Wednesday Words: Chaos

The #1lineWed THEME of **CHAOS** pretty much sums up my current writing life. Between final edits on MONTANA MOON and updating two seperate editions–one for Amazon and the other for everyone else, since I’m publishing it in wide distribution. Additionally, I’m trying to keep up with NaNo words and I meant to do some free writing on the theme but I had a different scene to finish and didn’t get around to it. So, I’m grabbng an existing snippet and I can’t remember if I’ve posted here before or not. It was originally written based on a #ThursdayThreads prompt, which is a flash fiction challenge sponsored by a writer friend, Siobhan Muir. Anyway, this is a visit with Devlin and Kathleen–sort of, as we’re strictly in Dev’s brain. He’s an enforcer for the Boston Wolves and Kathleen…well, just keep reading. FYI, I didn’t post Kathleen’s half of this scene. Her backstory is raw brutal and there’s a lot revealed in the words that follow these. They’ll wait for the book.
Devlin took one look at her and his immediate thought was, Fuck me. She was a cop’s widow. A cop he put six feet in the ground. The guy was a wrong cop but still. He’d killed her husband. He recognized her the minute he walked in the place. She’d been all over the news a year ago. The grieving widow. The Boston Police Department let her have the glory, even though they knew the truth about her scumbag husband. Hell, they all knew. Even that bevy of hens cackling around her now. Her friends. Two of ’em had been bangin’ Tommy the whole time. And she’d been the clueless, sweet little wife. A fucking kindergarten teacher before they got married, for Chrissakes.

Their party was a loud one. What did they call it now? Bachelorette party. One of the bitches was getting married. Not Kathleen though. They’d obviously dragged her out. Decided it would be good for her to dip her pretty little painted toes back into life. She’d mourned the asshole for a year, yeah? Time t’find a new man. Dev knew the way they were thinkin’.

He also knew exactly what had gone on behind the closed doors and shuttered windows of the house she’d shared with her husband. He stalked Tommy Gallagher for weeks, as man and wolf both. He heard. He saw. And he waited. Then he followed the boss’s orders and pulled the trigger. With no regrets. Until now. Because her she was.

Once a month, the club gave the girls a night off and brought in the boys. Horny women lined up around the block t’get in. The Borus made a killin’ off high-priced fancy drinks and the mob’s lads got the chance to nail the ladies in the VIP rooms. With the widow’s group, things had gone from rowdy to chaos and the manager had called Mick. Mick called Dev. The bugger always called him to keep a lid on things. And t’kill bad cops.

Her name was Kathleen Gallagher and his fuckin’ cock let him know it was alive and kickin’ every time he saw her picture. Havin’ her sittin’ across the room where he could all but fill his lungs with the scent of her, and the damn thing was doin its damnedest to bust the zipper on his britches. His feckin’ wolf wasn’t behavin’ much better. He had t’focus to keep his animal half buried because the damn thing was scratchin’ at his skin t’come out and play. With her.
And there you have it. I can honestly say that Devlin’s emotions are a little chaotic at the moment. Writers and readers both, any chaos to share today?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Wednesday Words: Chaos

  1. You did post this one before, but that’s okay because it’s still awesome. :hugs:

    Heh, chaos. Yep, that’s fitting. For you, for me, for the world at large…

    I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s the only chaos I’ve got in a story at the moment. It’s the very beginning of Untitled Fantasy, I’m still not sure whether I’ll keep it.

    Eons ago, before your fathers or your grandfathers were but a flash of sun in their mothers’ eyes… Before the sun was old and before the songs to praise the sun were written… the Great Lady birthed the world and populated it with the living things. She created the things that reach toward the sun to give us sustenance and the ground sustaining them, the things that walk and the things that fly, them what eat grass and seed, them what slither and kill, them what rend and tear. She gazed upon her creations, and knowing them to be good, she left them to do as they would without meddling. Just as your parents will someday do for you. And deciding such, the Great Lady slept.

    Later, when she awakened, she looked upon her beautiful world and saw the chaos her children had wrought upon it. She knew then that not all of her creations were as good as she had fashioned them to be. She raised her hands to wipe them all from the face of the world, but her heart softened toward her children. Rather than slay them, she took pity upon their sorry souls. She wove a great spell to separate the worst of them from the creations who had remained faithful to her. All at once, the shrouds fell upon the land, pulling the greatest threats away to a world of their own for all time.

    Or so we had all assumed.

    As the Great Lady sleeps once more, the strongest evils behind the shrouds plot and plan for a way to escape back into our world. Here and there, they breach the shrouds and send forth their lesser minions, hoping someday they will make the shrouds fall entirely. That day may be upon us.

    So, gather your courage. For you can never guess when or where the shrouds will fall. And without training, you will never have the skill to fight what issues forth. When the King calls for you to be taken to train so you may be ready for battle against the beasts and monsters, set aside your love of hearth and home. Take up the call. Protect your homeland. Protect the Kingdom. And may the Great Lady have mercy on your souls.

    • Silver James says:

      Good to know, but I CAN say that I edited the snippet so it’s changed POV (1st to 3rd) and some words added so not totally the same. 🤣 And your chaos is awesome. I’m glad you’re still plugging away on this one. It’s gonna be awesome to read eventually. No rush! I totally get the “slow-downs.” If I read this in the “preview,” I’d totally grab this one with one-click. Which I’ll be doing anyway, but…you know…if you were a new-to-me author. 😉

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