Super Bowl Monday

So. The Super Bowl was last night. (As I’m actually typing this, it hasn’t been played yet. Yeah, yeah. Whatever.) Normally, I would be “reviewing” my fave commercials today but I doubt I get back to update this with more than the winner. It’s really sad when one is basically sound asleep before 9 p.m. Don’t ask. I’ll give my rundown onin a “Free-For-All” on Friday.

In proud parent news, Only is a rock star! Well, sort of. She Director of Creative Services at the advertising agency where she works. She started as the collection archivist. Now she does all sorts of things from maintaining (and digitizing) the collections for clients, scheduling, herding her creative cats, and now, photography. She had two VERY exciting projects that were top secret but the music videos have been released now so I can spread the word! The first project, last winter, was on Austin John Winkler’s new release SUPERJADED. He was the front man for the rock band Hinder back in the day and is coming back as a solo artist. FYI, lots of bad language in video so NSFW or little ears. (He uses the F-work almost as much as I do! 🤣) She did the behind-the-scenes photography for both the agency and Austin. Then, and this is the big one to me because she is such a fan AND she is credited on the song as Production Assistant and Photoraphy on Hanson’s newest video, CHILD AT HEART. So proud and excited for her! I’ve embedded both videos at the end. That’s my girl! And yeah, she does have a  pic of her and Taylor (the lead singer in this video and her fave but 🤫 Don’t tell Isaac or Zac!)

Okay, the rest of my news is boring. Hopefully, the indoor plumbers are here replacing one of the toilets as you are reading this. The outdoor plumber was here on Friday unplugging a clog in the drain line to thee sewer main. It took him longer to dig down to the pipe than it did to snake it. Ah well. We are still mostly sleep deprived thanks to Boone. He really has turned into a toddler but he’s so old we just try to roll with it. Still…sleep. Which is why I’m often dead to the world WAY before the 10 o’clock news. (We’re central time around here folks.) Writing and reading have suffered. I’ll catch up eventually.

Saturday was clean and move day. Long story. I’ll try to make it short. Quite some time ago, our 60″ TV “died.” At the time, we could grab a 43″ Smart TV to replace it so we did, with the idea that we’d eventually get a big one. Time went by. LG got a small windfall and yay! So last week, we found a heck of a deal on a 65″ HDR Smart TV. Yes, we stream a few apps. Other stuff happened so it sat in it’s box in the dining room, safely out of the way. Saturday–because Sunday meant Super Bowl–meant getting it set up. So, the 32″ TV in my office went to the guest room, where it isn’t hooked up because we don’t have a U-Verse box in there. I cleaned out the space where it had been. The 40″ TV in our master went to my office and I’m embarrassed to say that the dust bunnies in the antique lines press that is our “media” cabinet in there were the size of French Bulldogs. So lots of cleaning. In the meantime, LG had to move cable and WiFi boxes to the top of the entertainment center in the family room because that 65″ TV? Yeah…it didn’t fit in the hole. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also, dust bunnies. It took far longer than it should have but hey. We’re old people. The new BIG TV was up and running (though we haven’t done the whole long-in thing for the streaming apps though I’m 🤞🏼 fingers it will just automatically register that we have accounts. Yeah, yeah. You can stop laughing now.) Anyway, I can now watch “The Mandalorian” in bed now. If I can sta awake long enough.

That was pretty much my week, weekend, and life. Real Life rears it’s head often and we just learn to roll with it. Also it’s Valentine’s Day. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Why yes, I DID have to buy cards at Wallyworld this morning when I went for my weekly grocery run. Anyway, my Valentine’s to y’all is the videos because I love my kid like damn and whoah and am totally stoked her life is so on track. I’m so very lucky and I can’t really take credit. She’s just that good of a person–sweet, talented, amazing, and shares her mother’s temper. 😉 Happy Valentines/Galentines/Palentines Day however you celebrate. FYI, I happen to think both songs are awesome and would even if Only wasn’t involved. ❤

***BE sure to click on SHOW MORE and scroll down through the credits on this Hanson vid! Why yes, I did grin stupidly and pet the monitor screen. Why do you ask?


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4 Responses to Super Bowl Monday

  1. Yay for Only!! Rock star! And you have every right to be Proud Mama. She’s a hell of a woman. :hugs:

    Eh, boring life is better than crazy life. Yay for getting your TV up, even if you weren’t awake for the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed your plumbers are there and fixing the rest of the problems. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Silver James says:

      I actually made it to the end but crashed shortly after. Hellava game but disappointed the Bengals couldn’t hold on. Ah well. Young team, young coach, much football to be played. Also, there was little to no politicking. YAY! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

  2. Kimber says:

    Congrats to Only!! You Go Girl😊.
    I actually have Lips of An Angel ( Hinder) on
    my Amazon Music on my phone’s 😏.
    When you mentioned Hanson. M Bop starts playing in my head😁
    Kudos to you and LG on your TV rearranging.
    I had seen the Budwieser commercial, and Alexa with Scarlett Johansson. But none of the others.
    Happy Valentines Day.

    • Silver James says:

      Thanks on the Only congrats. I’ll admit I bought and downloaded both songs from Apple. One and or both may appear in a future soundtrack for a Penumbra Papers book. 😉 I’ll be listing the commercials that hit me come Friday. There were some good ones and some that sort of left me scratching my head. Obvioulsy, not the audience for some ads and/or the half time show. LOLOL Have a great week!

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