Penumbra Papers

The Penumbra Papers –

Cases from the Shadow’s Edge

Welcome to the Penumbra Papers. Buried deep within some anonymous warehouse outside of Washington, D.C., there is a wooden box with mystical markings branded into its sides…Oh, wait. Sorry. That’s the Ark of the Covenant. My bad.

The Penumbra Papers actually sit buried in a bottom desk drawer in the office of the Director of the F.B.I. Within its files, the forces of light and dark dance through shadows which humans had only glimpsed before the dawn of the new millennium. Since the arrival of the millennium, all manner of preternatural folks intermingle with humans in ways mysterious and magical or…criminal.

Maybe it started with the millennium or perhaps the series of dramatic celestial events that followed in the first decade. Maybe it was the hole in the ozone. Whatever caused it, all hell broke loose. Literally. It turns out there really are monsters under the bed and the things that go bump in the night are bigger and scarier than anyone ever imagined.

The world’s best and brightest from every discipline—physics, theology, anthropology, chemistry, to name only a few—tried to explain the rip in the cosmic curtain. Special Agent Sade Marquis has her own theory. The monsters have been here all along, flying just under the radar of normal perception. They’ve been masquerading as mundanes—their term for humans.

Vampires. Faeries. Gargoyles. Dragons. Werewolves. Witches. Creatures of legend and nightmare. Overnight, reality took on a whole new meaning. And that’s where Sade Marquis entered the mix. An FBI agent with an X-Files mentality, she’s been handpicked to fill a new slot within the Bureau—Preternatural Liaison Officer with the MAGIC Unit. Sade never has figured out why the Bureau is so enamored of acronyms, especially the ones that fall into the “too cute to live” category. The Magical Activity, Grievances, and Inhuman Crimes unit is in charge of crimes involving the magicks. In other words, it’s Sade’s job to deal with all the bad nasties.

Of course, Sade knows the truth of the matter. Her boss doesn’t need to know she was raised by a master vampire or that her pet “dog” shifted into a boy the night of her twelfth birthday. That’s Sade’s secret. She has a lot of them and she is very, very good at keeping secrets. Which makes her very, very good at her job. And that makes the magicks very, very afraid of her. As they should be—


That Ol’ Black Magic (Penumbra Papers #1)

That Ol’ Black Magic is available in all digital formats from a number of outlets. Please CLICK HERE for buy links and more information. THAT OL’ BLACK MAGIC placed first in the 2014 International Digital Awards Best Short Paranormal Novel category.


Season of the Witch (Penumbra Papers #2)

Season of the Witch is available in all digital formats from a number of outlets. Please CLICK HERE for buy links and more information. SEASON OF THE WITCH was a finalist in the 2014 International Digital Awards Best Paranormal Novel category.


THE DEVIL’S CUT (Penumbra Papers #3)

The Devil’s Cut is available in all digital formats from a number of outlets. Please CLICK HERE for more info about the book and buy links. THE DEVIL’S CUT was a finalist in the 2015 National Readers’ Choice Awards.