Monday Mixer

loldog Monday Pup2*points at puppy* Yeah, that was pretty much me this weekend. This was OKRWA weekend but the majority of the membership took off for the RT convention in Dallas. Only five of us were going to show up for the meeting and program. I cancelled it, since I was giving the program. I’m scheduled now for July. Just as well. 😉 I took a nice nap Saturday before Lawyer Guy and I switched to the local weather to play the Oklahoma Weather Drinking Game. 😉

TV. I’m behind on OUTLANDER. WAAAAY behind. I’ll catch up one of these days. My DVRs are soooo full! I haven’t been watching much TV, except for baseball and softball. I have LOST GIRL episodes, BITTEN, and the aforementioned OUTLANDER. I have managed to keep up with RIPPER STREET (BBCA–a “police” drama set in 1880s White Chapel. Dark and interesting set of characters) and with GAME OF THRONES. NCIS killed me last week–season finale and they left Gibbs severly wounded on a street in the Mideast. *FLAIL*

I have been reading a lot, too. Wolvers (Joanna Rhoades). Dragons (Coreene Callahan). Thea Harrison’s MIDNIGHT’S KISS in her Elder Races series. I really enjoyed Julian and Melly. Melly won me over when Justine, the Vampyre trying to take down Julian (Nightkind King), called her a poodle and Melly (heir to the Light Fae throne) decided to remind the ancient Vamp that poodles could bite too. It was a fun read. Julian was my book boyfriend for the weekend.

Books I’m looking forward to reading:
Darynda Jones’ EIGHTH GRAVE AFTER DARK, which arrives tomorrow.
Larissa Ione’s HADES, a Demonica Novella 1001 Dark Nights, coming out a week from tomorrow.
B.E. Sanderson’s ACCIDENTAL DEATH. 😉
Siobhan Muir’s ORDER OF THE DRAGON. 😉

Yes, I beta read those last two but I want to read them again.

Let’s see. What else is going on in my world…Oh, yes…writing. *blerg* I’m 1/2 through DOUBLE CROSS. I normally don’t edit until I finish writing the first draft. I’m going to switch things up because DC is sort of like two books–Duke before and during a mission with Cory and Duke after the mission falls apart and he’s reunited a year later with Cory, under suspicious circumstances. The reason I’m going back to edit? Because it’s not very emotional. There’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of Duke’s POV. Which I have to trouble with. This is Duke’s book. It’s his journey. But at last look, his feelings were pretty ambivalent and that just won’t do at all. So…rewriting/layering/making it more…more.

Oh, and we had weather. LOL But it’s May. We always have weather in May. What did you watch, read, do this weekend? What awesome plans do you have for the upcoming week?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Monday Mixer

  1. I totally forgot it was RT weekend until it was here and I noticed how sparse it was around the interwebs. Then came the plethora of pics on FB of people gathering and having fun. Not that you could get me anywhere near a city these days, but conference pics always make me a little wistful. Sorry it blew out your OKRWA meeting, but I bet it was nice to have the day for yourself. I hope the OK Weather Drinking Game wasn’t too exciting for you.

    Thanks for looking forward to Accidental Death. I hope the changes I’ve made since you read it wow you. I woke up to a lovely review from a ARC reader who inhaled it yesterday. I read Night Shift and left a review. The book blew my socks off, Silver. Seriously. I totally can’t wait for Double Cross.

    We had rain. But it was intermittent enough to allow for some nice walks and outside time. I finished your book and then treated myself by reading an old favorite – Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance). I’m a little over halfway through that one. I watched some golf until Rory got so far ahead it got boring, got screwed out of watching baseball (Yankees are playing the Royals at home, so it’s blacked out here), hit some true crime shows. Yesterday was our 11th anniversary, so I ate like a pig. Today’s my birthday, which means the pigging out will continue as long as my stomach doesn’t protest too much. No big plans for the rest of the week. Chill out a little, try to get back to work on a different book before things get busy for the August launch of Wish in One Hand. You know… stuff.

    • Silver James says:

      AUGUST!?!?! I’ll get my hands on WISH in August??!! Outstanding! And happy birthday (late here but I was on time on FB!) Sounds like you had a great weekend. And d’aw. *scuffs toes in dirt* Thanks. I’m glad you liked NIGHT SHIFT. It was a hard book to write for one that almost wrote itself. LOLOL 😉

  2. Liza says:

    I was so sad not to be in Dallas for RT this weekend. Seeing all the fun pictures were killing me! I finished reading Beyond Innocence the new Kit Rocha book that comes out on 5/20 and really loved it. Like where they are taking the world. Mostly did blog work and cleaning this weekend. Caught up on Bones and some episodes of Castle. I still have 8 episodes to watch to be caught up for the entire season. also have most of Agents of SHIELD and all of The Blacklist to watch.

    • Silver James says:

      Dang! I don’t think I preordered BEYOND INNOCENCE. I must go rectify that right now. I know I’ll need to hit RT one of these days but man–everything looks so…crazy. RWA is loud and crowded, but it’s…business. If that makes sense?

  3. I hope an RT & RWA convention will be in my future. The pics were great and I know how much I enjoyed the readers signing here, so add it lots of other stuff that could benefit my writing its a win win!!!
    Raindrops kept me inside, I finished Shattered the 2nd book in JLDrake new series, the final book comes out in June. Lauren Dane has a new series Ink and Chrome coming in June.
    Once my WordPress blog, and I made nice nice – I posted new/old ink if you want to give a look, let me know what you think?
    Today was a crazy kind of monday–hope it was good for you =)

    • Silver James says:

      I hope the conventions are in your future, too, Kimber! Y’all have had rain like us. But y’all need it as much as we do so I’m really not complaining. I’ll have to check out Lauren’s new series. I’ve heard some good buzz about it. Monday was…Monday. So yes, crazy played into the mix. 😉 Off to check your new site!

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