Monday News

BeAWriterI need to find a .gif for freaking-out-muppet-fail stuffs. That’s me at the moment. Holy cannoli! RWA14 was totally awesome! *madly waves to Kimber* Yes, I will be using my yearly quota of exclamation points this week as I catch up with everyone and fill y’all in on all the news. Meeting Kimber at the Literacy signing on Wednesday night was a big highlight of the week! RWA raised over $58,000.00 to be donated to various literacy programs around the world and in San Antonio. I even sold 5 books!

First, Lawyer Guy and I had a great trip. Going down, we got stuck in traffic in Austin. Coming back, thanks to a Dallas resident, we learned the sneaky way. It’s a couple of miles out of the way but it’s a toll road with 85 mph speeds and completely by-passes all the little suburbs between San Antonio and Austin. We cut almost two hours off our drive time on the way home.

The Kiss of Death RWA Chapter tour on Tuesday was lots of fun. I have pictures. Once I get them downloaded, I’ll start sharing them. We went to Lackland Air Force Base and got to meet and watch their Security Forces training. (That’s Air Force talk for police. 🙂 ) They don’t just deal with crimes, they also do high value target guarding and other very cool stuffs. The afternoon was spent at Ft. Sam Houston with the combat medic instructors. Holy moley! Great fodder for Iffy there!!!

I got to tell Nalini Singh that I hated her for being such an amazing author I had to read ALL of her Psy-Changling books in a week. She laughed. I got hugs from our own Liza (lots and lots from her! She rocks!!), Brenda Novak, Cindy Kirk, Carly Phillips, Lesley Kelly, Janelle Dennison, and so many more. I’m not a hugger, but at RWA? Yeah. I turn into a hug slut. 😆

I met Olivia Gates, a best-selling Desire author who is made of so much awesome I’m hoping some rubs off on me! 😆 And speaking of Desire, I have the unofficial cover for COWGIRLS DON’T CRY. As soon as I get official notice, I’ll share it. Trust me when I say it is so freaking awesome I’m surprised the people on my hotel floor didn’t call security when I started screaming. My meeting with my Sr. Editor at Harlequin Desire was…wow. Just WOW! Today I get to catch up with social media and email, laundry, groceries, and all that other stuff because tomorrow? I have to crank out the words. She wants proposals for every Barron brother. That’s four more books. Plus another series we discussed. *MUPPET FLAIL*

Plus, I’ve promised y’all another Moonstruck book and THE DEVIL’S CUT in Penumbra. Iffy is hiding under the bed whimpering right now. Tomorrow, hot guys, chocolate, and double-shot frappucinos for her! (And me!!!! *muppet flail*

I took 30 hardcover copies of SEASON OF THE WITCH to the Indy Signing. They’re all gone. I was so excited! I figured I’d be lugging all those suckers home.

And the fun stuff. I have books. And more BOOKS. And MORE BOOKS! I’ll be doing giveaways here and on my Facebook author page. Up for grabs? Two Avon cloth tote bags with books and goodies AND two RWA canvas bags with conference goodies. More details on the fun stuff soon.

For now, bear with me. I couldn’t do this “job” without each and every last one of y’all. You rock my world and keep me steady when I freak. And I am doing some serious freaking at the moment. All good stuff but….*MUPPET FLAIL* (No, I will not go look on the internet for a flail .gif. Just won’t do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. 😉 )

Now, tell me what y’all have been doing while I’ve been gone! I’ll be back tomorrow with a special Tuesday Tease. 😀


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Monday News

  1. First off, try here:

    Second… :HUGS: So glad you’re back and that you had a blast and that you sold some books and didn’t have to bring any SOTW home and you met a bunch of really cool people and that your HEd is excited for more books from you and went to military bases and learned neat stuff… heh. I’m really excited for you. Can ya tell?

    I’ve been doing what I usually do – reading, writing, chores, home stuff, watching too much TV. Nothing exciting. Oh, I did get a new book idea last night that pestered the crap out of me until I wrote the first 1000 words and jotted a few notes about what I want to do. Then last night trying to sleep I realized I really need to do a whole shitpot of research before I can really dive into this book the way it deserves to be dived into. So, let’s just say I’ll be reading a ton of stuff on Arthurian legend before NaNoWriMo this year. ;o)

    • Silver James says:

      I’m glad to be back. I REALLY miss my own bed and pillows and even critters. Little cat is all clingy and I swear she slept on my face most of last night. 😆

      I can feel your excited, B.E. *nods* But YAY on the new idea and oooooh. I love Arthurian legends. I think I’ll be doing a NaNoWriMo every month between now and then. *headdesk* I’m thrilled Ms. Sr.Ed wants more. Mr. HEd might freak when I hit him with all this. *snerk*

      Time for both of us to get into the groove, right?!?!

  2. *waves both arms back at Silver* You were the highlight of my 1st RWA signing, thank you for the many HUGS, my little note, your writing wisdom
    as always. You are the only 1 I got a pic with.
    There was this buzz of energy as you walked in the hotel lobby, all that Muse running rampted-lol
    The RWA signing was friggin awesome, people said I went on and on about it that night and next day like a drunk robin (phrase we use)
    A couple of friends mentioned that I was in my element, my passion is all of theirs.
    The girls I was in line with for the 3 1/2 hr wait made it enjoyable, the signed books I will treasure, and the encouragement both verbal and signed to keep writing, don’t give up and one day I will be on the other side of this table was a awesome high.
    Your Ft Sam and Lackland stuffed sounds interesting!
    Austin traffic always suck and everyone is wanting to move further out!
    Glad your home in familiar surrounding.
    From the posts on FB sounds like everybody enjoyed there stay in SA.
    Thank you again =)

    • Silver James says:

      The energy from a conference like RWA is electrifying, Kimber. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t come back exhausted from it, but at the same time, we’re fired up to get back to the thing we all love: WRITING!

      Non-writers don’t get it. Non-readers don’t get it either. I’m as much a fan girl as I am a writer. Even though I’m fortunate enough to call some of the best-known romance writers in the industry friends, I’m still a fan and a little part of me goes all squee when Allison Brennan wants to have breakfast with me, or when Sylvia Day stops to hug me, or when I can tease Nalini Singh (whom I did NOT know!) because I love her books.

      Welcome to the Kool-aid. 😀

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