Thursday Thoughts: Universal Chill

Some people take vacations. Some people grab a book and read it cover to cover. Some people watch a TV series marathon style. Me? I like to sleep when I can, get lot in a book when I can’t. If I’m lucky, it’s a book I’m writing. If I’m not, then it’s a book I love.

The thing is, I think we all feel a little guilty when these times hit. We should be doing…something! Whatever that something is. In my case…writing. Deadlines. Reader expectations. Real life. Still, to avoid burn out, there are times I just need to chill. Luckily, the big U seems to agree with me.

There are indeed times in every life when one must simply lay low, hide out, and just chill.

And usually it’s called sleep.

However, Silver, in between such times, by the light of the sun or a giant disco ball, I generally advocate as full a schedule as you can possibly manage.

Do the hustle,
The Universe

© ®
Besides, Silver, it’s easier to fall in love, and to be fallen in love with, when you’re busy. Hubba-hubba…

This is pretty much how it happens. I have a “Writing Truth” pin on Pinterest that says, “I find that I write best when I’m supposed to be doing something else.” I think I’ll go figure out something else I should be doing so I can get this book finished. 😉

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Wednesday Words: Hello Darkness

Another week rolling along and here it is Wednesday again. Time for #1lineWed and it’s **DARK** theme. Here’s an unedited snippet from NIGHT FIRE. Leigh has been awake for almost 24 hours. She walked out of her bathroom to find Smoke standing there. He feeds her, puts her to bed, and promises to leave. Yeah…right, as Leigh says! She hauls herself out of bed and goes to make sure he’s gone and her door is locked. And…action!
Leaning against the front door, I pulled the towel off my head and scrubbed at my hair. It was damp and would frizz but I was exhausted. That was my story and I’d stick to it. Why else would I have let an armed and dangerous man into my house without calling 9-1-1? Forget that he was sexy and steamrolled right over me. Ugh. I thumped my head against the door—and heard a deep, rumbling chuckle. What the—?

I whirled, jerked open the door and glared. But Smoke was twenty feet away, straddling his Harley, looking all smug. That was it. I’d officially been awake long enough to have aural hallucinations.

“Get some sleep, Leigh.”

“Go away, Smoke.”

“You sure that’s what you want me to do, darlin’?”

“Positive.” I was. Totally. The idea of curling up next to his hard body didn’t appeal at all. Not one tiny bit. Nuh-uh. Nope. He laughed and I realized I’d just let out a gusty and deeply feminine sigh of…something. Not desire. I didn’t even like this guy. Even if he could make a mean omelet. And had shaggy dark hair I wanted to comb my fingers through.

I blinked, realizing I’d been staring blankly. Yup, that smirk was still plastered on his face. I bet he’d ride off and go nail some helpless bimbo.

“Sorry to disappoint you, babe, but you’re the only female I intend to nail any time in the near future. But I want you well-rested and fully awake when I do. Now go inside, lock the door, and sleep. I have to get to work.”

Work? The guy worked? My brain was so fuzzy I wasn’t quite comprehending. Did bikers actually have jobs? Like they got up, punched a time clock, and worked forty-hour weeks? I mean, this guy was an outlaw biker. I might not be up on all the gang stuff but even I recognized that 1% patch he wore.


I blinked again. And discovered my vision was graying a bit at the edges. The next thing I knew, I’d been scooped up into Smoke’s arms and he was carrying me inside. Some inner feminine creature that had nothing to do with me plastered my nose against his neck and we—a demon succubus surely, and I—inhaled deeply. He smelled of leather and wind and just a hint of cherry, like expensive pipe tobacco…
I opened my eyes to darkness, my heart hammering, and my chest tight from holding my breath. I listened hard. Nothing. I didn’t remember getting into bed. I remembered…being in Smoke’s arms and breathing him in. Crud. I was alone in bed and a mental “service check” let me know that no hanky or panky had occurred while I’d been passed out.

