Mundane Monday

It’s the last Monday of September. I’m ready for a new month and the change of seasons that comes with October. I think I’m afflicted with the last-of-the-summer doldrums.

In other news, I still have a couple of days before I hit my self-imposed deadline. I’ve made good headway with NIGHT WISH but it’s not quite there yet. I lot of the snippets that popped up along the way have been moved to a “maybe” file. I’ll change the names and fit them into other books. A lot of times, as I do flash fiction snippets that seem to fit, when I start putting the puzzle together, they turn out to be extra pieces because the story turned a different direction. S’all good. Still, this is going to be a longer book and I’m not sure why or if it should be. I guess I should just get it finished and edited, deciding during that final process. Anyway, I need to get it done because I have a hard November 30 deadline for FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE.

I played “good mom” Saturday and loaned Drover (my Highlander) to Only. She was doing several photo shoots in a park and needed a vehicle large enough to haul a love seat. Their Jeep was gettting desperately needed mechanical work done and that sofa was NOT going in her Mustang. 🙄 It was fine. Made me stay home and write most of the day so there’s that.

“The Masked Singer” is back. I’m still fascinated by the costumes and amazed that anyone can sing while wearing them. I have no clue who anyone is and that’s part of the fun, because the clues that are given? Yeah, I’m just not that much into pop culture. The only reason I guessed Barry Zito last year is because he plays baseball. 😜

Speaking of baseball, yesterday was the last day of the regular season. My Cards won yesterday, negating a double-header in Detroit. They’re going to the playoffs! YAYAYAYAY! This is a weird baseball season with an even weirder playoff bracket but hey! Baseball isn’t over for me yet. That’s always a plus.

In sad news, Smidgen crossed the rainbow bridge late Saturday night. We heard growling and snarling and ran out. Smudge was up a tree and a stray had Smidgen cornered. We got the dog away and I gathered up Smidge in a towel. He was snarly and bitey and seemed to be able to move his back legs and such and there was no blood, though there was wet fur. I made the decision to put him in the cat carrier and see how he was this morning. I had hopes that he was just still scared and in shock, hence not trying to get away. Sadly, when I got up this morning, he’d passed, likely from internal injuries. Smudge was gone from the tree but I didn’t see him this morning when the “cauldron” came over to eat. Tis the life of ferals, I guess. Still hurts my heart. I’d domesticate and bring them all inside if I could. LG and the dogs, and even Loki, might not be so happy, but hey!

What am I forgetting? Oh, yeah. Reading. Or listening. Still doing the In Death marathon with nothing new breaking the pattern. I’m currently on #34, CELEBRITY IN DEATH. It’s got some crazysauce going on. Let’s see if I can sum it up: Nadine Furst, ace reporter and friend, wrote a book about a double honmicide case that Dallas and Peabody caught, that evolved into human cloning and totally weird stuff. The victims were father and son doctors. The book won a Pulitzer and is picked up by Hollywood. The actress playing Peabody is murdered at a dinner party in the director’s house, said party attended by the actors and their civilian/cop counterparts. Everyone is all freaked out because the actress LOOKS like Peabody. Anyway, it’s not your usual who-done-it.

And I think that’s it for my week and weekend. I’ve got writing to do and since my Wallyword trip was made yesterday morning, I’m good to work all day. I have coffee. I have characters fussing at me. I have a dog under my deak playing havoc with my posture and a cat in the window studiously watching the bird feeder for action. You know, the mundane’s not all that bad. How was your weekend?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Mundane Monday

  1. Oh, no. Poor Smidgen. :hugs: I know it’s hard when something we’ve cared for and about – even if it’s a wild thing – passes over. :hugs:

    Yay for your writing headway! And for your Cards! And for having good things to read and watch! You’re a good mom to let Only borrow your car. Go, you! I hope you have an awesome day today.

    The weekend here was quiet. As usual. I spent most of it being a toad. Then yesterday, I kicked my own butt and got to work – giving myself edit brain in the process. Three more pages of notes left to go before I send this to the Kindle for what I hope will be a final pass of notes. Too bad I didn’t sleep good last night and woke up feeling like I should stay under my rock today, if only to protect the world from my attitude.

    • Silver James says:

      Coffee. It helps. LOL Also, glad I got the bed linens changed yesterday. The front blew through and dropped us from 82 to 61. It was nice. And we kept a few of the windows open to cool off the house and my winter comforter was nice and snuggly this morning.

      And yeah, I’m sad about Smidgen. But at least I don’t have to wonder. I still don’t know what became of the goblin cat. 😦

      Anyway, life. It gives and takes. Sort of like inspiration. And editing. Cheers to us both to get done!

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