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(Nightriders MC #5)

NightWish 1800

Everybody knows you don’t run from a big, bad Wolf. Well, everyone but Geneva Pruitt…

A Wolf sees pink…
Wolf shifter Jack “Wizard” Dimond is no hero, but the woman in the ridiculous pink dress makes him want to be one. His wolf only wants to claim her as their mate. Too bad that can’t happen. Circumstances are in play that Wiz has no control over, and he’s riding the sharp edge of moonstruck crazy.

A woman walks out of a wedding…
Geneva Pruitt makes a single fateful mistake—stopping at a convenience store minutes before it’s robbed. Being rescued by a sexy member of the outlaw Nightriders MC sends her life careening out of control. Set up by her brother and betrayed by the man she loves, she struggles to piece her life back together.

Family is thicker than blood…or love.
Wizard must abandon his mate to keep his brothers in the Club safe. Geneva has to make a choice—surrender to her brother’s demands or fight for her heart. Can these two mismatched souls find their forever together, or does Fate have different plans?

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, violence of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf who should be careful what he wishes for. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.

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(Red Dirt Royalty #9)


Fiercely independent storm chaser Brittany Owens
has been avoiding smooth-talking CEO Cooper Tate.
But fate keeps throwing them together. Twice she’s
walked away after mind-blowing sexual encounters
only to wind up back in his arms. Now Britt’s carrying
Coop’s twins! But telling him the truth means facing
his need to rescue her, again—this time with a
marriage in name only!

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5. Justice 200Fighting for JUSTICE by Silver James (Poice and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 5)

A lone Wolf in the Lone Star state…
Former Texas ranger Jack Riggs is now the duly appointed sheriff of Bandera County. He has two problems: the bad hombres kidnapping women and the pretty woman his wolf wants to claim. At his age, he figured his wolf half knew better and besides, what does he know about wooing a woman? Better to stick with fighting crime. He understands bad guys. Women? Not so much. Can an old Wolf learn new tricks before it’s too late?

A woman with a soft heart…
Justice McAlester runs Wind Wolf Ranch Wildlife Rehab Center, is a firefighter with the Tarpley VFD, and now has to wrangle her teenage niece. She doesn’t have time for the handsome man with the star on his chest, or the stars he puts in her eyes. She’s perfectly capable of going it alone, but when Jack Riggs looks her way, she can’t deny the attraction. If she’s not careful, he’ll ignite her desire.

Crime, corruption, and cartels…
Fighting for Justice is pure instinct when she’s threatened by outlaw bikers linked to a cartel. Right or wrong, a Wolf has to do whatever it takes to protect those he’s claimed.

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THE DEVIL’s CUT (Penumbra Papers) was a finalist for the prestigious National Readers Choice Awards in the Paranormal Romance category.

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC #1) was an NRCA finalist in the Erotic Romance category.

BLUE MOON (Moonstruck) placed 1st in the 2015 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC) placed 3rd in the IDA’s Long Erotic Novel category

THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC (Penumbra Papers) placed 1st in the 2014 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category.

CHRISTMAS MOON (Moonstruck) placed 3rd in the same category

The 2013 INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL AWARDS named BLOOD MOON (Moonstruck #1) as Best Short Paranormal and BAD MOON (Moonstruck #2) placed 2nd! HUNTER’S MOON (Moonstruck #3) placed 2nd in the Paranormal Novel category. In addituon, BEST LAID PLANS (Dearly Beloved) placed 5th in the Short Contemporary category.