Wednesday Words: Show Time

Another Wednesday, another #1lineWed excerpt. Last week, 1000 words might be worth 1 picture. This week? SHOW me the money, watch the dog and pony SHOW, so let’s get this SHOW on the road. In case you haven’t figured it out, today’s THEME is **SHOW**. Here’s a snippet from MONTANA MOON, that occurs later in story. There might be a few characters you recognize. The snippet should speak for itself. 🙂

“Shooter?” Hank’s whisper barely stirred the air.

If Tait hadn’t been a Wolf, he might not have heard the other man. He leaned close, his mouth next to Hank’s ear. “If she’s in there, you and Kujo will take Lauren and get the hell out of here.”

Hank jerked away and stared at him. He had no choice. There would be no survivors and he couldn’t pull Hank or Kujo into this world. Wolves were still secret. And Wolves were still as much animal as man. When he and the Wolves hit the compound, it would be brutal and final.

“You’re one of mine, Shooter. I’m not leaving you behind.” Hank was a team leader down to his damn toenails.

“You aren’t. You are getting the target—” and the woman Tait loved beyond all else “—to safety. And you are keeping her that way until I can get back to her.” He glanced over his shoulder. Without his preternatural senses, he wouldn’t have known where the others were hiding.

Michael Lightfoot had his sniper’s nest on the military crest of the next hill—a vantage point where he could see everything. The man was deadly accurate. Mac waited nearby, ready to give the signal. Sean Donaldson had already booby-trapped the wall and several vehicles. At the moment, he was happily building bombs to be planted once they hit the enemy. Then there was Nate Connor. The subject of horrible experiments performed at the hands of Black Root scientists, the former Marine had more reason than any of them to go after the bastards who’d kidnapped Lauren.

In addition to the former SpecOps members, five Nightriders had joined their raiding party. The one called Hardy, short for Hard Ass, had been in the 69th unit with the others, and he’d brought members of the motorcycle club as backup. Gravedigger, Easy, Gunner, and Smoke would have fit right in with a SpecOps unit. They were scary dudes, and deadly as hell.

Tait clamped his hand on Hank’s shoulder. “Please, Montana.” He used Hank’s nickname on the teams for emphasis. “That woman is…I have to stay but I want her safe. I’m trusting you to do that. Yeah?”

Hank stared into his eyes for several long heartbeats. He finally nodded. “Yeah. I get where you’re coming from. If it was Sadie in there…” His voice trailed off. He flashed some hand signals to Kujo, who nodded.

Glancing toward Mac, Tait waited until he had the big Wolf’s attention. He nodded, then added, “It’s show time.”
So what have you got to show for yourselves? Any show words? Any ideas about what’s going to happen next? Have a great hump day!

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Wednesday Words: Show Time

  1. SQUEE! I expect what will happen next is the Wolves opening a whole shipping container worth of whoop-ass on the bad guys. With some harrowing stuff thrown in to make me want to gnash my teeth. Am I close?

    Here’s a totally unpolished snippet from Early Grave…

    “Yeah, yeah. I know. I don’t look like I belong in Homicide.” She cocked her hip to one side and stared at him like he wasn’t actually there, like she was seeing a parade of stereotypical assholes instead. “So, I’m built like a brick shithouse? What about it? I did my time. I spent five years on Vice pretending to be a hooker. I think I’m more useful here, but a lot of people have other ideas. You’re not going to be one of them, I hope.”
    Ned raised his hands in surrender. This chick had a chip on her shoulder and the big bowl of dip to match. “You’ll have no problems with me unless you got me all the way down here for nothing.”
    Her eyes narrowed. “That’s what the others think, and why they bumped this up to you instead of letting me handle it.”
    Holding his hand out, he ushered the both of them deeper into the station. “Why don’t you go over what you’ve got with me and let me be the judge?”
    She reddened and then dropped her hands to her sides. “Sorry about that. It’s just…” Her words fell away.
    “You feel like you have something to prove? I get that. Tell you what, you hold off on judging me and I’ll hold off on judging you until all the evidence is in.” He smiled, but the line between her eyebrows deepened.
    “I don’t need you to tell me how to do my job.”
    Great. A pissing contest in the first ten minutes. He opened his mouth to tell her off but a calmer part of his head prevailed. He nodded and once again encouraged her deeper into the station. She took the hint this time.
    When they reached a conference room, he could tell she’d been preparing for his arrival. Boxes of files were stacked against the walls. A whiteboard was covered in individual information. Papers were neatly arranged on the table, each with multi-colored tabs and highlighted in a rainbow of fluorescent ink.
    “For a gal who doesn’t want me here, you sure laid out the welcome mat.”
    “This isn’t for you. It’s for me, so I can get it all straight in my head.”
    If that’s what she needed to tell herself, he was fine with it. Whatever made this interaction smoother. If this was the serial case she thought it was, then they needed to find some common ground so they could work together.
    “Show me what you’ve got.”

  2. Patricia Wissore says:

    You’ve pulled out the Big Guns for this one!!! (Happydancehappydancehappydance)

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