium Magicae, acts as the Legate of New Orleans. Roman and Sade go way back. During the “war” between Mathias DeVries and King Oberon, he was the one sent to fetch Sade every time the fae kidnapped her. He’s part uncle, part big brother, and all gargoyle protector.

Nikos small
Nikolas Constantine: Nikos is Drakon of the Kholkikos Clan of dragons. An “old school” dragon, he’d prefer to take care of things himself, and that includes  “take care” of Sade. She can’t decide whether to admire his ass or throw it in jail. They meet in New Orleans during a murder investigation. (THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC)

derekdlint mathias profileMathias DeVries: Master vampire and leader of the Vampyre Conclave. He fought the Crusades with Richard the Lionheart, though strictly after the sun went down. His mansion is located in the Turtle Creek area of Dallas, Texas. He sent William Marquis to Las Vegas on business and ended up godfather to a bouncy baby girl nine months later. This is one vampire you don’t ever want to piss off.