Wednesday Words: Working It

A new month and another Wednesday. That means it’s time for #1lineWed. Since Monday was Labor Day here in the States, the good folks at RWA Kiss of Death decided an approprite theme for #1lineWed would be **WORK**. That works for me. 😉 Here’s a little snippet from a Nightrider book several away but when inspiration hits, and all that. I don’t Think I’ve posted this here, though I may have for a #ThursdayThreads flash fiction challenge some time aga. Anyway, Val is a single mom and Rebel is…Rebel.

I finished paying, grabbed the bags and turned to corral my son. Only Maxey wasn’t there. Movement in the parking lot caught my attention. Clutching my bags, I dashed outside. Sunlight bounced off the hot sidewalk and formed shimmering heat waves that danced between Maxy and me. Sweat dampened my armpits and the humid air made it hard to breathe. Maxey stood in the shadow of a man, head tilted up, mouth moving a mile a minute as he jabbered questions. That couldn’t be right. Maxey didn’t talk.

Normally, I would snag him, apologize, and skedaddle.


Today wasn’t normal. Today, CPS had served me with a hearing notice. They wanted to institutionalize Maxey. Thanks to my freaking ex. And today, Maxey didn’t corner some hapless guy to pester. No. He accosted a big, scary biker guy. Wearing a black leather vest. With patches. Standing next to a shiny black Harley. Which had captured Maxy’s attention.

I inhaled. Exhaled. Put on my big girl panties and marched over there. An apology formed on my lips, cut short by my son’s enthusiasm.

“Mom. Mom! Lookit. Motorcycle. Can I ride?”

Those were more words than he normally said in a whole day. A beautiful smile lit his face and my heart lurched in my chest. He didn’t often smile, either. Still, he knew the rules so I schooled my face. I very carefully modulated my voice to hide my fear and frustration, and my hope.

“You ran off, Maxey. You promised you weren’t going to do this anymore.”

“It’s okay.”

I looked up at the sound of the deep voice and the man smiled. My big girl panties melted.

“If you say yes, I’ll take him around the parking lot.” He settled a helmet on Maxey’s head before I could respond, like my approval was a done deal.

How could I say no? “He…” My voice trailed off. How did I explain to a stranger that my son had issues, especially in front of Maxey when I was working so hard to keep him mainstreamed. I cleared my throat, glancing at my boy before meeting the man’s friendly eyes. “Maxey has…he’s…,” I struggled. Before I could explain, Maxey tugged on my skirt and started reeling off facts and figures about the motorcycle. When had he become such an expert? And how? My little boy could be utterly brilliant when something lodged in the twists and turns of his brain. In a loud whisper just loud enough to be heard over his exposition, I blurted, “He’s autistic.”

“And?” Like it was no big deal. “I’ll keep him safe. Promise.”

I believed him.

“I’m Rebel. And I’ll keep you safe, too.”

If only he could.
Do your characters work for a living? Work out? Work up to it? Work hard? Work smart? Don’t work at all? Share any words you have that work this theme. 😉 And I promise, Rebel’s story won’t be too far away. He and Val–and Maxey–keep nudging Iffy.

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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: Working It

  1. Kimber Michaela says:

    Damn, I’m looking forward to their story.
    Happy Wednesday, have a great one.

  2. SQUEE! No pressure or anything… Write it when you have time… Are you done yet? ;o)

    As for work, I have to go back to Rue again. (Right now, Jeni’s still not working.) Here’s anotehr snip from Unequal…

    “Citizen Janitor?” said a stern voice beside her. “Are you ill?”
    Rue was, but not for the reason the nurse thought. She was sick to death of pretending she was the same. She was tired of hiding her light under a bushel, as she’d once read.
    “No, Citizen Nurse.”
    “Then get back to work before someone calls the DOE.”
    The Department of Equalization was too busy to worry about one daydreaming janitor, but Rue couldn’t take the chance that this, combined with her previous infractions, would amount to enough of a reason to become noticeable to the them. She slapped her mop onto the already wet floor, raining pink droplets across the nurse’s shoes.
    “Sorry,” she mumbled, but the woman was already headed off to torment some other person—most likely a patient. She watched the thin figure stride along the hall, focused on something ahead of her and nothing at all.
    After three changes of water and two replaced mop heads, the floor was as clean as it ever was—the white tiles tinged slightly pink, the grout tinged faintly brown. Eventually, the pink would turn brown, too. In Rue’s world, the absence of light wasn’t blackness. It was a dim shade of dingy brown.
    The emergency doors opened several times throughout her cleaning, each time regurgitating another wrecked body into the hospital’s gullet. Each person swallowed whole. Most who came through those doors left through the back. Where they went from there, Rue knew, but she didn’t like to think about. Those who survived the excellent treatment they received, staggered home only to return another day with another malady.
    While she continued to slap her mop on the grimy floor and grind her teeth in utter impotence.

  3. Rise Taylor says:

    Wow! That book’s going to keep me up all night, as usual, when it comes out! (Just like the last two weeks, when , after reading Night Fall, I had to reread the MC books, then all the Moonstruck, and now onward to Hard Target and Special Forces. Can’t put them down til the sun starts shining in the window, no matter how many times I read them… S.J., you are disasterous to my physical health, but have given me a precious book family. In awe of your creativity!!)

    • Silver James says:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      There are not enough hearts to send you, Rise! You've made my whole day. Hell, you've made my whole year! Thank you! *blows many kisses* I’m so glad you love my Wolves. Me, too. And there are more to come. I hope to have another Hard Target book by the end of the year. And Wizard’s story. 🙂 I’ll do my best to stay up as late writing as you do reading. Deal? 😉

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