Wednesday Words: Nod If You Can See This

wurkn-on-mai-plan-for-word-domination-caleb-pupAnother hump day, another “prompt” for #1lineWed. Today’s word is **NOD**. Holy cannoli but my characters nod a lot–at least in the first draft. Which this is. So, cut me some slack, ‘kay? Those nods/nodded will mostly change to chin tucks and other physical descriptions of affirmation. *nods* 😉

So this snippet from NIGHT MOVES is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy!

Chapter 3 – Hollywood

Digger and I met up with Deadhead and a few of his boys at a truck stop outside of Topeka. There were three unknown bikes parked at the motel next door. When we discovered the desk clerk was female, the brothers decided I should saunter on over there to question her. I wasn’t sure I appreciated the rep but whatever. I like women. Women like me. They went away satisfied. My dick was happy. Win-win, right?

When the front entrance doors slithered open, the clerk looked up with a bright smile on her face–until she saw me. She backed away from the desk, her eyes wide and frightened. I held up my right hand, palm toward her in that universal sign of “I won’t hurt you.”

“Easy, babe. Take a breath.” I thought she might actually pass out. “I’m just here for some information. That’s all.” I stayed back from the counter trying to look all shucks and grins. Totally harmless. Easy should have been the one sent on this ride because he wore that look naturally.

After a few breaths, she nodded at me, straining to put a professional face on. “How may I help you, sir?”

I offered one of my charming grins. “I’m Hollywood. The bikes outside, who do they belong to?”

She blanched and her hands shook. Motherfuckers. This was a girl just trying to make a living but she was scared shitless.

“Were they wearing cuts?”

Her brows scrunched a little and I caught a slight shake of her head, as if she was confused by the question. I pointed to my vest. “A cut. Colors. Either a vest or jacket with patches.”

Her mouth formed an “O” and for once I wasn’t thinking about how sweetly it would feel around my dick. The girl was too scared and that just pissed me off.


I half-turned so she could see the leaping wolf with the comet tail that was the Nightrider patch. “Does their patch look like this?” She shook her head and took a relieved breath. “Ugly-ass dog with horns?” She pressed her lips together and nodded. “They been hassling you?” Wide-eyed, she nodded again. “Don’t go anywhere.”

What about y’all? Do you have nodding characters? Are you nodding over any books? Share!

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Wednesday Words: Nod If You Can See This

  1. Awesomesauce! Ya know, I need a clone so I can read all the stuffs you’re writing and still have time to write my own stuffs. Jus’ sayin’.

    Shhhh, don’t mention nodding or JC will find all those, too, and give me more to do when she shoots my book back at me. I just did a count on ‘nod’ and I have 68 in a 75k manuscript. :shrug: Way lower than my ‘just’ count before I edited those, so I’m not too worried.

    Okay, here’s my nod to nodding…

    “I need you to be aware that the S.C.I.U. as a growing division within Homeland Security stands or falls on these regional offices. Previously, we’ve been confined to specific cities. Chicago. New York. Los Angeles. San Diego.
    “And while they’ve done exceptionally well in covering the specific metropolitan areas, they haven’t had the time or the manpower to cover any outlying areas where serial criminals may go less noticed. That’s why I need you to shine.”
    Heads around the table nodded as if they’d heard it all before. Teri found herself nodding along with them while she simmered inside. Graham hadn’t said any of this when he asked for volunteers to man Detroit. He hadn’t bothered to mention it when he was briefing her before her transfer. He sure as hell hadn’t hinted anything was riding on her performance when he patted her on the back Friday afternoon and wished her a safe journey.
    Damn him.

    • Silver James says:

      Oh, I do like Teri! Even if she’s jealous of Jace. 😉 And yeah, all those nods could have a reader nodding off if they’re close together. 68 in a 75K MS? Not bad at all but JC being the AWE, will ding you for sure. 😆

      I wish I could create lots of clones! So I could pass them out for people to read MY stuff and a few of me to catch up on my own reading and writing. LOLOL

      • I wouldn’t say ‘jealous’ – more like feeling the need to get away from Jace’s limelight and shine on her own. Or at least that’s what she’s telling herself. She doesn’t want to admit the real reason she left Dallas was to avoid what happened to her.

        Bwa ha ha.

        If ‘nod’ wasn’t on JC’s radar, it is now. I can feel her, up there in the north, reading your blogs…

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