Silver is so busy writing new words, she needs a virtual assistant to keep up with news, releases, and all the fun stuff. Any volunteers? 😉

Silver here, kind readers. I’m something of a technophobe though I know just enough coding to totally mess up my website. And sometimes fix my goofs. 😆 I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I updated this page–not that there hasn’t been news to share. Thanks for bearing with me. And, yes, there is news!

First: Over the next few months, as previously published books that I’ve had in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon come up for renewal in the program, I’m taking them out of KU and publishing them wide. This is a business decision for several reasons. Sadly, the series books won’t all come out at the same time. Happily, that means readers can still grab some free page reads.At the moment, MONTANA MOON (with some revisions–for reasons–see below) is now wide and MOON SHOT is wide.

Second: By going wide, I’m able to get my books into more on-line stores plus several subcription programs like Scribd, Book Box and the big one, Hoopla. Hoopla getts my books into various library systems and as a lover of libraries, I consider this a big win. It’s a VERY slow process to get into Hoopla but the books are getting there. Currently, ALL of the Penumbra Papers books are there and two of the Nightrider books are also available.

Third: I was totally hopeing 2021 would be more productive than 2020 but…yeah… Real life jumped and stuff happened and I only managed two new releases–one from me and one from Harlequin. I did receive a book back on a revision of rights and it’s been updated, revised, and new words added. It’s live now.

Fourth: In 2022, I’ll be part of a multi-author group sponsoring a new action/adventure romance series. The FILO (First In/Last Out) books will launch in the Fall of 2022 with a holiday anthology, followed up with standalone books set in the shared world beginning in 2023.

And here’s what I did manage to accomplish in 2021


(Penumbra Papers #5)

Ghosts and the Ancient Stones final

FBI Agent Sade Marquis has no time for romance…
No one ever said loving a human would be easy. Sinjen St. John is willing to make sacrifices. Up to a point. Sade’s running scared as ghosts from her past haunt her present. Using her job to put space between them is just an excuse but maybe they don’t have a future. Is it time to cut his losses?

Then someone painted a target on her back…
Sade doesn’t need anyone, especially not an infuriating master vampire or an infernal dragon with plans of adding her to his hoard. But there’s a new Magick in town—one with powers he shouldn’t have and he wants her for his very own. Time to take care of business.

Where in the world is Sade Marquis?
Paris. Washington, DC. Edinburgh. And a few Magick Realms thrown in just to mess with her mind. Will Sade catch her nemesis before time runs out? Only ghosts and ancient stones know the answer..

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(Moonstruck Wolf)

Montana-Moon MW logo 2500A lone Wolf doing a favor…
When Tait “Shooter” McCord, Wolf shifter and former SEAL, agrees to repay a debt by tracking down a woman in trouble, the last thing he expects to find is a curvy bundle of femininity who drives his inner wolf wild. Man and beast have one goal in mind—protect their mate from the enemies chasing her tail.

A lone woman on the run…
Lauren Reilly is exceptional at her job as a historical archivist at the Pentagon. Except her mad skills lead to discovering files so top secret that her life is now forfeit. That old joke “If I tell you, I have to kill you”? Yeah, turns out it’s not so funny when it’s real. After an attempt on her life, she reaches out to a friend of a friend for help. When assistance arrives in the form of a hot bodyguard from the Brotherhood Protectors, Lauren is so far out of her comfort zone she wants to turn tail and run.

Discover they aren’t alone after all.
Under a Montana Moon, a moonstruck Wolf can depend on friends old and new to help rescue the woman he loves. Even if they have to burn down the world saving her from their enemies.

Note: This book is being republished under a revision of rights from Twisted Pages Press. The contents have been revised and updated, with an addition 3000 words added to the story.

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(Red Dirt Royalty #9)


Fiercely independent storm chaser Brittany Owens
has been avoiding smooth-talking CEO Cooper Tate.
But fate keeps throwing them together. Twice she’s
walked away after mind-blowing sexual encounters
only to wind up back in his arms. Now Britt’s carrying
Coop’s twins! But telling him the truth means facing
his need to rescue her, again—this time with a
marriage in name only!

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Fighting for JUSTICE
(Poice and Fire: Operation Alpha: Tarpley VFD Season 2, Book 5)

6. Justice 1500x2400A lone Wolf in the Lone Star state…
Former Texas ranger Jack Riggs is now the duly appointed sheriff of Bandera County. He has two problems: the bad hombres kidnapping women and the pretty woman his wolf wants to claim. At his age, he figured his wolf half knew better and besides, what does he know about wooing a woman? Better to stick with fighting crime. He understands bad guys. Women? Not so much. Can an old Wolf learn new tricks before it’s too late?

A woman with a soft heart…
Justice McAlester runs Wind Wolf Ranch Wildlife Rehab Center, is a firefighter with the Tarpley VFD, and now has to wrangle her teenage niece. She doesn’t have time for the handsome man with the star on his chest, or the stars he puts in her eyes. She’s perfectly capable of going it alone, but when Jack Riggs looks her way, she can’t deny the attraction. If she’s not careful, he’ll ignite her desire.

Crime, corruption, and cartels…
Fighting for Justice is pure instinct when she’s threatened by outlaw bikers linked to a cartel. Right or wrong, a Wolf has to do whatever it takes to protect those he’s claimed.

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THE DEVIL’s CUT (Penumbra Papers) was a finalist for the prestigious National Readers Choice Awards in the Paranormal Romance category.

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC #1) was an NRCA finalist in the Erotic Romance category.

BLUE MOON (Moonstruck) placed 1st in the 2015 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category

NIGHT SHIFT (Nightriders MC) placed 3rd in the IDA’s Long Erotic Novel category

THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC (Penumbra Papers) placed 1st in the 2014 International Digital Awards Short Paranormal Fiction category.

CHRISTMAS MOON (Moonstruck) placed 3rd in the same category

The 2013 INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL AWARDS named BLOOD MOON (Moonstruck #1) as Best Short Paranormal and BAD MOON (Moonstruck #2) placed 2nd! HUNTER’S MOON (Moonstruck #3) placed 2nd in the Paranormal Novel category. In addituon, BEST LAID PLANS (Dearly Beloved) placed 5th in the Short Contemporary category.