Police and Fire: Operationa Alpha: TARPLEY VFD SEASON 2

The men and women of the Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department are ready to take on whatever life throws at them: wildfires, storms, or finding–and maybe losing–the loves of their lives. Discover their stories set in the shared Badge of Honor world created by Susan Stoker and published in her Police and Fire: Operation Alpha imprint. Texas won’t ever be the same again!


5. Justice 200Fighting for JUSTICE by Silver James (Poice and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 5)

A lone Wolf in the Lone Star state…
Former Texas ranger Jack Riggs is now the duly appointed sheriff of Bandera County. He has two problems: the bad hombres kidnapping women and the pretty woman his wolf wants to claim. At his age, he figured his wolf half knew better and besides, what does he know about wooing a woman? Better to stick with fighting crime. He understands bad guys. Women? Not so much. Can an old Wolf learn new tricks before it’s too late?

A woman with a soft heart…
Justice McAlester runs Wind Wolf Ranch Wildlife Rehab Center, is a firefighter with the Tarpley VFD, and now has to wrangle her teenage niece. She doesn’t have time for the handsome man with the star on his chest, or the stars he puts in her eyes. She’s perfectly capable of going it alone, but when Jack Riggs looks her way, she can’t deny the attraction. If she’s not careful, he’ll ignite her desire.

Crime, corruption, and cartels…
Fighting for Justice is pure instinct when she’s threatened by outlaw bikers linked to a cartel. Right or wrong, a Wolf has to do whatever it takes to protect those he’s claimed.

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Fighting for AMANDA by TL Reeve (Poice and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 1)

The 4th of July was supposed to be a day of celebration until a body turns up in a burned out vehicle…

FBI profiler Amanda Redgrave works hard to bring justice to those who can’t find it for themselves. Every case brings her one step closer to ending the nightmares for those families who are left with more questions than answers. When a young girl goes missing in Tarpley, Texas she hopes this is the case that will finally close the cold case she’s been assigned. What she doesn’t expect is the help of a rugged firefighter who awakes emotions long buried.

Two things happen to Michael “Big Mack” McEvers that change his life from simple to complicated—he begins full-time work with Bandera County and Tarpley VFD, and Amanda arrives in town. He’s not looking for love but if she’ll have him, he’s all hers.

Racing against the clock they must work together to catch a killer. Can they save the girl and each other, or will one have to be sacrificed?

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Fighting for MARCY by MJ Nightengale (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 2)

Marcy Fields is determined to raise her twin sons and make it on her own. A lying, cheating, soon-to-be-ex-husband and his newest “girlfriend” won’t stop her from pursuing a happy life.  The last thing she’s ready for is a new relationship with the sexy addition to the Banderas Sheriff’s Department. But when crazy things start happening in Tarpley, around her and her children, she comes to depend on the gorgeous man she met in the produce department more and more.

Former Detective Blake “New York” Levine comes to Texas to continue his career of catching criminals and putting them behind bars. As a new deputy and member of the Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department, Blake’s determined to unravel the mysteries of the cold cases he is asked to solve. His first one, a murdered artist whose skeletal remains were found in the desert, has him stumped. So far, the best thing to happen to him is meeting the strikingly beautiful Marcy.

Juggling his caseload becomes a whole lot harder when he is tasked with bringing down a heinous criminal attempting to hire MC members to kill a local. When he finds that Marcy and her kids are in the crossfire, will he be able to solve the crime in time to save them?

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Fighting for BREE by Haven Rose (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha:Tarpley FVD, Book 3)

When Bree is bothered by a man who doesn’t accept rejection, Slade steps in. This is the start of Galahad and his Peaches. Unfortunately, it’s also the end as Bree knows what it’s like to love and lose. After watching her mom mourn her dad for decades, the depth of Bree’s own feelings this soon overwhelms her. So she walks away, and regrets it every day after that…

Slade refuses to believe that’s all there is for them. Enlisting the help of an FBI agent friend, he begins searching for her, all the while knowing the odds of finding her are slim since they never shared their real names…

Fate has plans for them, and their story isn’t finished…

When Slade and Bree unexpectedly cross paths again, neither wastes the chance they’ve been given and eagerly explore what could be. Bree is still worried, but she’s willing to give it a try. Not that Slade would let her go. But there are obstacles standing between them and a happily ever after…

Someone is intent on revenge, an enemy neither saw coming, and Slade must once more fight for Bree.

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Fighting for LORNA by Deanndra Hall (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD, Book 4)

As a local domestic violence and sexual assault counselor, the respect of her community is critical to Lorna Reardon. That would be hard to maintain if they found out she was seeing a younger man.

Twelve years doesn’t matter to Gant “G-man” Meadows. Once he tells Tank Reardon that his mom is “hot,” Tank and Pops go to work on Lorna until she gives the guy a chance. For a firefighter, metalsmith, and former motorcycle club member, Gant is surprisingly genteel, spiritual, and gentle. He’s also determined to keep her safe from an unexpected threat, even though she’s relegated him to nothing more than a dirty little secret in her life.

Gant’s sworn he’ll love her forever, and he’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice with no regret. The regret will be all Lorna’s. Regret that’s harsh. Regret that’s sharp. Regret that’s deep…

Regret that will last forever.

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