Wednesday Words: Satisfaction

Wednesday. Words. New words. But only one prompt today. Not #ThursdayThreads last week so I only had the #1lineWed theme of **SATISFY** to play with. As a result, I went back through my notes and found a very short conversation that consisted of three lines and an action. Sometimes, as I’m working on something else–and not necessarily concerning writing–a quick idea will hit me. I always write it down because I darn sure won’t remember it later. This idea is so old, it was noted before I actually figured out any of the backstory. Even under current character circumstances, it makes me giggle a little and I’m glad I found a way to evolve it into a scene yesterday as I was getting this post ready. FYI, this scene happend very early in the story.
Her feet hurt. Her back hurt. But Meg would not complain. The kids weren’t. When she’d watched the helicopter depart with the smallest and sickest, she’d figured they’d just wait around there at the barn until it came back. Except it wasn’t coming back. A combination of weather and air strikes precluded any chance of rescue for now. And while these soldiers were extremely reticent, she’d caught portions of their conversation. Then there was Petrov. The man was jumping at shadows. Even after they’d walked for two days.

She glanced over her shoulder. She was slowly making sense of the Americans who’d come to their rescue. Except they weren’t all Americans. And that pointed to some multinational BlackOps group. Maybe she should have paid more attention to her father when he’d expounded on the topic. Given his position with NATO, he would know.

The soldier following her wasn’t classically handsome. He had thick, dark hair and after their time on the trail, his scruff pasted shadows along his jaw line. His pale green eyes were arresting against his tanned skin. There’d been times when she’d caught him looking at her, and his expression made her want to smooth out the creases between his eyebrows. He looked almost…perplexed but there was also an intensity that burned deep in his gaze.

Meg slowed down and Kin was forced to either walk beside her or run her over. “Ya need t’keep up.”

“I know. I wanted to talk.”

He gave her that look again and she realized that he rather reminded her of that English actor who played Lucifer Morningstar on the TV show.


“Yes to you,” she answered, her tone adding an inferred Silly on the end.

“About what?”

Refraining from rolling her eyes, she decided to see how much she could tweak him. “I like your accent.” Ah yes, that look again. She was getting almost fond of it. He didn’t respond though. “So, are you guys mercenaries or something?” She almost giggled at his current expression, a combination of disgust topped with an implied, Seriously? as the cherry on top.

“No. We’re not mercenaries.” Not exactly. Kin wasn’t sure who paid their salaries and who they actually worked for beyond Mother. He also didn’t care because Mother Goose had never asked him to come down on the wrong side of his ethical line in the sand.

“So Delta Force or SEALs or something?”

“Or something.”

She flashed him a wide-eyed look that held a bit of mischief. What was the girl up to? For the moment, Kin would play along.

“So…are you like James Bond?”

“No, lassie. He was MI6. I was SAS.”

She looked perfeculy serious when she asked, “Is that like British for May Day?”

If he’d been sitting at a desk, he would have banged his head against it. That’s when he caught the twinkle in her eyes and the slight crinkling at their corners. “You know exactly what SAS stands for, considering who your father is.”

This time she did roll her eyes and felt satisfied by this whole interaction. He wasn’t the dour Scotsman he pretended to be. He could play. She liked this side of him.
There you have it. Not bad for the grain of an idea and dashing off some words. Writers, feel free to grab today’s theme as a prompt for your own work and should you feel inclined to share, YAY! Readers, what have you found satisfying today?


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  1. Loved it! This is made of awesome.

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