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(Nightriders MC #3)

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Everybody knows you can’t trust a lone Wolf. Just ask Leigh Daniels…

Where there’s Smoke…
Brian “Smoke” Jenner is a Nightrider nomad, traveling the country doing dirty work for the club’s national council. Sent to Dallas to find out who’s framing the Nightriders by setting fires, the last woman he expects to light his is Leigh Daniels.

There’s fire…
Leigh Daniels is an arson investigator. She lives for putting arsonists in prison. When she almost hits a dog on the way to a fire scene, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a sexy biker—especially not one who sets her heart ablaze.

Despite her best intentions, there’s no walking away from Smoke—until evidence mounts up of his connection to the fires. He claims he’s innocent, but Leigh has her doubts. Will he catch the real culprit in time to convince her, or will he lose it all—the woman he loves and his life?

Warning: Lots of down and dirty sex, violence of the blood and guts kind, alpha MC members, and a moonstruck Wolf burning up for his mate. This is the dark side of the Moonstruck world where sex is rough, death is brutal, and laws don’t mean jack.

Looking for a fun Urban Fantasy series? Don’t forget The Penumbra Papers. THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC, SEASON OF THE WITCH and THE DEVIL’S CUT are now available at on-line book sellers everywhere. The 4th book in the series, starring the gargoyle sentinel Roman, arrives this fall.

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seal-moon-final-kw680March 21, 2017: Susan Stoker’s Operation Alpha Special Forces – SEAL MOON (Moonstruck Alphas) – Former Navy SEAL Riley “Speed” O’Brien, an alpha Wolf shifter, is working on a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. When a paramilitary group attacks, Riley rescues his new boss–and mate–Taylor Dagny. More prepared for the board room than the jungle, the buttoned-up Taylor has to deal with an over-protective moonstruck Wolf, creepy-crawlies, and the criminals willing to sacrifice her to the gods of greed.


THE DEVIL’s CUT (Penumbra Papers) is a finalist for the prestigious National Readers Choice Awards in the Paranormal Romance category.

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC #1) is an NRCA finalist in the Erotic Romance category.

BLUE MOON (Moonstruck) placed 1st in the 2015 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC) placed 3rd in the IDA’s Long Erotic Novel category


THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC (Penumbra Papers) placed 1st in the 2014 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category.

CHRISTMAS MOON (Moonstruck) placed 3rd in the same category

The 2013 INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL AWARDS named BLOOD MOON (Moonstruck #1) as Best Short Paranormal and BAD MOON (Moonstruck #2) placed 2nd! HUNTER’S MOON (Moonstruck #3) placed 2nd in the Paranormal Novel category. In addituon, BEST LAID PLANS (Dearly Beloved) placed 5th in the Short Contemporary category.