Wednesday Words: Clothes/Clothing

Another Wednesday, another #1lineWed with a wide-open theme. I mean, everyone wears clothes, right? And clothing is often part of a narrative. Unless the characters are nekkid.

Anyway, keeping up with my weekly theme of introducing a Wolf, we click over to the next book in the Nightriders MC series, NIGHT FALL, which is Digger and Shy’s story. Digger was hurt and the Russian forced him to change into his wolf. Who then went crazypants and claimed Shy. Sadly, Digger was pretty much out of things so…GUILT! *bwahaha* Anyway, here’s a little snippet after all that happened. Digger will show up on FB the rest of this week so head on over to check him out.
“I want to see her.” My voice was still raspy and I wasn’t sure I could stand without help but I had to see her. My wolf had to see her. I was so totally fucked but I was too tired to fight the mating any more. I’d been pretty much out of my mind with pain when my wolf took over and charged into that room. I wasn’t sure what he’d done but evidently he’d claimed Shy. How, I didn’t know. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

The Russian’s hand fell away and then he and Hardy hauled me to my feet. It took a long fucking time to walk from the infirmary in the clubhouse, across the courtyard to the Barracks. Thank fuck my room was on the first floor. Domino was there, butt plastered to the dresser that held my big screen. I still growled. He held up both hands before pointing one finger to the bed.

Shy lay in the middle of my king-sized mattress, wearing what better be one of my T-shirts. Her hair was wet and that got a snarl. Then I caught the smell of wet leather and cloth. The clothes she’d been wearing and her boots were in my bathroom, soaked. Still, Hardy had to strip her down to put her in my tee.

“Medic,” Hardy reminded me.

And yeah, he was. He’d treated more than one mate, not that any mated Wolf was down with that shit but whatever. He always treated our women with respect. “Thanks.”

He flashed me a quick grin at how gruff I sounded. He helped me over to the bed and I sank down on the edge. Shy was on her side, one hand tucked under her pallid cheek. Hardy hadn’t removed the band holding her hair in that ponytail. Her other arm curved around her stomach, pale skin mottled with lines and bruises against the stark contrast of my black tee. Fuck. I’d done that to her.

Hardy squeezed my shoulder. “Sit here with her. Domino will go grab you something to eat. Then I want you to change back to wolf.”

I was afraid to touch her. I could smell a trace of the sedative Hardy had dosed her with but I didn’t want to wake her. Domino shuffled out then returned a few minutes later with a couple of half-pounder burgers. I scarfed them down, drank a liter of water, stripped out of the gym shorts I wore, and shifted. Someone had dragged in a huge dog bed. My wolf ignored it, climbing very carefully onto the bed and after turning around three times, we settled at Shy’s back, chin resting on her hip.
If you haven’t read the book and are interested, click on the book cover over there on the right. You can still read it free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription but I’m probably going to take them wide sooner than later. (Like in two days…but if you download it before it comes of KDP Unlimited, you can still read free.) Writers, do you have any dressed-up words to share? Readers, do you think I should take the Nightrider books wide? That means iBooks, Kobo, B&N, etc.


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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3 Responses to Wednesday Words: Clothes/Clothing

  1. I love this book like damn and whoa. I think you should do whatever you think is best. Personally, I don’t have any luck when I go wide, but that’s me. Then again, I haven’t tried it in years, so things could’ve changed. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Here’s a bit from Ugly and the Beast that fits the theme:

    “Where was your birthday party, Josh?” The question came out of my mouth slathered in the guilt of every birthday I’d missed. He didn’t know I hadn’t attended because his father was a buttwart. He only knew I hadn’t been to any of them. Or any Christmases, Easters, Thanksgivings… I sucked in a shaky breath. “I’m sorry I missed it.”
    “That’s okay, Aunt Jeni. You’re a big, important person. That’s what Mama always said.”
    I didn’t want to ask what Daddy always said. I don’t think a kid that young should be encouraged to use bad language.
    “Hey! I saw you on the way to the party!” Joshy clapped his hands. “I didn’t remember until now. Daddy said a bad word and I looked up and there you were.”
    I blinked like a f–g moron. I couldn’t figure out how my brother had driven past me and I hadn’t even noticed him. Then I felt like a f–g moron when I realized they hadn’t seen me. They’d seen one of my billboards.
    “Was I wearing a pretty, red dress, Joshy? Or was my hair all poofy?”
    Joshy giggled. “You didn’t have any clothes on. And your hair was real long and straight.”
    “With lots of makeup?”
    He nodded hard.
    It must’ve been the ad I did for that cosmetics line. They’d photographed me in a tiny tube top and then cropped it so I appeared to be naked. They hadn’t wanted anything to distract from the makeup, I guess.
    “You posed nude, Jennifer?”
    Trust my father to walk in at exactly the wrong moment. “I had clothes on, Dad. They were below the cut of the photo. Bare shoulders and collar bone. Trust me. I do not pose naked.”
    He looked doubtful, but that was his problem. I had other things to worry about. Like where they’d put those particular billboards on the way out of the city. Something to point us in the right direction at least.

    • Silver James says:

      I ❤ Jen! And I'm going to love this book! And yeah…I'm going to take them wide but I think in 90 days. I've been procrastinating and haven't gotten all the books revised for wide distribution, and I'd have to pull the trigger today or tomorrow to take them of KU. So…letting them roll over will give me 90 days to get everything ready for the roll out and I can have them uploaded to D2D with a release date that's the day after KU runs out. Time just keeps slipping away from me. *blerg*

  2. I have to tell you I look so forward to your Wednesday Word snippet 😊
    Somehow this one slipped past* hanging head* so I just clicked the buy button and it will on my Tablet to download.
    Full Moon last night– yeap I did Arrrrroooo!
    Have a great day Ladies!!

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