The Monday I Hate the Most

Welcome to DST. NOT!!!!! I hate this whole “fall back” thing. I have enough trouble getting my body to cooperate when it comes to sleep and now the infernaleral government insists on perpetuation this myth. I heard one pundit praise it because it gives farmers more daylight. In the winter. When most of their crops are fallow. And guess what! Most famers have farm equipment with lights now. No more mules an or draft horses pulling plows. Oh, and the farm animals? This whole hour back and forth thing doesn’t mean a blessed thing. Sunrise is sunrise and sundown is sundown. They can’t read a clock! SOMEBODY in Washington (and Europe too because they’re debating this whole time debacle) do something that actually makes sense. KTHXBYE.

In other news, the real OSU moved up in the polls after another win this weekend–up 1 spot from 11th to 10th.. My Pokes are on a roll but they have 3 tough games in the weeks ahead, including in-state Bedlam rival OU, which didn’t move because they had a bye week. Baseball’s done except for hirings and firings and winter trades until mid-February when pitchers and catchers report and then the rest of the players report around my birthday. I already miss baseball. Also, since I’m basically politically incorrect (and have a significant degree of Indian blood and am married to an Indian), congratulations to the Atlanta Braves! They took the World Serious in 6. Keep that chant and chop goin’.

After watching the numbers last month and this, though we’re only a week into November, I’ve decided to take my remaining books out of Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Most days, I can sell one book and make the same (or more) royalty as what I’m getting on KU. With the little authors make per page read ($.004), people would have to read 518 pages to equal the royalty received on one book sold at a $2.99 price point. The ROI (Return On Investmen) no longer makes sense. I’ll be taking each book wide through Draft2Digital as they come off KU, so they won’t go live in any sort of order. Today is not the time for a full lesson on the inner workings of KU. I made some money there–to begin with–but I believe my better course forward is with wide distribution.

Speaking of reading, who has–or knows what HOOPLA is? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Hoopla Digital is a streaming service for ebooks, autdio books, music, and movies. It’s accessed through your local library, if your library subscribes. I’m really lucky that my library system has a great digital library I can tape into but I can often find books on Hoopla that are NOT in my library’s local system. There are also times when there’s a waiting list for a new release at the library when I can grab a copy off Hoopla without having to wait. You might want to check into. I’m slowly getting my independent books accepted there. All of the Penumbra Papers are available, along with MOONSTRUCK: LIES. Hopefully, all my books will make it sooner or later. And yes, I do get paid per checkout there.

On the personal reading/listening front, I finished the re-listens and the new release in Lauren Dane’s Diablo Lake series. Wolf shifters and witches with a touch of southern sweet tea and lavender. They aren’t as sexy as her usual fare and the relationship angst is low. They’re sweet romances with sexy bits, some intrigue and very likeable characters. I’m now embarking on a relisten of Jayne Castle’s Gosthunter/Harmony series. There’s a new book in that series dropping on the 16th so yay!

LG is so good to me. He put new “rubber” on Drover, ie. he replaced front and rear windshield wiper blades on my Highlander, and then he topped off my tank. He is soooo totally a keeper! Which is probably a good thing considering how long I’ve kept him… 😉

I probably should save this for a Friday Free-For-All post but whatever. Does anyone else get down to the bottom of both the dip carton AND the potato chip bag and decide to dump the chips into the carton, grab a spoon, stir it up, and eat away? I totally do that. When no one is around to see, of course.

Not much else is going on my world. I’m working on NaNoWriMo words in MOONSTRUCK MAFIA: BOSTON as well as finishing up the revisions on MONTANA MOON. I hope to have it live at least in a few places by the end of the week. Saturday was siren test, Mexican restaurant lunch with the Kids and a loooong nap. I guess I was getting ready for the time change. Ugh. That’s it for me today. What about y’all? Anything new, noteworthy, boring or worth ranting about? Any weird “culinary” habits you want to share?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to The Monday I Hate the Most

  1. I put peanut butter into my ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) and stir it up to make my own PB swirl, if that counts as a weird culinary habit. I put strawberry jelly on my ham-egg-cheese breakfast sandwiches. And the next time I have dip and chips, I’m totally going to try your trick. Sounds yummy.

    Yay for LG! And yay for Hoopla. Draft 2 Digital submitted my books to them, but they haven’t responded yet. Fingers crossed for the whole ‘going wide’ thing for both of us. May the KU turds who shorted me and shoved me into this position burn in a vat of rancid bacon grease. Yay for getting words out! Yay for your teams and boo for no baseball until Feb. Don’t get me started on the thrice-damned time change thing. Blerg.

    Nothing much going on around here. I did a post about firewood today, that’s how bland my life is right now. The new season of All Creatures Great and Small starts 1/9, so I have that to look forward to. (Even if they stray from the books more than I’d like, I’m still enjoying the show.)

    • Silver James says:

      Your post hasn’t shown up in my blog feed/roll yet. Okay. I lied. I just went to look and it’s there now. LOL I’ll check it out as soon as I hit send. I buy my onion dip in large tubs and since I’m the only one who normally eats it, yes, I double dip. Then comes the time when chips are crumbly and it’s just the bit at the bottom that needs to be scraped out and put in a smaller bowl. Dumping the chips and using a spoon? Easy peasy. LOL And hey, I’m all for culinary habits that taste good to the individual and words for them!

      And yeah, KU is outliving its usefulness for authors like us. For those who put out “cookie-cutter” short fiction (ie. file off the serial numbers and change the names of the characters and push publish) and those who gravitate toward that? Those readers aren’t my audience and I wouldn’t get them anyway. Better to find readers in other places that don’t love the ‘zon.

      Here’s to us both!

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