Wednesday Words: Peace and Quiet

Wednesday means it’s time for #1lineWed words and today’s theme is **PEACE**. This snippet comes from Ronan and Maura’s first meeting at a fancy charity event. She’s there with her boss, the District Attorney. Ronan and friends are there to keep an eye on said boss and a mob guy with ties to the DA.

Ronan nodded and followed Maura. He didn’t question how Declan knew about his interest in the woman and Roman would be pumping him for information about her soon. Maura didn’t go to the ladies room. Instead, she found an exit and stepped outside. He waited until a couple exited a few minutes later and followed them out. Breathing deeply, he searched for a scent he’d had only a faint whiff of. There. He followed that elusive trail. At the sidewalk, he turned right and followed the woman’s scent. He found her on a ramped walkway surrounded by a wrought-iron railing. The window behind her cast a soft glow and the music provided a muted background melody.

He walked up to her, not bothering to mask his approach. She watched him through intelligent blue eyes. Her hair was caught up in some fancy twist atop her head. Her face held both strength and softness and he’d offer a thousand dollars to kiss her full lips. He stopped a few feet away, inhaling her scent deeply. His wolf demanded to come out to play. The damn thing wanted to take the woman to the ground and roll around on her. He understood as the man held similar desires. She smelled of something floral and delicate, like cherry blossoms, with something a bit wilder beneath, like the smoke from a Samhain bonfire.

“So,” he said. “You’re Crenshaw’s personal assistant.” He couldn’t help the sneer in his voice.

“No,” she countered. “I’m one of his ADAs. As in Assistant District Attorney.” She had a pretty good sneer of her own.

Ronan blinked. He should have made the connection because Declan had been complaining about this pain-in-his-ass assistant district attorney named Brannigan. He smiled. “I stand corrected, counselor.”

Maura rolled her eyes, still assessing the man who’d so casually strolled up to her. She caught him watching her and wondered if he’d caught her watching him back. There was an air of shrewd intelligence about him. He wasn’t an attorney but she had the niggling feeling that she should know who he was. His dark suit was impeccable, hand-tailored, and very expensive. His shoes showed the same amount of luxurious indulgence. Short blond hair, a chiseled face that was too rough to be truly handsome, and clear gray eyes that seemed to see everything at once. This man was a natural-born predator. And she was intrigued.

“And you are?” She placed her hand in the one he held out without thinking first and a frisson of desire swept over her..

“Ronan O’Connor.”

She jerked back, a convulsive reaction to his name. Ronan O’Connor? He was one of the biggest thugs in Boston. How did she not know what he looked like? He didn’t release her hand and she choked back a wave of dismay when she realized she didn’t want him to let go.
He smiled, not trying to hide the laughter in his eyes. “I see you’ve heard the name.”

“Ya think?” she snapped.

His smile deepened. “I understand you’re giving an attorney I know fits.” Her forehead crinkled as she thought and Ronan fought against the need to kiss the frown away. “Declan Donahue,” he supplied when she continued to look confused.

She rolled her eyes. “The feeling is mutual. Trust me.”

A slow ballad wafted through the windows. “Would you care to dance?”

He reeled her into his arms and that’s when Maura realized he’d never released his hold on her hand. He held her gently, like she was something delicate. He wasn’t heavy-handed, didn’t force his lead on her like Alex had. Dancing with her boss had been torture. This? This was far too close to heaven for her peace of mind.
I have news for Maura. Poor gal ain’t gonna have any peace and quiet for a very long time to come. 😉 As for Ronan? Well, y’all can guess from the reaction of his wolf what’s in store for him. This is part of the Moonstruck Mafia series, after all. Writers, any peaceful words to share? Readers, do you like “meet cutes” between heroes and heroines?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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  1. Dawn says:

    Yes .. its going to be good tale

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