Super Blood Wolf Moon Monday

So, who stayed up to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon last night? *raises hand* It was pretty cool. Even cooler is the sale I’ve got going on for BLOOD MOON and WOLF MOON. Also, BLOOD MOON is featured on BookDoggy today. CLICK HERE to check it out. When I last checked my rankings, BLOOD MOON had hit the top ten in Kindle Fantasy, War & Military, and Romance. Hopefully, all the free downloads will create sell-throughs on the rest of the series. Time will tell. WOLF MOON has moved up in rankings, and that’s good too. I’ll be interested to see my stats tonight after the ad and feature hit. If you want to grab BLOOD MOON for free, CLICK HERE. You can grab WOLF MOON is on a Kindle Countdown Deal so it’s between .99 and $1.99. By Wednesday, it’ll be back to its regular $2.99. CLICK HERE to buy it.

In other news…

Have I mentioned how much I love LIVE PD? And A&E’s MURDER SQUAD: ATLANTA. I must be in a criminal frame of mind.

That frame of mind seems to be sloshing over into my reading. I’ve done a marathon listen to Lani Lynn Vale’s Uncertain Saints MC series. They’re all law enforcement types who walk the shadowy side of the law. It’s set in Uncertain, Texas–a real place on the Texas/Louisiana line on Caddo Lake. I enjoyed the characters but struggled to get over the somewhat blatant disregard of actual LEO/legal practices. I got all the audio books either through my Audible Romance package (subscription service) or the library. I also got my list of books to read for the RWA RITA award. I’m excited. I’ve already started on the first, but as they’re digital, I can’t read all the way through like I’d prefer.

Sports: Wow. The Saints got beat. And it’s 22 days until Pitcher/Catcher. I care far more about that than the NFL. I’ve only watched the Superbowl for the commercials the past several years.

Writing: Yeah…no.

Weather: It got colder that brass…well, y’all know the old saying…over the weekend. I hauled out the sheepskin ranchers coat. Warm and snuggly. I worry about the feral cats I feed in this weather. I have “houses” for them on the porch, mostly out of the wind, definitely out of the rain, snow, and ice. I feed them on little rugs to help their feet from getting cold. The set hanging around may or maynot be using the shelters. The ones who definitely used them have moved on–death or adoption or just passing through.

So, it’s a new week and I have new goals set. What about y’all?

About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Super Blood Wolf Moon Monday

  1. I didn’t stay up for it, but I did see its effects. It created a weird semi-circle shadow thingie on my bedroom blinds that I noticed when i was supposed to be sleeping. Yay for having a sale and seeing a boost in rankings! I hope you get loads of residual sales and page reads and junk! Yay for reading and for pitchers/catchers reporting soon. Good thoughts for your ferals. They’re hardy little buggers.

    We got the cold/snow, too. Bleh. Hubs is feeding the animals loads of good stuffs to help them through this snap. No writing here either. Not much in the way of goals either. Unless ‘get the hell out of my own way’ is a goal. Today is bill-payin’ day. Urg. Other than that? I haven’t had enough coffee to think that far into the future. ;o)

    • Silver James says:

      Crud. I need to pay some stuff today too. After I move the pay-stuff around. I went out at totality. It was cool but the really good pics are on line. 🙂 My goal today is to do something–anything–that pushes my writing forward. We’ll see how that works. Last night was a rough one for sleep. Typical. Here’s to a more productive week for us all! 🙂

      • Can’t pay bills today. No mail. =o\ I mean, I could write the checks and have them ready to mail tomorrow, but why put myself through that a day early?

        I’d wish you good luck with the writing, but we both know there’s no luck involved. So, here’s to Success! You go, girl.

  2. Go Wolves!!!!!
    With it being a full moon tonight, I will Arrrrroooo! As in howling, I have always done that*shrugs* I think it has to do with me feeling a wolf is my kindred spirit, hence paw print tat on my hip. My mom will be laughing at me above.
    I also feel more energized, so I will do my thing to the beautiful lady in the sky tonight.
    I’m weird, but normal is overrated😊

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