Wednesday Words: Friends

Well now. It’s Wednesdeay again and time for more words. I have some. Yay! Today’s theme is FRIENDS. I was not a fan of the show but when you have friends in low places, it’s all good. Today’s very rough, first draft offering comes from Wiz’s POV. The road to a HEA between he and Geneva is not very smooth. There’s him. And her. And all their issues. And then there’s all the MC stuff going down. Luckily, the old ladies are looking after Gen. I think you might be able to figure out what’s going on…
I pushed the kitchen door open and it slammed against the wall. I wasn’t pissed. Much. The noise in the clubroom behind me didn’t cover up the door’s bang. The two women standing next to the stove stared at me, wide-eyed and pretending innocence. Inhaling deeply, I let my wolf’s senses sort through the various scents permeating the room.

“Oh, hi, Wiz.” Sam wiggled fingers in a gesture to match her voice. Easy’s old lady thought she was pulling one over on me. She cut her eyes to Shy, Gravedigger’s mate. She just rolled her eyes and glowered. Shy had been an MP in the Army. She didn’t put up with bullshit.

I sniffed again. There it was. A faint whiff of peaches, overridden by fake fresh air. I noticed the can of air freshener that Shy hadn’t quite managed to nudge behind her. Gen. She’d been here. And since these two were doing their best to cover that up, Gen had been standing in this kitchen recently. Fuck.

“Where is she?”

The old ladies exchanged looks again. Shy hooked her thumbs in her jeans and Sam crossed her arms over her chest.
“She who?”

“Don’t fuck with me, Sam.”

“You might be a bastard, Wizard, but Gen is still our friend so screw you.” Shy’s gaze narrowed and fuck if I didn’t actually see the light bulb go off in her eyes. “Wait. What’s really going on?”

“Club business.” The cold voice whipped through the room and we all jumped. Even me. I’d been so intent on the old ladies, the club prez had managed to sneak up even on me. That said, thank fuck for the Russian. Nobody argued with him.

Shy and Sam glowered at him. The Russian was covered in Teflon so their shit bounced off him and hit me. I jumped in before Russki did. “There is no Gen. Not on club property. She and me? We’re done. You wanna keep her—” I made my voice sound like I didn’t give a shit. “Go for it. But not around me or any of the other brothers.”

Sam’s eyes widened. “What are you saying, Wiz?”

“Speakin’ English here, Sam. Do I need to get Easy to explain the facts of club life to you? Again?”

Little bitch shot me the finger, not that I could blame her. One more look passed between the two of them and then they pushed past me—or tried, anyway. I didn’t move so Sam gave me a shove. I was laughing at her when Shy’s fist caught me in the jaw. Damn but that woman knew how to throw a punch.

“That’s for being a total prick.” Shy stared at the Russian. His expression never changed. “And someday, you cold-hearted bastard, you’ll get a taste of your own medicine and I’m gonna laugh at your sorry ass.”

Then they were gone, punching through the swinging door so that it slammed against the clubroom wall. The noise out there dwindled to silence and moments later, Gravedigger and Easy were standing framed in the door.

“What the hell, Wiz?” Easy grumbled. Digger just growled.

“Fuck off. All y’all.”

I went out the back door. My bike was parked by the Barracks. At the moment, I only wanted the freedom of the open road.


Not even the Russian could stop me. Not this time.

“Cover him.”

I ignored that order too, kick-starting my Harley, settling onto the seat and roaring off toward the front gate. Motherfucker better be open or I’d be ramming straight through it.
Yeah, I’d say Wiz is not in a good mood. That’s what happens when club business gets in the way of claiming a mate. 😉 What about y’all? Writers, any friendly words to share? Readers, which characters would you like to be friends with?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Wednesday Words: Friends

  1. Argh. I totally need to know what happened and what’s going to happen and you’re killing me, just so you know. =op

    Here’s a bit from Cinder Ugly… Also first drafty…

    The hallway seemed a lot longer than I would’ve guessed would fit in this apartment. Or in this building for that matter. And it seemed way bigger than anyone could afford on a policeman’s salary. Even a police detective’s salary. Then I did what Kazimir had once instructed me to do. I opened myself to sensing the magic of others.
    Either Surrell had a chainsmoking roommate or someone had set off a magic bomb in the place.
    “I thought you said you couldn’t do magic.”
    “I can’t,” he said as we passed an alcove into the biggest kitchen a bachelor cop would never use and stepped into the mancave of any knuckle-dragger’s dreams.
    “Then what do you call this? It sure as hell isn’t on the lease.”
    “It’s called favors from friends who are otherwise unable to show their appreciation.”
    I blinked a few times. I’d heard of cops being on the take, doing favors for cash and prizes like looking the other way when crimes were being committed. I wasn’t an idiot. But I had assumed my detective was one of the good ones.
    He left out a heavy huff and I caught him staring a hole in my forehead. “Not favors like that. I don’t ask for anything and I don’t expect anything. And I’d do my damn job even I was living in the one-bedroom shithole this place is supposed to be. One day, after I tracked down the thief who stole a witch’s familiar and got the raven back to her unharmed, I came home to find a larger apartment. Another time, I put a rogue warlock behind bars for unlawfully casting spells for normals, and I came home to a new kitchen. Every day, my fridge is stocked. Every weekend, my laundry is suddenly cleaned.”
    “Someone needs to get a better ironing spell,” I said, looking at his suit coat.
    “I’m usually wearing this when the magic occurs. I’m never home. I never see who’s doing it. And I never ask for it.”
    “So why don’t they replace the hunk of crap you drive?”
    “I expect because then someone else would see and then they’d make the same assumption you made and a whole rain of shit would come down on me like nobody’s business. And that’s what it is. Nobody’s business.”

    • Silver James says:

      Right back at’cha! I do like Surrell. I hope he stays a good guy. With you, I never know. LOLOL

      I’m still making progress so this puppy will come sooner than later. Babysitting has put a bit of a crimp in my alone time, but I’m making progress. 3K so far this week. 🙂 And you too! 😀

  2. Friend: The Russian because no body will take shit from him.
    But the old ladies are in a pack all there own
    and have teeth and claws and won’t take any sass.
    Its like having Mac and Sean( so he can blew up stuff) 😉.
    But Hannah and the other ladies, the might be a bit nervous.
    When are we gonna get some cooler temps.
    Happy.Hump. Day

    • Silver James says:

      We got spoiled because we had highs in the 80s last week. This week? Yeah…hot and humid with heat indexes back above 100. Blerg. And yeah, the brotherhood needs to realize the sisterhood is NOT to be messed with. 😉

      And you just gave me an idea for a scene! Whoohoo! Thanks! Hope all is good with you?

  3. Kathy Baker says:

    I would love to see the Russian have a mate! That would certainly be the cherry on top!

    • Silver James says:

      Oh, he has one out there, trust me. 😉 I work on the Russian’s book from time to time as inspiration hits. Their road to an HEA is even rockier than Gen and Wizard’s is turning out to be. It’ll be worth the ride though! 😀

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