Leap Monday

More weekendThis is the last Monday of February. It’s also “leap Monday” because this is a leap year and today is that extra day tacked on every 4 years to keep time straight. It also puts off my birthday one extra day. Not complaining. At my age, every extra day is a gift! 😆 It’s also Sadie Hawkins Day! Who remembers Sadie Hawkins and what happens on her day? Who did Sadie Hawkins Day stuff in school? *raises hand* We had Sadie Hawkins dances.

So…in other news…

Guest Blogging: I’m over at Jen Lyon’s “Lair” today for her Business Monday talking about “Multiplicity.” That means I discuss juggling multiple projects and deadlines. Go forth and check it out! This LINK should get you there. I’ll update/edit when I have the direct link. 🙂 EDIT: HERE’S THE DIRECT LINK!

Now, writing news, just in case–you know–y’all missed my upcoming release. 🙄 MOONSTRUCK: LIES is now up for pre-order at the big 3. Amazon | iTunes | Kobo. Yippee! Still working on the formatting for the print version. I was off on my page count by about 30 pages so my cover artist is revising the cover and doing a little something special for the opening of the book. 🙂 Now to get caught up on critiquing and new words on #TeamSmoke, Moonstruck world proposal, NIGHT MOVES (the next Nightrider book) and…I know there’s another project out there. Brain dead.

TV: BASEBALL! SOFTBALL! Yay for college sports and tomorrow, (MLB’s birthday present to me!) Spring Training games start. Whooppee!!! Why yes, I am a big fan, why do you ask.

Reading: Back to stuff I can’t talk about. I got an emergency plea to read 4 more RITA books. Shhhhh. Once they’re done, sooooo many new and exciting reads on my Kindle that I’m desperate to dive into! Duty first, right?

Life: I have to go get my new Driver’s License today. Yeah, I sort of put it off to the last day. 😆 I also have to go buy new jeans. This makes me have a sad. 😦 My favorite pair got ruined. Long story and the chunk that came out of hip doesn’t hurt toooo bad… Y’all know I have big dogs. Newfoundland and Newf/Golden mix. Friday night, they decided they wanted to go out. Together. At the same time. Through the door into the breach! Both of them are capable of opening the back door and going out. (It doesn’t have a latch on the storm door–yeah, one of them hit it a little hard charging after a critter who invaded the back yard and we never got around to replacing it because…hey! They can let themselves out!) Yeah, but not Friday night. They both stood there staring at the door like there was some magic bark or tail wag they needed to make to open it. So…I pushed through them to open it. Idiots! They surged forward. They stopped. They both leaned into me–that’s almost 300 pounds of dog, FYI–and off-balance, I started to fall forward. Outside. On the concrete patio. Oh to the hell no! I scrambled, grabbed, and lurched. And caught my hip (butt) on the metal thing that you use to hold the hydraulic arm open. OUCH! Ripped those jeans in two places–big time! Ripped me, too, a quarter-sized chunk with additional scratches and bruising. Good thing I don’t sleep on that side! *snort* So, errands today, including a stop at the post office to mail out a book a reader won at Facebook party I helped host.

So what’s up in your life? Good stuffs? Good books? Good TV/Movies? Baseball?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Leap Monday

  1. Naughty puptarts! Yay for having Lies up for pre-order! Yay for the guest post – which I will visit shortly. Yeah, umm, Sadie Hawkins… I remember asking a boy to the dance once. He said no.

    In Deep Wish is >< this close to being ready to format so I can upload it for pre-order. All other priorities are rescinded. ;o)

    We watched Alien last night. Can ya tell?

    • Silver James says:

      LOL I haven’t seen that movie all the way through, yet! I remember grade school, we had SHD “races” during recess. The boys got a head start and the girls chased after. It was great fun for those of us who were athletic. 😉 Dances? They weren’t such a big deal. We had social sororities in high school and we had four dances each year, members asking boys. I had friends who were guys. It worked for the time when I didn’t have a boyfriend. 😉

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