Wednesday Words: Through A Glass Darkly

Some weeks, it seems like the only new words I get are due to #1lineWed or #ThursdayThreads prompts. This week, it’s “Though a” and “What do you think?” This scene is pretty much a continuation from last week’s snippet, in case you’re wondering. Let’s get to it…
Meg watched Dalton retreat, brow furrowed. Something was going on and she had the distinct impression that she was caught in the middle of whatever intrigue these guys had been discussing. What the heck had Kin meant when he said he was a wolf and not a circus lion? She’d caught the sidelong glances Loch occasionally cast her direction when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. She was also acutely aware of Kin’s… She glanced down at him. His what? His attention? That seemed too mild a term. She often found him watching her with an intensity that felt both flattering and scary, like she was his favorite obsession.

She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped one foot. “Well? Since Dalton is a chicken, that leaves you to explain. What is it you aren’t telling me? And what do circus lions have to do with anything?”
Kin remained on the ground. He’d wanted to court her, let her get to know him before he shared his darkest secrets. Explaining he was a wolf shifter and that she was his mate? That would truly float like a lead balloon. “Nothing.” There, that answered both questions. Her expression said it hadn’t. “Fine, What do you think we were talking about?”

Her nose crinkled. “Me. I want to know why.”

Wishing the earth would open up so he could fall through a big hole, he rubbed his eyes again. “Yes, you. And what you are to me.”

“What am I?”

Well, Kin certainly has some ‘splainin’ to do, yeah? Poor dude. And if I was Dalton, I’d be running for the nearest ocean because as long as he’s on dry land, Kin can catch up to. Too bad they are in the Carpathian Mountains and there isn’t a body of water in sight. Authors, what have you put your characters “through” lately? Readers, “what do you think” is going to happen next?


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2 Responses to Wednesday Words: Through A Glass Darkly

  1. Dawn says:

    Some excited reactions

  2. I could’ve sworn I commented this morning, but alas, I must’ve brainfarted. It’s a constant with me these days. Derp.

    SQUEE. I can’t wait to read this one. I have no words for you today. (Or for me either.) As for what I think might happen next? I think she might give him a great deal of guff for the word ‘mine’, which might make him squirmy about telling her the truth, but in the end, he has to. Maybe she’ll then be like ‘huh, explains the dog breath’ and then ‘makes sense’ when she realizes he isn’t joking, rather than ‘argh, you’re a monster’, which will totally throw him for a loop. Of course, I’m brainfarty enough that I can’t remember if she’s the kind of gal who wouldn’t be fazed by the truth. :shrug:

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