BestLaidPlans_7497DearlyBeloved_680Is June your favorite month? Do you have a lifetime subscription to “Modern Bride”? Do you enjoy mature heroes and heroines? If you love weddings and the people involved in them, then the new series from Wild Rose Press is right down your aisle! DEARLY BELOVED, from the Last Rose of Summer imprint, offers older couples a chance at love and romance. All the stories are exclusive to Amazon to begin with. Please check out my contribution, BEST LAID PLANS.

Claire Vitale plans weddings. She’s had her share of bridezillas, mothers from hell, and wedding disasters. Yet nothing in her years of experience prepares her for Nicholas Grant, corporate raider and father of the bride. When he signs her to an exclusive contract, she’s determined to give his daughter, Laurel, the wedding of her dreams. Or else. She never imagines that her heart might just be the bottom line.

Nick Grant is a control freak and proud of it. He can’t dictate who his daughter loves, but he can direct the wedding plans even though the wedding planner has a mind of her own. Claire’s not afraid to put her foot down. And what an attractive foot it is. Nick has a new merger in mind and this time, business has nothing to do with it.

Can Nick close the deal before the minister says, “Dearly beloved…”?

Available exclusively from Amazon until April 27, 2013. After that date, BEST LAID PLANS will be available from all on-line booksellers.

Do you remember high school with fondness? Or would it take a team of wild horses to drag you back for your reunion? In the CLASS OF ’85 REUNION SERIES, people return to their hometown of Summerville, New York for their 25th reunion. Poignant, funny, sweet, romantic–the reunions of these special couples are sure to keep you turning the pages. Available in all digital formats, find all the stories at the special CLASS REUNION PAGE AT WILD ROSE PRESS. You can order all titles by other authors in this delightful anthology series.

In the meantime, check out my two entries to the series:

PromisesPromises_w6265_680PROMISES, PROMISES

Betrayed former society wife Kelly Kincaid only wants to make things right. Paying off her ex-husband’s debt of honor is tough when a minimum-wage job back in her hometown is the only one she can find. Could the answer to her problems be right in front of her?

The moment pub owner Michael Doogan sees Summerville High School’s former golden girl at the train station, he loses his heart. Again. He’d give Kelly Kincaid the world on a platter, but the stubborn woman is intent on going her way alone. A threat to her safety provides him the incentive to stand up for what he wants, but will he have the patience to win her love?

Available NOW in all digital formats from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and other ebook sellers.

Also available in the Class of ’85 Reunion series, FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE.

FairytalesCanComeTrue_w5597_680FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE, Class of ’85 Reunion Series:

Going home for her 25th class reunion isn’t on Alex London’s radar until her assistant pulls out the fairy godmother card.

News correspondent, Deke Carpenter would rather cover the nearest war than attend the reunion–yet deep down he hopes to encounter the girl who got away, Dorothy Reagan, now well-known fashion photographer, Alex London. Alex, on the other hand, has hopes of seeing the boy she carried a torch for all these years–basketball player, Marty Keegan.

In one whirlwind weekend, surrounded by the ghosts of high school past, Alex and Deke discover each other and the unwritten rule of fairy godmothers everywhere: Fairy Tales Can Come True.

Available now in digital formats from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and other ebook retailers.