Any Random Monday

I vote we all do this! Who’s with me?

So, another week and weekend has passed. January is coming to a close. I keep thinking I should have accomplished a lot this month but as I look back, my mind goes blank. Ah well. In a look back at last week, there are a few things that stand out.

First, Lawyer Guy’s old iPhone 5 finally died, for all intents and purposes. He now has an iPhone 8 and during the switchover, he changed up our internet and cell plans, saving us some money each month, plus discovered that U-Verse TV is finally available in our neighborhood! If I had a cheerleader emoji, I would enter it here. I’m too lazy to go look for one. Anyway, I can’t wait for the new TV source, even it means relearning favorite channel numbers.

I did get some words written on MONTANA MOON though mostly snippets under 1K at a time. I need to up the effort. Big time. I also figured out the story line for UNDER THE ASSASSIN’S MOON, which will be my 5th entry in Susan Stoker’s Kindle World. The heroine is a spy agency assassin, the hero a Delta Force guy, and there’s a little Indian girl in Brazil who brings them together. Remember Siri from ASSASSIN’S MOON?

Reading has been a lesson in not much exciting. I had contest books, a new book I’d been eagerly awaiting, and a heretofore un-listened to series by a favorite author. Nothing bad. No DNFs in the bunch but nothing that made me jump up and down to recommend and give 5 stars to. I want something to catch my imagination.

Pitcher/catcher is just around the corner and with the new U-Verse package, I’ll get to watch all the spring training games that the Cardinals televise so yay! I didn’t get last season’s Game of Thrones watched but that’s okay. I can pick it up off Amazon or On Demand when I’m in the mood. Thing is, I haven’t really been in the mood for TV lately. Like my reading, nothing has lit my imagination on fire. Blerg.

I’ve enjoyed teaching the on-line class in magic realism this month. Wednesday is the last day and I’ll miss the research, and the class comments and interaction.

Did I mention that 1099s are coming in? Yeah…depressing. :/ Moving on.

So, goals this week: Clean 1 room. Write 1600 words a day. Try a new recipe (to get us out of an eating rut). Learn how to work the new TV technology. And I think that list just exploded my brain! Maybe I’ll just find a good book and read instead! 😉 What’s on your to-do list?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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4 Responses to Any Random Monday

  1. I have a one-track mind right now. Now, stop that. It’s not THAT track. Would that it were. I’d rather have it be that than editing. But, yeah, it’s editing. And when the editing is through, I have to think marketing. (I can hear the grinding of gears already.)

    Love to burn the to-do list and read all day. Can’t. =o\
    Yay for the new TV provider! I know your old one has been a pain in your buns for a while now. Yay for writing! And Siri! And upcoming baseball!

    Coffee. I have the day off the other job because Mom is hip-deep in other stuff today – unless she needs me for something, then I’ll work. Otherwise, I have today to get EG editor-worthy so I can start on the Blink final edits tomorrow. Nothing else on my plate or my brain until that’s done. Except coffee.

    • Silver James says:

      Lots and LOTS of coffee! I can’t really burn the to-do list either but that’s okay. I need to get some stuff out of the way before the tech guy calls to say he’s on his way. I shouldn’t be so ridiculously excited, especially given that we thought we were getting Direct TV (as a precursor to U-Verse) way back last year and then they said we’d have to chop down a tree so the satellite dish could connect with the satellite. This one should go without a hitch but I’m not doing final erasures of the DVR until the new service is up and running!

      Now grab another cup of coffee and get to work! I want to read your books!!!

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