Monday After

More weekend Who saw the Blood Moon lunar eclipse last night? Why am I not “smart” enough to get a sale set up before these big planetary events that play right into the hands of my Moonstruck Wolves. Ah well. Maybe in 2063 or whenever the next lunar super blood moon happens. Ah well. LOLOL

Who watched the end of a CSI Era last night? Oh yeah. I was there for the whole two hours. It went out with a bang.

New TV shows: I’m liking “Blindspot”–quite a bit actually. Not sure how long I’ll stay with “The Bastard Executioner” but for now I’m like…dude! It’s very violent, and some gratuitous sex but it’s written and produced by the guy who did “Sons of Anarchy.” “Rosewood” was okay. I’ll give it a bit. I think it wants to be “Castle” with a Miami detective and a pathologist who does private autopsies. The NCIS premiere had me all WTFOMGBBQ!!! Especially what DeNoso did. No spoilers. I haven’t gotten to “Castle” and a couple of others yet. Writing. Reading. Priorities.

Reading: Speaking of, I gave up. Friday night I was frustrated by a lot of things. Nothing bad just…stuffs. I’d been feeling the pull to reread NAKED IN DEATH. (I reread the entire In Death series last winter.) I gave up, needing a little reading chicken soup. I can’t even come close to describing how much I love that book. And of course, reading it means I have to read the next two because…Dallas and Roarke. And Summerset and all sorts of emotional stuff that just makes me want to grow up to be JD Robb. *sigh* I downloaded and read a series of novellas by Joanna Wylde set in her Silver Valley/Reapers MC world. Now I want to reread them. *sigh* So many new books and I find myself falling back on books and series that I’ve previously read and enjoyed. I’ve read 182 of my 200 books for the Goodreads challenge. Actually, I have more than that. I haven’t recorded the 18 book I read for the RITAs this year, nor have I added in my reread of NIGHT SHIFT (looking for typos to fix before I print copies for contests) or the 2 1/2 In Death books. After I finish IMMORTAL IN DEATH, I’m previewing a book for a cover quote for a friend and after that, I’m not sure what I’ll read.

Writing: I did some. I added a scene to the Russian’s book and I edited/added to a chapter in THE DEVIL’S CUT and started a brand new chapter. It’s still a struggle, but I’m hoping the characters are starting to talk again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Fun Stuff: Thomas the Tank Engine. Yay! “He” made an appearance yesterday at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. The whole family went. Hopefully, Only will share pics so I can share here. We went in a short train ride in the open car. Stormageddon had fun. The museum is gonna do a Polar Express event at Christmas. Another train ride and someone reading the book. Fun stuffs!

And that was my weekend. What did y’all do? Be sure to come back tomorrow. I have a special edition of Tuesday Titles with extra-special guest, our very own Niki Danninger! She’ll be here talking about her upcoming release, MICAH’S MESS, part of the Savannah Coven Anthology. 🙂


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Monday After

  1. I caught parts of the eclipse. Meh. I didn’t get the excitement. It’s a shadow moving slowly. I get more excited about plane shadows or bird shadows moving across the lawn. Heck, the coyotes didn’t even seem to care. I expected at least to hear them howling last night. Nope. (And I was up often enough to have heard them.) Dang, girl, I wish I’d thought of the significance to you and poked you in the butt to do something exciting for your books. Gah. Marketing.

    The only TV I was concerned with this weekend was sports. Michigan kicked butt. Michigan State kicked butt. Jordan Spieth kicked butt. It’s all good, baby. I did a boatload of gardening in between. Not quite finished, but I’m pleased with the progress. Still haven’t finished what is currently known as ‘that damn book’, but I’ll get it done. Nothing like a deadline to make one fish or cut bait. I have three days.

    • Silver James says:

      OMG I hear you on “that damn book!” I’m tearing my hair out. *sigh* I’m going dark this afternoon–after a coffee meet with my CP–to get back on track. Deadlines are looming. Congrats on Michigan moving into the top 25. The Real OSU beat Texas. Yippee! That other OSU sort of beet some little podunk school. I really wish somebody would burst that bubble. Ah well. Michigan teams seemed to do well. As long as we don’t met, I’ll cheer them on for you. 😉

      I so suck at marketing. Ah well.

      A group of the grownups met out in our front yard to see over the tree/house line to watch. It was kind of cool but the close up photos are better. Hard to see much without a long lens or a telescope. Still, I like to at least take a look at stuffs like that because there’s a certain…magic in nature that intrigues me and I never want to get so jaded that I don’t acknowledge it.

  2. Liza says:

    It was way too cloudy in Nashville for me to see the super moon. I did see lots of pictures online of it, but hated I couldn’t witness it in person. I watched lots of football this weekend and was totally unhappy with the games I watched (actually only watched TN-FL and Titans vs Colts). Glad we have a bye week to recover from the crushing loss yesterday.

    I’m almost caught up on season 1 of Empire so I can start season 2 probably this weekend. I honestly have only liked Limitless and Life in Pieces of the new tv shows I’ve watched so far this week. Might give a few others a try on Hulu, but without cable or a DVR, I’m limited to live tv or online viewing.

    I have a feeling I will soon have my annual re-read of Naked in Death. I read The Queen by Tiffany Reisz yesterday and it is the end of the Original Sinners series. I laughed and cried and loved every single minute of it. I started a new book this morning, but might put it on hold to make time for my comfort read. Seriously was killed by the ending of the Original Sinners series, even thought it was beautifully done.

    • Silver James says:

      I was cheering the Vols on, which is probably why they lost. 😦 I can sometimes jinx a team. I don’t pay much attention to the NFL these days. My Cards are killing me over the slide to the playoffs, though. Haven’t read the Original Sinners. Might have to look into that in my spare time. 🙄 And yeah, I just…I ❤ NAKED IN DEATH so very, very much. It would be the subject of my masters dissertation if I was going for an MFA.

  3. Late again… sensing a pattern here?!? I can hear Patrick Steward as Mr. Woolensworth saying ‘Tardy again’ 😉
    Anyhooo – I did see the Super Bloodmoon, we even got our girls up so they could see it. Of course all my pictures came out like poop…
    Bub and I have been trying to get caught up on The Blacklist so we can watch it when it starts up again. We saw NCIS (all three versions) but haven’t see the last CSI yet, it’s on the DVR waiting for us. Haven’t seen the other shows but we gave Minority Report a shot. Did not care for it. Neither of the actors caught our attention, even though they threw the gal’s bewbs at us every other shot… We are gonna try Limitless and see if that’s any better.
    Speaking of The Blacklist, all this binge watching has put another bee in my bonnet. Before I pick up Turning Point again, I need to plot out a story involving an FBI agent and a paranormal asset who can see dreams 😉 (may have to pick your brain about getting into the FBI my dear 😉 )

    PS: I have Naked in Death on my Kindle but I keep forgetting it is there. I REALLY need to read that!!!

    • Silver James says:

      Yes you do! Some people love the voice in the In Death books. Others hate it. If you read my stuff, the headhopping won’t bother you. I just ❤ the damn book so much! LOL

      Pick away though I'm hardly an expert on the FBI. I have a sticky note on my board somewhere about a psychic who dreams wishes. And dreamwalkers are often Native American in nature so…. 😀 Whatever I can do to help.

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