Wednesday Words: Wearin’ o’the Green

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! It doesn’t matter if you’re green with envy or if the green-eyed monster has reared its ugly head. It’s not easy being green even if you have a green thumb. Is Green Day a favorite band? If the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Have you guessed the #1lineWed theme for today? I didn’t pick it but I’ll admit it’s fitting. So…today’s first draft snippet–which means ignore typos and rough usage–happens early in the story. Sade and Sinjen have been apart for awhile and he’s come to Washington DC on a something of a surprise trip, though he did alert her he was coming. He’s picking her up at FBI HQ.
Sade stared at the notes she’d made on this case. She’d made phone calls. She’d even emailed a few people. No one knew where Nikos was currently. Oddly, she was able to confirm that Stavros and Xan, the Drakon’s second and third, were at the royal residence outside of Athens. That was a puzzle. Other than the time Stavros had been banned, those two were glued to Nikos’s side. But no one could—or would—account for Nikos’s whereabouts.

Her phone buzzed and she picked it up. “Marquis.”

“Got a visitor down at security, Agent Marquis.”

“Thanks. Tell him I’ll be down in a few.”

She stretched and glanced at the time on her phone. 9:00 p.m. Sinjen had made good time. The flight from Chicago usually took close to two hours and he wouldn’t have been able to leave until sundown. Nervous, she shut down her office. This time, she took the elevator.

When the doors opened down in the lobby, the security guards pretended they weren’t a little intimidated by Mr. Tall, Dark and Fangy. The two males, anyway. The female? She was doing her level best to throw herself at Sinjen, all but forcing her neck to his mouth.

Sinjen, as usual, ignored the woman. His eyes were fixed on the elevator doors as they opened and Sade walked out. She always took his breath away, seeing her like this, striding with such confidence across a floor, coming to him. He remembered, as he always did, the first moment he’d seen her, in the subbasement of the Cook County Detention Facility in Chicago. That magnificent hair. Those bottle-green eyes. The beauty mark near her mouth that punctuated every movement of her lips.

She stopped in front of him. Tall enough her eyes were almost level with his. He breathed her in and watched her eyes soften as they searched his face. He never knew what she was looking for but always knew the moment she’d found it. Her mouth softened, her eyes took on a subtle emerald glow.

He didn’t touch. Didn’t kiss her. No matter how much he wanted to. Instead, he whispered, “Hello, Lady Sade.”
There it is. And yeah, I’m a little green with envy because Sinjen has always been one of my favorite heroes. There’s just something about him that gets me right in the feels. 😉 So, writers, have an green words to share? Readers, are you jealous of any characters in the books you read?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Wednesday Words: Wearin’ o’the Green

  1. Gimme gimme gimme. :makes grabby hands: Ahem, the book…. not the vampire.

    I haven’t been jealous of any characters lately, but I did get a little jealous of a writer recently. So much awesome in his writing. Made me want to sit down and rewrite everything again. =o\

    Anyway, here’s my bit of green in a snippet…

    Across the diner, I heard a shout, a gasp, and the tinkling shatter of several plates breaking. From the tenor of the voice, the shout was Gerry, which meant the gasp had to have been his wife. Looking in their direction, I saw a young man trying to gather up shards of plates and glasses into a gray plastic tub. Zach the busboy, no doubt, had run afoul of Gerry’s bad temper.
    Shortly, Bill walked through the diner to the scene. A hush fell throughout the place, as though the cold hand of death was descending on them all.
    “Gerard Aston Hughes! I’ve told you before if you cannot behave in a gentlemanly fashion in my place, you aren’t welcome here.” Bill pointed toward the door. “And I’ll be sending you a bill for the damages.”
    “Your employee dropped that tub all on his own.”
    Zach turned a sick shade of green.
    “Zach did no such thing, Pops,” said Fran. “He asked if the table was ready to be bussed and Lexi told him it was, but when he started to clear the plates, Gerry decided he wasn’t quite finished with his meal and threw a fit, calling Zach all sorts of nasty names.”
    Fran drew a hateful look from Gerry, but she didn’t wilt a bit. Good for you, Franny, I thought, adding to myself she earned a bigger tip than she’d ever seen in her life. If only to make up for the one she was sure to not be getting from Gerry Hughes.
    “Apologize,” Bill said.
    “I will not.”
    “Apologize or by morning everyone in this town will hear about what ungracious, ill-tempered bully you were tonight.”

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