Stuff and Nonsense

There have been some changes in the furry children in my life. Cooper and Adidas cross the rainbow bridge within a few months of each other. Cooper was almost nine and Adidas was 17. They both passed quietly in their sleep. And yes, I miss them terribly. That said, new members have joined the family. Scroll down to see pics of Coop, Boone, and Deeders.

Now I’m introducing the two new members of the pack–Jacob and Loki. Jake came into our lives about a month after Cooper departed. He’s a rescue with a long story. We’re his fifth (and FINAL!) family. He’s almost ready for his Service Dog certification. Jake’s half Newfoundland/half Great Pyrenees and all Good Boy! His cohort is Loki, the demon kitten of mishchief and mayhem. Loki came from one of the feral mamas and appeared half-drowned in a rainstorm when he was about six weeks old. Jake was in residence and Deeders was still around. You can tell from the pictures the big difference in Loki between arrival and now!

Working dog Jake

Jake making a happy face.







And here’s Loki, for your viewing pleasure…

I’m da editor cat now. Get to work!

Pet me. I dare you!









And not to leave the old man, Boone, out, here’s Boone and Loki soon after the mischief maker arrived and the “Three Offkateers” setting up their daily obstacle course in my office. I have to stumble pass them to get to the coffee pot and/or bathroom. 😉

Don’t you wanna play wif me big goggeh?

Office workers.









Cooper, the black and white dog, was a full-blooded Newfoundland. He was an absolute goof ball. The black dog is Boone and he’s half-Newf, half-Golden Retriever. He just wants to be everybody’s friend. Despite the fact each of them weighs over 100 pounds, they are utterly and completely pwned by my 12-pound cat, Adidas. Deeders loves my office because she has a window on the world and can keep the yard safe from marauding critters–like birds, squirrels, dogs, and any cat dumb enough to invade.

These are my writing companions. And the only reason I get any exercise at all! More pics just for fun:
work buddiesDeeder and Coopchaircat1Sun dogs