Halloween Eve Monday Birthday

So…there was a weekend. For most people. Me? I was putting in 10-12 hour days. Writers under deadline don’t get time off. Except I sort of took some because…grandmother! And The Only and Baseball Boy had a party so Stormageddon came for dinner, play, a little World Series baseball and a story in Jammie’s lap. To sum up my week and weekend…that pretty much says it all.

As I was typing this last night, I couldn’t help but remember events 31 years ago. I was very pregnant with a due date in just over a week. Lawyer Guy and I had gone out to dinner (it was a Wednesday) at Cattlemen’s. We ran into the in-laws and some of their friends. I had chicken-fried steak with cream gravy, baked potato with everything, and the house salad with their signature creamy ranch garlic dressing. I ate every bite. We got home and LG wandered off to do some stuff on the nursery. I got all “nesting instinct” and started cleaning house. My parents would be coming for a stay once the baby came. I was also watching the Flying Karamazov Brothers special on OETA. I’d just run the vacuum and decided to sit down and take a rest when my water broke. Cue the Keystone Cops. 😉 Especially when LG called my OBGYN and discovered he was flying his private plane and would not be meeting at the hospital–his office partner would.

Anyway, at 4:56 a.m. on this day, 31 years ago, my very favorite daughter in the whole world made her entrance. She was tiny and feisty and not at all happy. Today, she is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I’m honored to call her my friend, in addition to being her mother. So…Happy Birthday, Only!

In other, less reminiscent news, I finished THE SOUND OF SILENCE mid-afternoon yesterday. My editor was waiting on the last few chapters so I’m close. Final edits and revisions, formatting and then uploading. It’ll be live on Amazon (or should be) tomorrow. *crosses fingers* Other channels will take a few days, as will the print version. As I’d hoped, the draft was cleaner and tighter than I’d first thought. Roman and Verity kept throwing curve balls into the script and I kept hitting for the fences. We’ll see what y’all have to say when you read the book.

And that segues into sports. The REAL OSU played a nervous (me nervous!) first quarter then settled in and beat West Virginia 50-39. Go Pokes! Next week is Bedlam and the week after is Iowa State. ISU has been giant killers this season taking down OU and this past Saturday, TCU. Both were ranked in the top five when they played unranked IS. I’m really hoping the Cowboys can get past OU and ISU. That would make us sitting pretty for the Big 12 Conference title. The Astros, on the other hand, are hanging on by their fingertips. The Dodgers are really hot and the teams have been trading games, some of them real pitchers’ duels. Since my Cardinals aren’t playing, I was just hoping for some good baseball. It isn’t good. It’s outstanding.

Reading. Haven’t been doing so much, except late at night and then I was listening to audio books. I checked out Alice Hoffman’s THE RULES OF MAGIC from the library. I cried. A lot. There is romance in the book but it is NOT a romance. There is heartbreak and laughter and love and disappointment and…it’s a lyrical story about real life. And it ends with two little girls–Sally and Gillian–arriving on the doorstep of the Owens house in Massachusetts to live with the aunts. Which is where PRACTICAL MAGIC begins. (Psst. PRACTICAL MAGIC was written first, though TROM is a prequel.) I’ve read PRACTICAL MAGIC and I liked the movie better. I also re-listened to SILVER SILENCE, the latest book in Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changling series because BEARS! And they made me laugh. And there was a happy ending. Because…TROM didn’t and…and…I was waiting on library holds. I put three books in a trilogy on hold all at the same time, because they were checked out. I got the 3rd book first. Killing time waiting for the 1st book to drop, I dug out some quick favorites. I also re-listened to SHADE’S LADY, Joanna Wylde’s Reaper novella entry in the 1001 Nights anthology series.

TV has been sports and Live PD. Because…deadlines. And I need to stop typing this, get it set up to go live in the morning and get back to editing. Gonna be a late night. Someone send coffee, okay? After you pour me a cup, you can tell me about your weekend. 😉

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Halloween Eve Monday Birthday

  1. :sets up the IV coffee drip: I’m this close to finishing Early Grave after all that angst and writers block and bleh. I thought I only had the epilogue left, but I think I might have a bit of denouement to throw in there before wrapping this up. Today and tomorrow. Other than that? :shrug:

    I hear last night’s game went looong, so hopefully, it kept you company while you worked.

    Happy Birthday, Only!

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