Wednesday Words: Stubborn

So…today’s #1lineWed prompt is pretty straightforward. Stubborn is as stubborn does. And beyond the stubborn juts of chins, there is stubborn tenacity. Or, in the case of the Tate brothers, plain ol’ muleheadedness! In this scene, Deacon (whose story is told in THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL which releases October 1!) sits his little brother Tucker down for a heart to heart. Because big brothers are like that, yeah they are. Here’s a little insight into the Tate boys, and where they get it from. 😉
It took awhile but when Deacon stopped laughing, he offered a knowing smile. “Did Dad ever give you the birds and bees talk?”

“The…” Tucker made air quotes with this fingers. “Tate men are cursed speech? I was hiding behind the couch when he lectured you.” He sat up straight, lifted his chin, and cleared his throat. Then he pulled his eyebrows down until a vee formed over the bridge of his nose and mimicked his father’s voice.

“Deacon, m’boy. There are certain facts of life a young man needs to know before he starts…struttin’ ’round the fairer sex.”

Inhaling, and continuing to look stern, he pulled out his billfold and removed a foil packet. He held it out to Deacon, who took, laughing at Tucker’s antics.

“That’s a condom, boy. I figure you’re smart enough t’figure out how it works. Thing is, it only works if you use it. Every. Single. Time. Do I make myself clear?”

Snorting with laughter now, Deacon managed to nod and choke out a “Yessir.”

“Good. Now, there’s one other thing you, as a Tate man needs t’understand. Tate men are cursed. Cursed by our genes. Woman think we’re mighty fine t’look at. We are a handsome bunch. Just ask your momma.” Tucker puffed out his chest and hooked his thumbs in invisible lapels. “Thing is, as much as we admire the fair sex, and they admire us back, there’s only one woman who’ll do. We get one shot, boy, and you’d best remember that. When the right woman walks into your life, you’ll know it. You’ll think a dang steer has kicked you in the gut. Or it might feel like your momma hit you over the head with her cast-iron skillet.”

Tucker dropped his hand to Deacon’s shoulder, which was shaking from laughter. “Now you pay attention, son. This ain’t no laughin’ matter. I’m as serious as a rattlesnake bite. The mornin’ after you meet the woman meant to be yours? You’re gonna wake up with the worst hangover ever. And you won’t have had a thing t’drink. You won’t know what’s hit you but I’m tellin’ ya, y’need to man up, hitch up your jeans and go after that woman like your life depends on it. You get me?”

Deacon was bent over again, wheezing. “Dang, ol’ son. You were what, eleven? Twelve?”

“Yeah. About that. You were fourteen. Too bad that lecture was a year or so late for you. Plus, I heard it again when I turned fourteen.”

Inhaling several deep breaths to calm down, Deke shook his head in fond remembrance, a wry grin twitching the corner of his mouth. “I hate to admit this, Tuck, but I think Dad may have been right.”

“Yeah, right. You do realize that you’re the only Tate brother who’s said the I do’s, right?”

“That’s just because the rest of you are too stubborn to open yourselves to the possibility.”

Tucker snorted. “Yeah, right.”
So what about the rest of you? Have any stubborn characters or stubborn words to share?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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