Snagging my cell phone from the table beside my bed, I checked the time. 12:02. My curtains were shut tight. My eyes were still a little blurry so I looked at my phone again. AM. Wow. I’d been asleep for over eight hours. Well…almost twelve if I was being honest. And now my sleep schedule was all messed up. I needed to go back to sleep because I had regular duty in the morning, reporting at 7 AM. Yippee.
Yippee indeed. Poor Leigh. She is so screwed. 😆 And on that note, do any of you have dark words to share?

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Tuesday Treats: Lemon Blossom Bites

We’re coming up on bridal shower time, along with baby showers, graduations, proms, garden parties…Does anyone outside of the South do garden parties? LOL Anyway, these pretty little treats caught my eye because they look totally professional and seem easy to make. Plus…the flavors are all my favorites. There are some tips listed on the recipe page at Kraft, so if you decide to try these treats, click through to get the 4-1-1 to making them easier.

Prep Time: 30min.
Total Time: 1hr. 40min.
Servings: 40 servings
Planning a bridal or baby shower? Serve these dainty, lemony bite-size treats with crushed Golden OREO Cookies as the creamy, delicious filling.

What You Need
1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1 pkg. (14.3 oz.) Golden OREO Cookies, finely crushed
1 tsp. lemon zest
3 pkg. (4 oz. each) BAKER’S White Chocolate, broken into pieces, melted
1 Tbsp. assorted decorating icings
40 white nonpareils (about 1/2 tsp.)

Make It
Mix cream cheese, cookie crumbs and zest until blended.

Shape into 40 (1-inch) balls. Freeze 10 min. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan. Fit tubes of icings with star tip; use to pipe small flower onto top of each ball. Gently press nonpareil into center of each.

Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm.

For tips (especially about the chocolate dipping) and nutritional info, go to KRAFT RECIPES. And now I have to write a scene with Hannah, from the Moonstruck books, trying to make these. Because…well, those of you who love Hannah know why!! :LOL: Let me know if any of you try these!

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A Long Month of Mondays

May has five Mondays. How is that fair?!?

This weekend was a lot of “people” time. We kept Stormageddon Friday night (Baseball Boy’s end-of-school faculty dinner) and Sunday afternoon (Baseball Boy to high school baccalaureate, The Only to a wedding rehearsal). Saturday, I had lunch and afternoon program/meeting with OKRWA. Ate awesome grilled salmon on a Caesar salad and the group had a chat with the wonderful Harlequin author, Sara Orwig. She’s written over 100 books and was talking about priorities and how she came to write that many books. Fun times. Still, I’m pretty much “peopled” out. 😆 In other news…

Sports: My Cardinals pretty much sucked it up against Allison Brennan’s SF Giants. Ah well. The Cards were in first in the NL Central for awhile. It’s a long season. They did fight back yesterday afternoon to keep the Giants from sweeping Also keeping track of OSU Cowgirls and OU Sooners in the NCAA Softball Regionals. OU was beaten in an upset and they had to come back through the losers bracket. Unusual for them. OSU also had to come back but they were beaten by the #1 team in the nation–Florida. The Cowgirls came all the way back and they beat Florida in the first final, forcing the what-if game. They lost sadly. :*( OU came back in their final against Tulsa to tie the game and then won it in extra innings. They play the what-iff game at noon, winner moves on to super-regional game.

Reading: OMG! I finished listening to Emma Chase’s SUSTAINED, Book 2 in her Legal Briefs series. Sebastian York, the narrator, was total awesomesauce. Jake Becker, the hero, is at times wry, self-deprecating, blunt, sexy, sarcastic, amazed, and in totally over his head. I laughed out loud often. I wanted to Gibbs Slap™ on more than one occasion but he was so sheepishly likeable that I couldn’t help rooting for him just a little. The book is written entirely in his POV and what an amazing insight into the brain of guy! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and if you are looking for a sexy romance with a lot of sweet and six hysterical kids, I highly recommend it! I’ve also started a “re-listen” to Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series in anticipation of the release of SILVER SILENCE in June. Two more books I’ve been waiting for arrive on May 30th–Christine Feehan’s SHADOW REAPER and the very LOOOOOooooonng anticipated WHITE HEAT by Ilona Andrews. I’ll do a relisten to the first books in both these series before I start them.

