Wednesday Words: World View

Wednesday, huh? It’s a good thing I keep a schedule on this blog. I’d be lost otherwise. Even so, I’m usually stumbling around trying to figure out just what day it is. So, over on Twitter, the theme is World or Earth. I probably have a passage including the word “world” somewhere but I’m writing about Wolves at the moment and we all know where they stand when one of theirs is threatened. This is a snippet originally from ROGUE MOON but is being expanded for MOONSTRUCK: BETRAYAL. Rudy, Isabelle, and the Wolves are about to make an earth-shaking discovery and then our favorite Command Sergeant Major sums it all up… 😉
Rudy stepped forward. “Who killed Isabelle’s father?”

Antoine watched him while silence hung heavy like morning fog between them. His voice sounded rusty when he finally spoke. “A man named Joseph Smith.” He glanced at Isabelle and his expression softened. “He is no more.”

“You killed him?” Rudy’s hands fisted at his side as he fought down his wolf.

“I did.”

“Good.” The tightness in Rudy’s chest lessened and he relaxed his hands.

The Wolves exchanged looks before Mac asked. “Any relation to John Smith?”

Antoine huffed out a reply. “Yes.”

“Joseph spawned John.” Camille spit out the words. “They killed my son. They killed my mate. Now they want to kill my Isabelle.”

Izzy’s gasp went unheeded. Sick to her stomach, she hugged her middle to stay calm. Nothing made sense. Her uncle was like Rudy? Her employer was a killer? Her parents had been murdered? That night left nightmares in its wake but she remembered a car wreck. Could she trust her memories? Horrified, she watched the men gathered around her grandmother, and could breathe again as Rudy spoke.

“I won’t let that happen.” Rudy’s quiet assertion sliced through the rising anger like a laser.

Sean all but chortled as he made a mental list of the items he wanted to retrieve from the vehicles they’d hidden in the bayou.

Lightfoot exchanged a look with Nate and they mouthed a silent “Nevada” at each other.

“Scorched earth.” Mac didn’t waste words. “We end Black Root here and now.

“Yeah. That.” Sean bounced on his toes, looking as excited as a puppy chewing his first piece of bacon.

Antoine paused to give his mother a kiss on the cheek then joined the Wolves. “I would be a part of this. The evil must be stopped.”

Before the Wolves could reject his offer, Rudy spoke up. “Antoine will know the bayous even better than I do. I have only hunted them a year. He has done so his entire life.”

Mac sized up Antoine and liked what he saw. Though built slightly leaner than most Wolves, he was well-muscled. His green eyes met Mac’s gaze unflinching. This was a man to be reckoned with—a man who made a good friend and a worse enemy. He extended his hand to Antoine. “Welcome aboard.”
There is is. It’s mostly in original form but there are changes I want to make. Additions. That sort of thing. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Writers, got any earth shaking or world famous words to share? Readers, do you like down-to-earth characters or out-of-this-world ones?


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2 Responses to Wednesday Words: World View

  1. OooOoo! and SQUEE! I want to see them kick Black Root ass and end them once and for all. Gimme gimme.

    I can’t find anything I want to share this morning. =o\ But I’ve got Ugly on the brain and you’ve read it all anyway.

    • Silver James says:

      Like you haven’t read all of mine? LOLOL And yeah, eventually, I’ll need to find a new “bad guy” to unit all the various groups of Wolves so they CAN finally kick Black Roots corporate ass. 😉

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