Memorial Monday

It’s Memorial Day. Considering the crazysauce that is most people’s life these days, celebrations will be small. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Memorial Day isn’at about sales or cookouts or hanging at the beach. It’s about remembering and honoring the men and women of the military who made the supreme sacrifice for the rest of us so we could go to sales and have cookouts and hang out on the beach…or the lake. Or wherever. It feels a little weird because normally Lawyer Guy and the rest of veterans at his American Legion post would be out and about, handing out paper poppies and talking to kids who are curious. Not this year. No way would we risk a treasure like our 90+ year old WWII Navy veteran who served on the USS Enterprise. Anyway, take a moment today and send up a prayer or a thanks to those who made it possible for us to celebrate today. Also, I hope that someone in your neighborhood saw the CBS story on “Taps” Across America. At 3 p.m. today, buglers and trumpeters will step outside and play “Taps.” Step outside and listen, if you can. Put a hand over your heart and offer a moment of silence in respect.

Okay. Enough teary eyes because “Taps” always does that do me. There was a week and a weekend. And maybe light at the end of the tunnel.

First the not-too-important but their performances made me smile so it’s worth noting. Last Wednesday was the finale for The Masked Singer. The final three, after amazing performances, were revealed. Kandi Burris, the Night Angel, won. She was on Housewives of Atlanta, owns a restaurant chain, writes songs, and is basically multi-talented to the point I’m jealous. 😉 Runner-up was the Turtle, Jesse McCartney. He started his career on All My Children, sang with the boy band, Dream Street, and did/does cartoon voiceovers for various super heroes and the Chipmunks. The dude can sing! Coming in 3rd, and I’m sure it was a very close race, was the Frog, who turned out to be Bow Wow. Yes, that Bow Wow. He’s an amazing performer, rapper, and dancer. I totally want his moves! Anyway, it was a fun season. Can’t wait to see who participates this fall. In other TV news, Live PD is back to three hours and they’ve announced that they will be back “live” on June 5, with their 300th episode airing June 6. I’m guessing this means they will be back in the studio, rather than remote broadcasting from home.

Last week was slow in the reading/listening department–only 2 books. That’s okay. I actually worked. MOONSTRUCK: BETRAYAL is in the final stages of editing and formatting. As of the writing of this (on Sunday), no cover yet but hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll have it in my files. Anyway, very soon now on a release. I may even generate the energy to do some teases with graphics. We’ll see. 😆

We got outside Saturday. Kid soccer! Yayay! Stormy was very happy to be out with his friends. Sort of. Only 3 members of his team showed up. Two other teams also had 1 and 2 respectively show, so they formed a team to take on the highly organized and practiced team from a local private school. That team was 8U. Stormy’s team had a 5 year-old, two 6 year-olds, two 7 year-olds, and an 8 year-old. A little one-sided on the scoring but the kids had fun and Stormy looked awesome. He’s also gotten faster when he runs. In other sports’ news, rumor has it that MLB will be back around the 4th of July. HUGE yay!

And that’s about all the news fit to print. How many newspapers are still IN print these days? Anyway, what’s going on in your worlds? New week, people. New possibilities! Let’s use them. 😀


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2 Responses to Memorial Monday

  1. Yay for Stormy getting to play soccer again! Yay for being in the final stages for your book! Yay for having fun with your Masked Singer show! And for Live PD going back to normal soon!

    I’m sorry LG won’t be able to hand out poppies this year. Definitely don’t need those veterans exposed to this. Thank him again for his service for me, will you? Living out in the sticks like we do, I’m pretty sure I won’t be hearing Taps, but it’s a nice thought. I hope you have a quiet and enjoyable day today. :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      Dealing with some shoulder issues today which meant a restless night so I’m hoping for a nap after I discover if I have any talented neighbors. Crossing fingers. I’ll pass your thanks along when he wakes up. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone went out on a boat and played in the middle of the lake? How hauntingly beautiful would that sound? I totally agree on risking our treasures!

      Enjoy your day in the sticks. Sometimes, I envy you. 😉

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