Super Bowl Monday

funny-dog-pictures-not-ready-for-mondayNormally, I’m full of commercial talk on the Monday after the Super Bowl. I was rather…underwhelmed. A couple made me laugh. I was definitely sniffly over the Budweiser commercials–#bestbuds and #SaluteAHero. But by in large? Uhm…the ads flat-lined.

Reading–I finished off Jeaniene Frost’s UP FROM THE GRAVE which is the finale to the Cat and Bones series. There was a moment in the middle when I got all “OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?!? Did she really DO that?!?” I actually skipped ahead to see. Just in case you might read it, I won’t elaborate. It was a good book and a fitting end, though I have hopes she’ll revisit other characters and even Cat and Bones in the future. I also did my reread of NAKED IN DEATH. Now I want to read the rest of the In Death books. I also do. And I always find something new to highlight when I reread NiD. By the time you read this, I’ll either be started on GLORY IN DEATH or something else, though not sure what.

TV–anyone watching BLACK SAILS on…Cinemax(?)? It airs on Saturday nights. I have it set to DVR so I don’t remember which channel. It’s about pirates. In the Caribbean. But with guys way sexier than Johnny Depp. It’s gritty, down and dirty.

Did I mention we had snow? And getting more tomorrow? Then still more on Thursday? We’re back in drought conditions so I’m not complaining. I don’t mind snow at all. It’s ice that I hate.

How was your weekend? How’s your weather? What are you reading? Which commercials did you like?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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7 Responses to Super Bowl Monday

  1. The weekend was quiet. The weather was snowy – as in all day snowy and way more accumulation than they predicted. It’s a winter wonderland out there. Thank goodness we’re stocked up and I don’t have to try and drive anywhere.

    On the reading front, I’m in the middle of Fatal Affair by Marie Force (a Kindle freebie I picked up last year sometime). It’s pretty good, but I keep going ‘wait, she wouldn’t do that’ with some of the MC’s choices. As for the commercials, the game was so brutally one-sided, I spent the game with my nose buried in my Kindle. I remember thinking a couple were cute, but they didn’t make enough of an impression for me to remember which ones they were.

    I haven’t had the chance to snag Up From the Grave yet. I think I saw somewhere that she is planning on writing in this world again, but not a ‘Cat & Bones’ story. I imagine they’ll make a cameo or something here or there.

    • Liza helped. Yep to the Cheerios commercial. The look on the mom’s face when the dad told their daughter she could have a puppy was a hoot. And yep to the MetLife commercial… made me cry. And definitely to the ’80s Radio Shack commercial. And the one with the Muppets.

    • Silver James says:

      Glad to hear that there will be more books set in the world. Cat and Bones are pretty much off grid for quite some time. I won’t spoil it for you. 😉

      Muppets was a Toyota Highlander commercial and DUDE! When the guy took off his shirt and was dancing in the sun roof? *fans face* I liked the Met Life, too. And the Doritos commercials got a chuckle. Lawyer Guy liked the…Hyundai(?) commercial that was Matrix based and we both liked the Jaguar commercial with British villains. 😀

  2. Liza says:

    I swear I’m suffering ADD right now. Couldn’t really focus long enough to finish reading anything over the weekend.

    I loved most of the Budweiser commercials, the MetLife with the Peanuts crew, and the Cheerios commercial where dad told the little girl she was getting a baby brother and she said and a puppy. The Chevy one with the bull was pretty funny too, and I loved the 80’s one from Radio Shack. Most of the others were just ok.

    • Silver James says:

      A man. A man and his truck. A man, his truck, and an eligible bachelor…. Yeah. I laughed! Radio Shack made me laugh, too. That ranked right up there with the Delta safety video. 😆

      That’s the joy of rereading NiD and the next two. I read through all the distractions. 😉

  3. Janet says:

    Weekend? It’s over? *sigh*

    We were out last night, so only saw the end of the “Bowl” and were astonished at the score when we turned on the TV! Wow! I have to wait until the next day for the commercials because of Canadian TV regulation – the commercials played during the coverage are Canadian. I’ve heard from a couple of bloggers that they were nothing to write home about. I’ll check out those mentioned here on the ‘net today.

    Storm brewing (stuff you’re getting now) for Wednesday. Another dump of snow – too bad I work from home and I can’t utilize all those ‘snow days’.

    Happy Monday 🙂

    • Silver James says:

      We have another storm coming through tonight and a third one on Friday. Snow, sleet, and maybe some freezing rain, though I hope not! Snow I don’t mind. I’ll drive in snow any time. Ice? Forget it! Wow…had no idea y’all had a time delay on the commercials. Learn something every day. 🙂

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