Wednesday Words: Hoops

Once again, I managed to tie two birds with one thread. Or something like that. This week’s #1lineWed THEME is **HOOP**. Last week’s #ThursdayThreads prompt was “How’d that work out for you?” I’m still trying to add new words to CROSSFIRE, and every bit of inspiration and/or word prompts help. Hopefully, things will lighten up around here (ie. my head space) now that I’ve diagnozed the problem. More about that tomorrow. Today is Wednesday and that means words!
“Have you told her?”

Kin opened one eye to stare at Dalton. Who looked like an eager puppy hoping for a treat as he crouched in front of him. He closed that eye in an act of dismissal. “Leave me alone, mate.”

“You need to tell her.”

Damn but he was a feckin’ insistent bastard. “What do you know about it?”

“Loch says you need to tell her, and I spent enough time around the Wolves of the 69th and their mates to know Meg will freak out if she finds out by accident.”

Surrendering, Kin curled to a sitting position, his ab muscles protesting just a little. He focused his attention on Dalton, his glare intense as he studied the other man. “You ever told a woman you have gills?” Dalton’s left hand automatically covered a spot under his ear as he tucked his head against his right shoulder to hide the gill on that side, The truth in Dalton’s posture was plain to read. Kin had figured correctly but pressed home on his point. “How’d that work out for you?”

Defensive now, Dalton curled his upper lip. “I didn’t actually tell her. We went snorkeling. A kid was drowning, caught in a rip tide. I went to the bottom to save him. She saw me.”


“And nothing. I convinced her she hadn’t seen me actually breathing underwater.”

“You ever go out again?” Kin nodded, satisfied when Dalton didn’t answer. “I rest my case.”

“But Meg is your—”

“I know what she is, Dalton.” Kin scrubbed the heels of his hands over his eyes, annoyed by the gritty feeling left from his lack of sleep. “I’m a Wolf not some trained lion in the circus so I’ll not be jumpin’ through hoops for anyone. When the time is right—”

Kin broke off as Dalton’s eyes widened and he sputtered, “Uh…hi , Meg.”

“Right time for what?” the topic of their conversation asked in a voice far to saccarin for Kin’s peace of mind.

Dalton stood in one fluid motion and flashed an uneasy grin. “And that’s my cue to exit stage left. Bye, Meg.” Dalton took off.

Under his breath, Kin muttered,“Bloody hell.”
Yeah, totally busted. Y’all can guess where this is going next. 😉 Writers, do you have words to share matching either prompt? Readers, what’s worked out for you lately and did you have to jump through any hoops to get there?


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