TV: Not watching much besides sports. I have a bunch on the DVR to catch up on. I should think about doing that one of these nights instead of listening to a book. 😉 I am waiting for a few movies to hit cable. I want to see THE ACCOUNTANT, ASSASSIN’S CREED, DR. STRANGE, and ROGUE ONE. All but DR. STRANGE are on View on Demand rental. Uhm…no. I pay far more than Cox is worth to pay them more to “rent” movies. I’m patient. I’ll wait until the movies are available free.

Writing: I’m doing some. As always. Making headway on NIGHT FIRE. Gotta get it edited and such so I can send it to editor/betas/formatting. And I have to address some issues in RDR#8’s proposal and get it back. No rest for the wicked.

That’s all the stuff in my world at the moment. What’s up with y’all?

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Friday Sinema: Quinceanera Awesomesauce

Best dad (and cameo by a little brother) ever! Ooh-rah! (And if you don’t know, a quinceanera is a cultural thing–the big birthday party when a girl turns 15. And what a great RML (Romantic Male Lead) her dad would make! Have a great weekend!

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Thursday Thoughts: Loving Adventure

When I sit down in the morning to write, I never know exactly what my characters are going to do or say. I don’t know if they’re going to create mayhem or make magic. I don’t know if they are going to fight me or get with the program. And sometimes, when I’m really lucky, one or more of them will divulge their deepest secret. I’ve noticed that a lot of my characters wonder if they are capable of love or even sadder, if they are worthy of being loved. Taking them on their adventure is almost as much fun as the adventure they drag me along on.

Silver, I’m hungry. Hungry for adventure.

The adventure of love.

Tell you what: The more you give of it today to the least deserving on your list, the more your life will change.

The Universe
© ®

Kindness, Silver, is King.

While I immediately thought of what I do as an author, this bit of wisdom from the Universe touches on something each of us can relate to. Sometimes, I am the recipient of small kindnesses, and I try my best to pass them along–or if I’m lucky and clever, I can “pay them forward.” As I watch the news, read some of the vitriol passing through my Twitter and FB timelines, I can only shake my head. What happened to kindness? Please, my friends, do your part today. Be kind to someone, and be kind to yourself. Now go have an adventure!

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Wednesday Words: Alone and Lonely

Another week halfway done, another #1lineWed theme to use for inspiration or to find in our WIPs. 😉 Today’s theme is **ALONE, LONELY**. When writing romance, there has to come a time when these feelings hit and hit hard. Smoke, the hero in the upcoming NIGHT FIRE, has hit his limit.

I straddled my bike, kicked it into gear. I had to get away. The Nightriders had attorneys with big retainers. They’d see to those bogus arson charges. They always did, even the ones I was guilty of. No, I wasn’t running from that. Fuck. I wasn’t running at all. I was riding. Heading out into the night where I belonged.

On the road. Sayonara, baby. The bitch turned on me. And I was the biggest gawddamned fool on the planet to have believed we could make something together. Ha. The arson investigator and the arsonist. At best it was a bad B movie. At worst?

At worst, it was just exactly what had happened. She didn’t believe me. Didn’t believe in me. I was fire. She was water. Only she wasn’t. She should have quenched my heat, but she was the fire, lighting me up, burning through my blood. She lit up my darkness when she should have just faded into it.

I hit the highway doing eighty. The wind’s fingers twisted in my hair, not like the lover she had always been, but like the whore she could be on a cold night on a lonely stretch of of road. A more philosophical man might wax on about the symbolism of the empty road. Me? I’d always been a lone wolf. By definition, I was alone. And who the hell had time to be lonely? Not me. Fuck no, not me.

My heart burned in my chest—not with heat but with a frigid intensity that left my whole body numb. I didn’t know where I was going. Didn’t care as long as it was away from her. From Leigh. I should never have stopped. Never turned around to go back for her that godforsaken morning.
So, how are your characters? Are they currently alone? Lonely? Share your words with us!

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