Memorial Day Monday

Soldier silhouette, american flag and grave stones.Here in the States, it’s Memorial Day. Way back when, it was called Decoration Day and it was a time for families to decorate the graves of and commorate the memories of loved ones lost in the line of duty in the military. It’s a time to remember all those who made the supreme sacrifice so we can keep the hard-won rights we enjoy thanks to our Constitution. I try very hard not to get political in public but given the current state of affairs, my tongue is bloody more often than not.

Interesting conversation overheard:

Person (upon seeing a soldier in uniform): Oh, hey! It’s Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for your service! (Person walks off looking self-satisfied for “doing his duty” and complimenting an active duty soldier.

Soldier (calling after the dude): Memorial Day has nothing to do with my service and everything to do with remembering my brothers and sisters in arms who died serving this country.

Yeah. Pretty much sums it up.

In other news, I think I’m on my final pass of edits. Last weeks was a totla Charlie Foxtrot when it came to technological stuffs. My Word program glitched which made it look like my printer had glitched and I wasterd several days diagnosing the problem, wanting things right when I got edits back. My editor normally works off a hard copy but had to settle for working on-line because I couldn’t print. Anyway, the problem magically fixed itself, printing wise. I’ve discovered that all the typo fixes I’d made previously didn’t save. Yippee. Not. And yes, it has made the process longer. Still GHSOTS & THE ANCIENT STONES should be uploaded later this week.

Softball was crazy this weekend. Super-regionals were just that. OU swept Washington, run-ruling them in the second game. Yeah…really. (Psst. Washington was ranked as the 16th seed and they got twisted up by the “slight.”) There are two unranked teams playing–Georgia and James Madison. As of my setting this up, OSU has not played their 3rd game, as they split the first two with Texas. Now it’s winner takes all. I’ll come back to update…And I’m back! Pistols firing! The Cowgirls pulled it off in a nail-biter of a game. Scoreless until the 5th inning and the Cowgirls finally scored and kept the Longhorns from crossing home plate for the next two innings. Final score 2-0, Cowgirls going to the National Championship series!

LG and I went out to our favorite BBQ restaurant Saturday night. We took Jake and he was a little stressed at first because it was a new place. Once the crowd left and it got quieter, he settled in and the waitresses and manager all came to play with him. We hadn’t been in since the lock-down, occasionally ordering to-go but not often. Anyway, it was nice. We visited with the staff and were all social and everything. Also, maybe I sold some books, as they didn’t know I was an author. We’ll see.

TV has been baseball and softball. Go Cards! Go Cowgirls! Go Sooners! I have heard a rumor that Live PD might be back but not on A&E. I’m basically boycotting that channel for dropping my favorite show. No word on which network/channel will pick them up.

Reading/listening is mostly hit-n-miss due to edits. I’ll finish the current Elder Races book maybe today. Not sure if I’ll keep with the series or if I’ll switch to the new Molly Harper Mystic Bayou book that just dropped. We’ll see what’s up in my head.

Don’t have much else to reveal. My world is pretty much revolving around GHOSTS–editing, formatting, and getting it ready to go into the wild. It will be available in wide distribution and print so that means three versions of formatting. The print will take a bit longer because Only will need to do the full-sized cover after she gets the number of pages. It’s a science. 😄

So, my week ahead is all centered on getting the book into the hands of readers. And the start of the NCAA Softball WCWS. All games televised, though I miss the days when Only and I used to attend in person. Awesome M/D bonding time. What’s your week looking like?


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