Monday Muppet Flail

IgnoreMondayCatSo…it’s Monday. Why does that keep happening every week? *Muppet Flail* I’m going to be this LOL cat and just ignore that it’s Monday until I get this book done! Especiaqlly since last night, when I sat down to figure out a blog for this morning, I was mostly underwhelmed. I did edit/revise (and there were a couple of places where there was some deep revision goin’ on!) I got through 125 pages and 13 chapters. I’ll be MIA until I get it revised, proofed, formatted, and loaded for pre-order at Amazon.

Reading. I’ve been doing some. I was really excited about the new Charley Davidson book, EIGHTH GRAVE…something. I can never remember the whole title of each book. Anyway, I started it and had trouble getting into it so I’ve been sneaking other books in there. DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE is listed as a YA fantasy but there are some very grown up themes. Still, the writing is lyrical, the story different, and the characters not quite what I expected. It ends with a cliffhanger and is the first in a trilogy. I haven’t hit the library for book 2 yet. Then I saw that Paige Tyler’s HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF was on sale for 99¢ so I snagged it because it had been on my wish list. Yeah…darn sure glad it was that cheap! HATED the heroine. And the Hero was something of a wuss for taking her back so fast after the way she betrayed meant to betray him–she backed out at the last minute but still… Anyway, I did like the author’s style so maybe I’ll give the next book a try when it comes out later in the summer. Currently, I have Roxanne St. Claire’s BAREFOOT WITH A BODYGUARD queued up. I’m a HUGE fan of her romantic suspense series and a favorite character who never got his book finally will with the 3rd book in this series. Totally glad Rocki is back in that groove.

Baseball. My Cards still have the best record in baseball. They were supposed to have a 3-game series with the Kansas City Royals and were up 2 games when yesterday’s game was rained out. 😦 They’ll make it up at some point.

TV. I haven’t been watching, except for baseball. I’ve either been working or reading. Ah well. I have two full DVRs of shows I really should watch one of these days. 😆

Life. Got to see the kids last night for dinner. The whole gang got together to celebrate my Sis-in-Law’s b-day. We went out for BBQ and Stormegeddon got his new baseball glove and ball. It’s made of foam material with Velcro to snag the ball. We had a blast. He also ate most of my slice of b-day cake. So…yay!

Basically, my world has narrowed down to words–writing them or erasing them or fixing them. If I want to try a pre-order for DOUBLE CROSS, I have a hard upload date of June 20th. I really want to get it done today if at all possible. So…off to work for me. And no, I’m not whistling! 😆

Still, being the nosy sort, I want to know what y’all did this weekend! Comment so I have something to look forward to!


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of two award-winning series--Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers, Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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3 Responses to Monday Muppet Flail

  1. siobhanmuir says:

    *cracks whip* Back to work, you! We need that new book. 😀 Glad you’re getting some reading done as well as the writing/revising. I’m doing the same today. Filling in holes to make a complete story rather than just really cool bits separated by huge gaps, lol. Ah the life of a book. Good luck, Silver!

  2. Hung out around the house mostly this weekend, except for my Hobby Lobby trip.
    I just re-read Beneath The Ink ( book 2) Beneath The Chains (book3) comes out manna, so does Lauren Dane new series (have on pre-order)
    Worked on work homework Sunday–gotta do what I gotta do.
    **DRUM ROLL* i was working on WIP (Frame by Frame) with all the drama at work and long hrs- my muse has been taking it easy–but we are back rolling out words**insert Snoopy dance*
    Can’t wait for the seals!!!!!!

  3. Gack. I hate being late to comment. And I just got stung by a wasp and typing makes my arm hurt. Fugger.

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Coolness. I read an old gothic mystery – awesome – and an old Carter Brown crime novel – pretty good. We watched an old suspense movie with Robert Wagner called A Kiss Before Dying where he was the murderer. So cold. And the end was AWESOME. Got started on my edits for WIOH then I lazed out, so I’m still at pg 46. I have until the 1st before my editor expects them, so I’m doing my usual thing – procrastinating.

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