Nightriders MC

NR Original Patch ColorNR Original Patch BWWelcome to the darkest side of the Moonstruck world. Not every Wolf walks the straight and narrow like Ian McIntire and the Wolves of the 69th. Gritty, sexy, and violent, rogue Wolves run on the criminal side of society. Gun running, strip clubs, bounty hunters, the Nightriders live their lives in the outlaw 1%. There’s sex, violence, and violent sex, and sometimes, a Wolf smacks up against the woman destined to turn him moonstruck…

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(Nightriders MC #3)

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Everybody knows you can’t trust a lone Wolf. Just ask Leigh Daniels…

Where there’s Smoke…
Brian “Smoke” Jenner is a Nightrider nomad, traveling the country doing dirty work for the club’s national council. Sent to Dallas to find out who’s framing the Nightriders by setting fires, the last woman he expects to light his is Leigh Daniels.

There’s fire…
Leigh Daniels is an arson investigator. She lives for putting arsonists in prison. When she almost hits a dog on the way to a fire scene, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a sexy biker—especially not one who sets her heart ablaze.

Despite her best intentions, there’s no walking away from Smoke—until evidence mounts up of his connection to the fires. He claims he’s innocent, but Leigh has her doubts. Will he catch the real culprit in time to convince her, or will he lose it all—the woman he loves and his life?

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, violence of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf burning up for his mate. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.
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(Nightriders MC #1)

Night Shift front cover

Everybody knows you don’t mess with a big, bad Wolf. Everyone except Samantha Prescott…

He’s Easy…
Elijah “Easy” Cross works the night shift for the Nightriders MC collecting pay-offs, protection money, and “policing” their properties. “Live to ride, ride to live” takes on a whole new meaning when members of a rival MC—the Hell Dogs—shoot him and give chase with the intent to kill. Easy ends up on the front porch of a single mom hiding deadly secrets from the same people after him. When she’s brutally murdered by the Hell Dogs, he feels responsible and promises to protect her two kids. Easy and his Nightrider brothers might ride on the far side of the law but hell, yeah their honor is worth dying for, and a promise is a promise.

And she’s not…
Samantha “Sam” Prescott only wants two things from the Nightriders—her niece and nephew. It’s bad enough her twin got involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang—and was murdered—but now Sam is desperate to extricate herself and the kids. To do that, she has to escape Easy, the sexy biker with boy-next-door dimples and killer instincts. It’s that whole killer thing she must keep in mind when the moonstruck Wolf is determined to make her his mate. Her instincts scream, “RUN!” Her hormones want to get down and dirty with the man who turns her boneless with a kiss.

When Sam is kidnapped and tortured by the Hell Dogs, Easy must decide to either keep his promise to ride through the fires of hell to find her or let her go for good, even if it kills him.

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, extreme violence—including against women—of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf shifter with dimples. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.


(Nightriders MC #1.5)

Remember the Night 680Everybody knows you don’t run from a big, bad Wolf. Well, everyone except Gemma West…

If a Wolf plays his cards right, he might get lucky in love…
Ten years ago, Lucas “Lucky” Malone ran from charges of murder, leaving behind the girl destined to be his mate. Now he makes his own odds as president of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Nightriders.

When a girl’s luck runs out…
Bad luck follows Gemma West like a black cloud. She just wants to go home but when she witnesses a horrific car crash, she can’t turn her back. Coming face-to-face with the only man she’s ever loved might be the worst luck of all.

An accident brought them together, but an MC war is brewing and the last thing Lucky needs is to take a gamble on the one woman guaranteed to make him howl at the moon. How can this moonstruck Wolf walk away from her a second time?

Warning: Down and dirty sex, extreme violence of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf looking to win it all. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.


(Nightriders MC #2)

Night Moves final 680 Everybody knows you should fear a big, bad Wolf. Especially Lainey Walker…

Hooray for Hollywood…
Eric “Hollywood” Hilton is no hero, he’s a Nightrider first, last, and always. There isn’t anything he won’t do for the club. With his looks, women are a dime a dozen until he walks into Chasin’ Tail, the Nightrider-owned strip club, and sees the “new girl.” She trips his moonstruck wolf straight into that crazy thing called love.

Run don’t walk…
Lainey’s goal is to pay off her family’s debts and return to college. Without much choice in jobs, she takes a spot dancing at Chasin’ Tail. Fortunately, it brings in the big bucks to make the deadline. The last thing she expects is to wind up in the middle of a biker showdown, much less get accused of being on the wrong side.

When it looks like Lainey has betrayed the Nightriders, Hollywood has to choose between his brothers and his mate. She won’t tell him everything, but his wolf can’t let her go. Can he find the truth of her innocence in time to save her?

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, extreme violence of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf with stars in his eyes. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.

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Easy – a member of the inner cadre, as aw shucks as his name implies–until the woman he’s claimed is threatened, then he’s a Wolf to his core.

Sam – Her twin sister was honeysuckle and sweet tea. Sam is all steel magnolia. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her nephew and niece safe, even if it means hooking up with an outlaw motorcycle club.

The Russian – The Nightriders’ national president, he rules with iron claws–as evidenced by the Wolf pelt nailed to the clubhouse wall.

Hardass – Hardy is vice president. He lives up to his road name.

Gravedigger – Digger is the club’s enforcer. ‘Nuff said.

Jonah Prescott – He tried to save his mom from herself, and failed.

Noni Prescott – Her sperm donor is a Hell Dog. The Bastard wants her back. The Nightriders won’t let that happen.


Lucky – Oklahoma Chapter President, and ready to fight the world for his mate.

Gemma – She deserves a second chance with the man she’s always loved.

Tinker – Oklahoma VP and Irish.

Tag – Oklahoma enforcer who almost loses it all.


Hollywood – He’ll do whatever it takes for the club and Lainey–even walk away from her.

Lainey – Accidental exotic dancer who will sacrifice it all.

It’s gonna be all-out war before things are said and done, and the Nightriders will set the night–and their women–on fire.


Smoke – arsonist and Nightrider nomad.

Leigh – the arson investigator who is his everything.

Theirs is a match made in the heart of a fire.

Rook – New prez of the Dallas chapter