Thursday Thoughts: Universal Buttons

The world is pretty crazy. I cringe when I walk into a room with a TV tuned to the news. I can’t look at any of my social media feeds–which isn’t fair to the people I care about–but it’s self-preservation because the stupidity just…burns. I admit that I have hot buttons. Push them, the world is going to get  reaction. Usually, it’s poor Boone and Jake. Loki is smarter. He knows when to disappear. And it’s Lawyer Guy. I listen to him gripe. He listens to me. That’s in the marriage rules. Anyway, when this popped up in my inbox, I stopped to think about it, and I decided it was worth sharing.

You know those folks who push your buttons, Silver?

Here’s the deal: Once you love your life and yourself so much that you no longer care about their behavior… they disappear.

Spiritual housekeeping,
The Universe

The power of self-love, Silver, is all of that and so much more.

I think the Universe just might be on to something. I walked away from a professional organization because they let the bullies dictate the rule. I can’t abide bullies. And man, the world is full of them right now. And yeah, all those hot buttons are getting pushed. So what am I doing about it? I’m walking away. I’m an adult. I can ignore the stupid. And then I write. I get to dictate the rules in my world. I get to punish the bad guys, make sure the good guys win, and those who matter get their Happy Ever After. Take time today and every day for a little self-love, people. Learn to take the power back. Find a way to channel the good you find and ignore the rest. I know. Easier said than done, but hey, it’s worth a try, right?

P.S. I’m still working on making them disappear. It’s a Work In Progress…like one of my books.


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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5 Responses to Thursday Thoughts: Universal Buttons

  1. Jasrameshen says:

    It’s really fantastic and inspiring

  2. Exactly. The only thing I’d add with regard to social media is: Scroll faster… that’s what I do when I can’t take any more crap. Hit the friends and the good stuffs and scroll quickly past the rest. :hugs:

    And yeah, totally easier said than done. I’m off to wade through the FB feed. Wish me luck. ;o)

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