Friday Free-for-all: WTF Edition

Sometimes, the world breaks my brain. And not always in a good way. Here are some things that caught my attention recently. For the stories that need far more detail than I can put into words, my comment is a link so just click to get the “rest of the story.”

A mother forgets her infant at the airport? Seriously?!?! How do your forget your baby?!?!

This next one hits close to home–geographically, anyway. A mother is upset because her 14 year-old son was shot in the leg by a police officer. “He was trying to kill my baby.” Yeah, if he’d been trying to kill your kid, he would have aimed for the torso. I mean, the kid was holding a gun and was told repeatedly to drop it. “He and his friends were just playing basketball, and besides, it was only a BB gun.” If they were just playing B-ball, why did they have guns–of any kind? Uhm…alrighty then. Of course, the boy and his friends had broken into a vacant house. “Well, it was raining. They just wanted to get in out of the weather.” By breaking into a house…

Best lines from LIVE PD:

Stoned driver who rear-ends a police car because he’s rolling a joint, and is arrested: “Can I ride shotgun?”

I’m thinking there was a bet involved on sneaking that word into the conversation… LT. Kennedy, Williamson County, Texas after “sneaking” up on a motorcist. “Yes, I’m like a stealthy Velociraptor…”

Slidell, LA officer (K9 Officer Morris, I think) checking out the report of a drunk male walking down a street. “I am not drunk.” Cop says, “I watched you running like a baby deer.” Also, drunk male, “Why are you arresting me.” Cop, “For public intoxication.” “But I’m not drunk in public.”

Franklin County, Ohio: Deputy to man arrested on a warrant: “You’ll be spending the night in the Sheriff’s Air BNB.

Critter/Celebrity look-alikes that will make you blink, then look twice. Seriously!

And finally, If you have some time to kill or looking to procrastinate…do you remember that whole police lip sync challenge? Well, CBS picked 30 of their favorites and have asked viewers to vote on their favorites. CLICK HERE to check out the videos and vote. 😉


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2 Responses to Friday Free-for-all: WTF Edition

  1. Good Live PD lines! I should probably try writing some down while I’m watching, but meh. Saw a funny cop meme the other day, though. Gal in a car saying “Do you know who my father is?” and the officer saying “No. Do you?”

    Yeah, the world breaks my brain on a regular basis. This morning has been bad. A lot of ‘wait, what???’ and ‘seriously?’. How could people possibly be so stupid? Don’t get me started. I’ll call Mom later and we’ll dish about it, climb on our soapboxes and beat the dead horses until both of us feel better. Recognizing, of course, that there’s not a damn thing either of us can do about any of it.

    I probably need to disconnect from the interwebz for a while, but I won’t because it’ll all still be there when I get back but then I’ll have all the stuff I missed to contend with, too. Blerg.

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