So it’s Monday again. And WordPress has decided to be a pain in my ass. Y’all? If ain’t broke don’t freakin’ fix it!!! I’ve used the plain ol’ WordPress HTML editor for freakin’ years!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t have to learn massive amounts of code. I learned what I needed to produce the “finished product” I wanted to show to my readers. And now? Not enough coffee or four letter words in the Universe to express my utter dislike of this so-called special-snowflake new and simplified method. It SUCKS! And doesn’t do what I need or want it to do. Sadly, Blogger doesn’t work for me either. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Freaking Monday. In-line image my ass. Oh, and previewing? Yeah, that doesn’t happen UNTIL you save the freaking post. Moving on before my blood pressure explodes.

Sadly, my Cards are done for the year. They lost this weekend to the Padres, on the saqme day that Cardinal great Lou Brock lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Brock was a hellava man and ballplayer. He is mourned and missed. Baseball isn’t over yet and I’ll tune in to check on the division races and the World Series because that’s tradition.

In the “It’s a Small World” category, Lawyer Guy and I did siren test on Saturday and met Only, Baseball Boy, and Stormageddon for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurante. Three people were seated at the table next to ours–grandparents and a granddaughter. They recognized Jake. Turns out, they were the third family to return him to the rescue group. THANK ALL THE FURREVER HOME GODS! They were the ones who crated him. The final straw was when he messed up their venetian blinds when they left him. The woman claimed that they’d owned and showed Newfoundlands. Yeah…okay. Maybe. But they knew f*ck-all about dog psychology. What’s sad? Jake recognized them too and spent lunch restless and needing attention from us until they left. I think he thought we might be giving him back to them. Not happening! EVER! Jake is here to stay. He spend a lot of time on the bed wtih me that night looking for reassurance and I cancelled my trip to Wallyworld on Sunday because I worried what he’d think in the car. Anyway, he’s ours.

In TV news, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that The Masked Singer is back on with the new season. The costumes are wild this time around. The first to be eliminated was the dragon. He was awesome! And was Busta Rhymes. It fit. Last week, it was a total charlie foxtrot, in a way. The group went through their songs–all of them outstanding, until the last contestant, the Gremlin. Who was totally cute in costume. And he did okay. So then, the judges are making picks and Jenny McCarthy comes up with this crazy pick–Mickey Rourke. At which time, the Gremlin started pulling his head (mask) off. Crazysauce! And it turns it, it was Mickey Rourke. Who either didn’t understand the rules, was a little high, or was just tired of being hot in the costume. Anyway, that was the elimination for the round so everyone else was safe. I’m totally serious about the crazysauce!

Reading/listening remains focused on my marathon of the In Death books by JD Robb. I managed to skip the novella after NEW YORK TO DALLAS so I went back and picked it up and now I’m back on track with #37, THANKLESS IN DEATH. 

I did some writing last week. Once again, I had to look for different headspace on NIGHT WISH. It’s over 60K words and a lot of what I wrote earlier don’t really fit the direction it’s going. Which is okay. Any scenes I cut got back into the “stew pot” and can be rewritten for another book. I’d really hoped to make serious progress over the weeknd but life happened, as it does. However, I did also get the opening to FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE done and I’m liking it. I think JUSTICE will mostly write itself. Crossing fingers on that. I have the big climatic scene in my head. Opening and closing is not a bad place to be.

In social media news, y’all are well aware that I’m not a big fan of FB. And I haven’t been on Instagram in months and months because my phone is not my social media friend and trying to get to Instagram on my desktop has been a hassle. You may or may not be aware that FB bought IG and now has released a “business suite” that, since I have a “professional” page, I can use to post to both FB and IG, with the same post or individually. So, I’m at least posting a bit more on IG. Anyway…

 That’s it for me today. I’ve got to hit Wallyworld. Eggs and munchy bone treats for doggos wait for no woman. Hopefully, that’s were I am as you read this so I can come home, get to work and get NIGHT WISH closer to The End. JUSTICE is a has-to-be-turned-in by November 30 and I don’t want to stall releasing WISH any longer than I have already. So, work day for me. What about y’all? What kind of day are you planning?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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      I sort of found the “Classic” editor but I can’t always remember where it is I found it so I can make the block “classic.” So glad I’m not the only one and thanks for dropping by!

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