Middle Monday

Well, it’s sort of the middle. June has 30 days so technically, Wednesday is the exact middle but today puts two Sunday’s behind us and two Sundays to look forward to. I know. I’m weird. Psst. I totally identify with this pair

It’s hot. Seriously hot. We’ve had back-to-back heat advisories for several days. Yesterday hit 103 at the neighborhood bank. Ofiffically, heat index was 108. My poor AC. Plus, critical rate on electricity of 43 cents a kilowatt hour. Normally, it’s 11. And the idiots in DC want to do away with fossil fuel. When 60% of electricity if produced by fossil fuel and some states are already having rolling blackouts due to the drain on the electrical grid but hey, they want us to go out and buy $60K electrical vehicles and buy the fossil fuel we need from terrorist countries who produce DIRTY fuel. Seriously?

Okay. Climbing off my soap box. It just really pisses me off. LG fill up his truck yesteray. $92NINETY-TWO FREAKING DOLLARS!!! And gas is relative “cheap” here, compared to the rest of the country. Moving on.

Stormy is here early today. His dad is stull doing Oklahoma History on the Road and baseball camp doesn’t start until Wednesday. That means I had to hit Wallyworld yesterday. Whole different set of People of Walmart in there on a Sunday. Since the Kids still have my Highlander, LG was nice enough to drive Jake and I. He dropped us off and headed down the shopping center to Home Depot to pick up a shevling unit for me for the garage. We don’t know if there was a cat fight or a ghost or what, but the shelf that was in there with laundry stuff and the cube of my Pepsi Zero. It had collapsed and broken during the night. Granted two of the legs had previously broken and been duct taped. If you have a “smart” phone, get the Gas Buddy app. It relies on people reporting gas prices but it lists all the stations near you with the price. It saved us almost 10 cents a gallon and we didn’t have to drive out of our way to fill up the truck.

FYI, I’m ignoring last week. I actually blanked out Thursday so there was next to no writing, revisions took a bad continuity turn (fixed now), and I buggered my shoulder again. Part of the problem is the height of the cabinet I use for my mouse. It’s about 3 inches too tall which puts my arm and shoulder in a weird position when I have to do a lot of mouse work. It sucks to be old but I can’t “fix” the problem until I get my office rearranged and lets not even go there, uh-kay?

There a little Pete Progess to note. He’s come nose-to-nose with both Boone and Jake. Boone’s like “Huh. A weird cat. It’s orange.” Jake is like, “Car? Car! Ride? Ride! Oh. Orange cat. Hi. I’m going in the car!” Loki, on the other hand, is all like, “What the hell is that thing? It sorta smells like me but it’s orange. With short hair. And Mom! What IS IT?!?!?!” Loki has not been up close to another cat since he was a little kitten. We lot Adidas when he was about 2 months old and she was already mostly “bed ridden.” Not sure Pete will ever truly be an indoor cat. He likes the garage and enjoys following us around ourside. We’ll see.

OSU lost in baseball regionals. OU went on to win in the super regionals and the baseball team is now headed to Omaha for the College World Series. Am I the only one who giggles and thinks of Peyton Manning whenever the word “Omaha” comes up?

And that it for me. Like I said, last week has been erased from memory and the weekend was too hot to do anything but complain about how hot it was. What’s going on in your world? FYI, the shoulder is a little better, so long as I stay away from the mouse. We’ll see how typing goes today. Later, taters!


About Silver James

I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Middle Monday

  1. Kimber says:

    Last week was my first week back at work, from being off 2wks from the house downsize to apt. Printed 300 emails that sunday, but had no idea what had been taken care of and what my builders sent directly to the yahoos. Lots of that was on my desk not handled🙄. Its not anything new for when I go vacay, but there is 4 yahoos up front now, and only one of me who handles 2 million dollars builders from roofing to getting paid, along with Fleet, OH and claims. Houses should have gone out for delivery before Memorial Day or last week, but no one keyed them??
    But Im blessed to have a job, a roof overmy head and a vehicle to drive, there is that.
    Waiting for homewarranty approval for new outside AC unit at house, nothing but hot air blowing,so I can get it on the market.
    Love the new place, still getting used to have someone above me, who power walks, and they have a heavy fur baby also. But I feel more comfortable here.
    Still putting my office in order, so I haven’t turned on the laptop or opened a notebook on WIP.
    The heat has been brutal 😩.
    Sunday as they open Wallyworld is what I prefer, but Ive had to do when ever and not my usual store.

  2. Sorry I’m late, but you know how it goes. Ack about the heat and the rising electric bills. And yep, electric vehicles are a serious con-game. Sheesh. Gas = $92? I was freaking over my $40 for 10gal. Yay for Stormy time. Bummer about the shelf, but yay for getting a replacement. Bummer about your shoulder. :hugs: Yay for Pete! Yay for OU! Consider last week forgotten. And I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

    Nothing much going on here. The usual. I got an interview for Friday. We’ll see how that goes. I made carrot cake. And Lumpy has twins! Other than that, same ol’ same ol’.

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