Wednesday Words: Don’t Gamble Your Life Away

It’s time to take a chance, place your bets, and, if you’re like the hero of my upcoming book, UNDER AN ASSASSIN’S MOON, time to lay down your cards when we spin the wheel and play with #1lineWed’s theme of **GAMBLE**. This book is an August release (good thing I write fast, huh?!?!) in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha series with Aces Press.

I’m getting a late start today. What little writing I did yesterday is in long-hand and I haven’t transcribed it to the computer yet. Plus, I didn’t have a snippet to fit the theme. By the time my traveling, book signing, T-ball, and family dinner was done, I was too pooped to do anything more than feed the critters and flop into bed. Still, it’s #1lineWed so, this morning, I sat down and whipped this out. Totally a first draft, no edits at all, so overlook any goofs. I’m still getting to know Brodie Buchanan and Izeta Cordero and all I know is that this scene takes place sometime after their first kiss.
Zeta did not understand this man, nor could she parse why that made her uncomfortable. He was her target. Period. She assessed him—his too handsome face, his broad shoulders and flat stomach. The man was a warrior. According to his file, he was also a rabid dog who needed to be put down. That’s why she was here. Except. For the first time in years, her curiosity was aroused. She did not understand this man and she couldn’t fathom why she felt the need to do so. Yet she did.

“What are you asking of me?”

That was the question. The time had come for Brodie to lay all his cards on the table. “I’m asking you to trust me.”

Emotion flared in her eyes for nanosecond but her features remained as implacable as her flat voice. “Trust is not a thing I give. To anyone.”

Where was her heat? Her passion? His wolf whined. His animal side did not like this lifeless version of their mate. Brodie had tasted the fire in her response when he kissed her. Now, it was like she’d excised that flame.

“Then maybe it’s time for you to trust someone.”

He and the wolf both watched her, hoping for some crack in the cold veneer. So much of the time her face was a blank canvas but he was learning to read the signs now. She had a few tells and he’d memorized every one of them.

She pondered his statement, weighing the odds—and her feelings. Curiosity again, but something else. She wasn’t used to emotions, definitely didn’t trust them, but there was an…earnestness to Brodie Buchanan. Honor wove through his entire being, lighting him up like the Las Vegas strip.

Brodie waited, watching. It was time to take a gamble. What was the worst she could do? Well…kill him. But she had orders to do that anyway.
FYI, Izeta’s name is pronounced ee-zeh-tah, not EYE-zay-tah. Her past has lots of twists and turns. Brodie, on the other hand, isn’t exactly an open book either. He’s a Wolf on a mission and all I know for sure is that Black Root and a blast from the past will rear some ugly heads.

What about y’all? Any gambling words to share?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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5 Responses to Wednesday Words: Don’t Gamble Your Life Away

  1. Cannot wait!

    Nope, I got nothin’. I’m just going through the motions this morning.

  2. Kimber Michaela says:

    GRRRRR Black Root!!!
    But without them, the Wolves wouldn’t
    Kiss Ass and Take Names.
    Question for you and B.E. do you’ll long hand, then transcribe to the computer or just whip the words on the keyboards.
    Have a great Wednesday =)

    • Silver James says:

      I mostly work on the computer. I only do long hand when a keyboard isn’t available–like in the car, waiting for appointments, or sitting in the heat at a library’s birthday celebration with kids’ games and a gospel singer doing live karaoke and play lists at the top volume of her speakers. 🙂 I think faster than I can write. And I can type 100 WPM when I’m on a roll. Usually, it’s about 50-75 because I’m thinking about word choice, action, emotion, etc. It take me about five minutes to write that many words. 😦

      And yes, there will always be a Black Root because the guys need villians! 😀

    • Thanks for including me, Kimber. I write mostly on the computer, unless I’m stuck. Then I get out the notebook and write longhand until I’m unstuck. If what I wrote is good, I type it into the computer. Sometimes, though, it’s just an exercise to get the juices flowing and it never sees the light of day again.

      Have a great day!

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