Middle Monday

Sadly, this January has five–count ’em FIVE–Mondays. I wonder if that’s a peek at what 2022 will bring. In the meantime, there was a past week and a weekend to update. Let’s jump right in…

There was some writing done. Not a whole lot, but some. I did write Chapter 16 and then stared at it, hating the whole heckin’ thing. I intended to fix it on Friday but I found myself just staring at the words on my monitor and hating it even more. Argh. It’s an important scene–supposed to emotional and with insights into several different plot threads. I was tempted to print it out just so I could rip it into tiny little pieces. Saturday was a writing wash as well. Then came yesterday. Determined to fix that chapter I opened a new docusment, started with a different character in a different place and…welll…1500 words later, I have a decent backbone for that chapter. Today, I’ll harvest some from the original, fit the best parts into the new chapter and I think things will turn out fine, withou losing 1700 words. Words are precious, doncha know. Anyway, I’m feeling better about things this morning.

I did manage some decluttering in my office. I emptied a three-drawer rolling cart and a large hamper which, when sorted, became two bags for the charity thrift shop, two boxes for Only to sort, and a large bag of trash. At this rate, I’ll have a rearragned and organized office by 2023. 🤣

That’s about the sum total of my so-called achievements. The weekend? Pretty much a wash, but not totally. Saturday, I gave blood. I set a new personal best for “filling the bag”– 5 1/2 minutes. It usually takes me 7-8 minutes. I have good blood and the 🧛🏼‍♂️🦇🧛🏼‍♀️ like me. Giving blood is no big deal but it was beyond frigid outside–howling wind out of the north, windchill around 11 degrees, and spitting snow, of which none stuck. After staring at Chapter 16 for about an hour, I gave up and decied to get warm. I fell asleep under all the covers around 2 p.m. and didn’t roll over until 7:30 p.m. Yeah, I needed the sleep obviously. Boone is still being…weird and especially so at night. Anyway… Sunday, I rewrote the chapter and made Cool Whip Snickerdoodle cookies. Yummers but dang. That dough is heckin’ sticky! (FYI–it’s Cool Whip, a box of cake mix, and an egg. Easy peasy. But for the sticky!) Oh! And LG and I installed the Ring doorbell the Kids gave me for Christmas. I have a new toy! 🤣 Today, after my Wallyworld run, maybe LG and I will get the other camera up over the garage.

I only managed two books last week. Not exactly gangbusters, given my normal speed. I dropped my usual 200-book challenge to 150. At this rate, I might have to drop it more. I listened to a new-to-me author and then a favorite but a series that I’d start and not get far before losing interest. I picked up the audio book on a deal. Sadly, this series isn’t available from the library so not sure I’ll continue it at this time. I enjoyed it this time though, so who knows.

The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch started its new season on Discovery. Dude… It is sooo out there this season. I love it! MiBs, bodies disappearing, things going bump in the night. Remind me not to visit the Uinta Valley in Utah! Not much else has caught my attention. We’re still a month and a half from pitcher/catcher by MLB owners are still in lock-out mode. Unless things change, there may not be a season. That will make me a very sad puppy.

Not much else going on in my world. Only’s up to some awesome shenanigans at work but I can’t discuss them until official releases. I don’t know all the details either, but it’s cool stuffs. No Stormy time but that’s okay. And that’s it for me. After one more coffee, I’m headed out to Wallyworld. If I people early, I can get it over with. 😉 Anybody have noteworthy news to share? How’s your weather?


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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6 Responses to Middle Monday

  1. Yay for writing and decluttering and reading and watching fun shows! Yay for reading, even if it was only a little. Yay for cookies! Bummer about the baseball, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope it turns out okay. Yay for Only’s super secret stuffs, whatever they are. Good luck at Wallyworld.

    We got 4.5 inches of snow, and with the sun out right now, it’s pretty. But I have no urge nor any reason to go out in it, so yay. I poked my head out to take some pics of the pretty just a few minutes ago and two foxes picked right then to wander through the yard. Unfortunately, they saw me right when I saw them, so they took off running into the woods. I got one crappy picture of one of them. (Posted it to FB.) But yay anyway. They were so gorgeous. Anyway, things here are okay. The weather is funny and it’s supposed to warm up a bit. I’m staying home and staying in.

    • Silver James says:

      That is soooo awesome that you have a fox pair! How very cool! And yeah, 4.5″ does make for pretty and yeah, I’d totally sit warm on the inside looking out. LOL Enjoy your snow day. 😉

  2. starsong57@yahoo.com says:

    ❤ you got new words!
    My Sunday night writers group is working with Writing Deep Scenes by Alderson and Rosenfeld. I think I’m a decent writer till I look at it through that lens. UGH. BLECH. DREG.
    But I will not stop.

    • Silver James says:

      You are on the right track! Study the craft, read lots of books–of all kinds!–and find your voice. Even after 50 books, I can hit a roadblock and write absolute dreck. The thing is, dreck can be fixed. A blank page? Not so much. And a class of Deep POV or Deep Scenes is an asset. I took one several years ago and it did enhance my writing. So, as I said, you’re on the right track! Don’t get discouraged. We all have stories to tell. ❤

  3. KB Gardener says:

    I have great news! I’m out of isolation and back in the wide, wide world, albeit with a mask on around other people. I received a text from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Friday morning asking me if I had been fever free from at least 24 hours “without the use of fever-reducing medications” and with improvement in other related symptoms. Since I hadn’t had a fever for days, and was feeling much better, I replied in the assent and by the early afternoon received a reply that I was released. I’m now back to normal (with exception of needing to wear a mask around others for five days–I’m more than halfway through that.) All in all, I’m glad that, if I had to catch the ‘rona, that I got the Omicron variant.

    • Silver James says:

      WhooHoooo! Excellent news, KB! Baseball Boy and Stormy both caught it. BB had been double vaxxed but not boosted. Stormy had his kid’s version vax. He was down about 24 hours. BB was “okay” but not feeling good for about 72. He still gets tired faster if he’s physically active, and it is baseball practice season so yeah. Only, double vaxxed and boosted, never did test positive. I know several vaxxed people who’ve gotten the stuff several times. I know some unvaxxed who’ve never gotten it despite multiple exposures, and yes unvaxxed can get very sick if they get it. The darn thing is endemic and we all just need to learn to live with it. I’m betting this time next year, if the dang politicians will stay out of it, it will resemble the flu in severity and numbers. *climbs off soapbox* Anyway, I am so very happy that you are well on the road to recovery. I know you have underlying conditions that could have made things so much worse. I like having you in the world so I’m totally glad you’re sticking around. 😉 Now go enjoy life, dude! ❤

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