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Faerie Fool is a well written story rich with detail, humor and passion, family, and fate. Silver James hooked me with her well-developed characters, intense plot lines and the ability to heat up the pages with the written word! I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of Irish lore or some fate tampering Fae!
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About BLOOD MOON (Moonstruck 1):


FOUR AND A HALF STARS Blood Moon is the first book in the Moonstruck series by author Silver James. I found this book extremely entertaining to read. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. The author quickly draws you into the story line and engaging with the characters. There was laughter, nervousness and steam brought on by the storytelling on the pages, making it thoroughly enjoyable. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

Night Owl Reviews


FOUR STARS This is a wonderful mix of adventure and humor, with an unforgettable heroine who follows the voices in her head and travels back to a time of handfasting, dreamy Irish men and clan wars. Although Ciaran and his Irish ways are not new to romance novels, Becca is extremely humorous and fun, and makes the reader laugh out loud as she waltzes into yesteryear.

Romantic Times Magazine

How often have we said, “If I only knew then what I know now”? Silver James has given her heroine just that opportunity. Faerie Fate is a magical and fulfilling fairy tale that made me want to wake up as that heroine (without the pain), and again enjoy the thrills and the passion of youth. I loved the romance of it all, and the thought that it can happen again and again.

Joysann, WW Ladies Book Club, Beyond Her Book Blog

Captivating, Timeless and Passionate! Faerie Fate crosses the boundaries of time and faerie law to reunite two souls in the sacred binding of love. Silver James is a writer to watch!

Jennifer Lyon, author of BLOOD MAGIC and SOUL MAGIC, the Wing-Slayer Hunter Series (Ballentine)

5 Tombstones If you love time travel, you will definitely enjoy traveling with Ciaran and Becca.

~ Bitten by Books

In Faerie Fate Silver James delivers non-stop action, and a strong, funny heroine in this time-travel historical. Rebecca finds love lasting through the ages, immortals toying with human lives and the strength to defy even the Old Ones to get back to her only mate, the one she is bound to for eternity.

– Carol Shenold, author of the Tali Cates series (Eternal Press)


“An expert blend of edgy romantic suspense and captivating magic, Silver James spins a tale that places the mystical heart of a paranormal into the rock hard torso of a suspense.”

~Roxanne St. Claire, national bestselling author (and Silver James fan!)

4.5 STARS – TOP PICK Silver James did an amazing job with “Faerie Fire.” From the prologue, to the epilogue, I was hooked….I keep replaying Moira and Duncan’s story over in my mind and I just adore it! Reading this book was wonderful. “Faerie Fire” is worth every penny and minute the reader spends on it!

~Night Owl Reviews

5 TOMBSTONES This wonderful, magical story has plenty of action, political and international intrigue, FBI interference, loyalty and betrayal popping up in unexpected places, and I loved every word of Faerie Fire!

~Bitten By Books


4 LIPS Fairy Tales Can Come True by Ms. James should be a hit with anyone looking for a fast-paced love story. It provides just the right touch of romance to make it a pleasure to read. I would definitely recommend this story to any contemporary romance fan looking for their next reading selection. If you are in the mood for a quick love story with a happy ending, Fairy Tales Can Come True is for you.

~Two Lips Reviews

About Promises, Promises:

4 BOOKS This is a spicy little read that definitely fills that need if you are wanting a quick romantic fix. I would highly recommend this short story to anyone looking for a contemporary read with a little kick to it.

~Periwinkle, Long and Short Reviews

About Cop Tales 2000:

On the other hand, one stand-out story which belongs in a “best of the year” anthology is Penny James’ “Café Midnight” – a fable where a police officer is helped out in his detecting of a crime by Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade, Holmes and Watson, and Charlie Chan. Asta, Nick and Nora Charles all have walk-ons. It’s affectionate, uncontrived and very well-written. The author, interestingly enough, is a forensic fire photographer who has worked in search and rescue.

~ Andi Schechter, About.Com Book Reviews