Wednesday Words: Dance

Today’s #1lineWed theme is **DANCE**. In the 30K words of ASSASSIN’S MOON (part of Susan Stokers Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World), I only have one reference. How sad is that?!? However, it’s a good scene so I’m sharing it here for y’all to enjoy. Our hero, Griffith “Abel” Caine, is in Bangkok to meet a potential “employer.” I’ll let your imaginations do the rest.
Griff had agreed to this face-to-face only because she’d deposited half a million unrefundable dollars in his Cayman account. The money was already transferred through a circuitous route to his holding account at a very old, very prestigious, and very discreet bank in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Well,” the woman purred, lifting one perfectly arched eyebrow in amused approval. “You are everything as advertised.”

Griff set his shoulder against the wall so that the whole restaurant was in front of him. He didn’t acknowledge her obvious come-on. It was a distraction, a way to keep his attention focused on her face and tits—which were all but spilling out of the couture dress. Her ploy didn’t work, not that he was worried about the pistol the woman held in her lap, hidden below the table, which was her whole reason for the subterfuge. “You paid a lot of money to get me here, Ms. Toulouse.”

“Yes, yes I did.” Her faint French accent teased his ear as she offered a frank appraisal of him with her gaze. Holding his attention, she made a show of licking her lips, hinting at things sexier. “I want to hire you, Mr. Abel.”

“I don’t do lap dances.”

Her trilling laughter grated on his nerves but he kept his expression neutral. Arms loose at his sides, he tilted his head her direction but his own gaze had already summed her up and he was more concerned about other operatives she might have stashed in the restaurant.

“That’s too bad. I would wager you give quite the ride.” He didn’t respond and after a strained moment of staring, she cleared her throat. “Sit down.”

Griff didn’t move.

“Playing hard to get?” That brow lifted again, only there was no amusement in the expression. “Fine. I asked for this meeting because I refuse to do business with someone I’ve never seen. You come highly recommended, Mr. Abel, and you appear to measure up to your reputation. You know why I want to hire you. I have already made a second deposit…a finder’s fee, shall we say? Let us discuss the details.”

“No.” Griff didn’t like Veronica Toulouse and he was ready to end the meeting.

“I do not think you understand the situation.” She slipped a hand into a designer bag sitting on the floor next to her chair. Griff tensed, waiting. Then she slid out a large envelope and tucked it under her thigh. “I’ll leave this here. It contains the necessary information.” She picked up her cell phone and tapped out a sequence of letters and numbers on a message app. “And now, your usual down payment has been wired to your business account.”

His phone vibrated in his pocket. He didn’t need to look at the message to know the money was in place—two million dollars. Those who did business in his world did not short the contractors. Doing so was always a fatal mistake.
Be sure to mark August 29th on your calendars. That’s when ASSASSIN’S MOON will go live on Amazon. 🙂

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