Labor Day Monday

How can it already be Labor Day?!? And how come it took so long to arrive?!? Ah, the conundrum of time. However it happened, today is Labor Day. Lake people are at the lake. BBQ pitmasters are manning their grills. There’s baseball. And for once, our temps are too bad. Usually, Labor Day is one of the hottest days of the year but the weather has been funky of late and it’s not supposed to get out of the hight 80s today. I’ll take it!

So, there was a week and a weekend and I’m sure y’all are waiting with bated (or baited, as the case may be) breath for my update. Saturday was “First Saturday,” which normally means storm siren test for the Ham radio club, followed by lunch with the Kids at our fave Mex restaurant. Only is also a HAM, like her dad. Anyway, LG went alone. The Kids went up the turnpike to visit Baseball Boy’s dad. I stayed home because Boone stresses when we all leave. When we’re gone several hours, I always worry that we’ll get home and find him…gone. It’s time, but I don’t really want him to cross the Rainbow Bridge alone. Anyway… No Mex for us but we’re celebrating LG’s and Uncle Fix-It’s birthdays tonight over dinner at a fave pizza place.

I splurged last week. For some reason, my body chemistry hates the letters on my computer keyboard. The letters I type the most are usually gone within a month of instally a new board. That’s one reason I used to buy plastic covers. Then the people that made covers for my split/ergo keyboard stopped. So I resorted to stuckers allegedly made for that very reason. Except the glue got sticky and the sticker started sliding around. Yes, yes, this is a first world problem but when you live by the keyboard, it’s important. Well, I found a set of stickers that was BIG for us old folks who don’t see as well in our dotage. I spent a whole $7.18 (free Prime shipping but sales tax) to get a set that was for EVERY key, not just the letters. I can tell at glance now which key is ENTER and which is SHIFT. Yayayayay! It’s the little things. I have to admit that it took me almost an hour. I can only hope this set has a better quality stickem.

Reading this past week was something of a drought. I finished RUBY FEVER (Hidden Legacy #6) early in the week. I LOVED it. Love the whole series and I hope the husband/wife team known as Ilona Adrews will keep going with another 3-book story arc for the youngest Baylor sister. Anyway, I had something of a book hangover anyway. Then I looked at the more recent releases in the series of the next new release I’ve pre-ordered, which drops tomorrow. In looking back, I realized that the last three in that series had disappointed me in many ways and I just couldn’t work up the interest to reread in prep for the new one. Sadly, nothing else jumped out at me either. Good thing I started the week 9 books ahead of schedule on my yearly Goodreads reading challenge. Anyway, I’ll give DESPERATION IN DEATH a listen when it arrives in Audible. It’s been weird not have a book to listen to as I puttered around doing errands, laundry, and other stuff. Ah well.

Sports! My OSU Cowboys had an awesome game Thursday night against Central Michigan. OU beat UTEP. My Cards are rocking. As of typing this, they’re 7/5 games ahead. If they won yesterday (yes, I AM setting this up Sunday afternoon while watching/listening to the game) and the Brewers lost, they’ll be up 8.5 games. Really hoping they make the playoffs because…Waino, Yaki, and Pujohls last year. It’s historic! Yes, I am a Cards nerd. Sorry, not sorry.

And in case you are wondering, I AM not ignoring a writing update. There were new words on CROSSFIRE this past week. In better news, I also made some serious progress on the re-revisions of RESCUE MOON. Not done yet, but I’m a lot closer. I’ve fixed a couple of problems that had been niggling at the back of my mind. I figured out how to handle both, found the spots, and fixed it. I’ve added 5K words this go-round. It really will be a better book when I’m finished. Hopefully, the rereads/last pass of the other 3 will go much faster and easier. Part of the problem is that RESCUE MOON is the manuscript that disappeared when I had a minor computer meltdown. I couldn’t find it for weeks, and I thought it was all but ready to upload for publication. Then it reappeared and I was soooo thankful! It meant I didn’t have to go back and start over. Thing is, considering some of the typos and other things, I’m starting to think the copy that reappeared was one of the auto-saves before I’d finalized the last past, which was almost done when the ethernet ate it. Anyway, good thing I decided to give it another look. Not that it totally sucked, but yeah, it was pretty sucky, hence my fixing it.

And there you have it. That’s my week/weekend in a nutshell. Mostly good stuff, nuttin’ truly bad, cooler temps (of course, anything under 100 feels cooler around here!), and some rain. S’all good. What about ya’ll?


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Labor Day Monday

  1. Gah, Labor Day. It seems like it was JUST 4th of July. And I’ve been at my job for 2 months now. Yeep, time sure do fly. Sorry you missed your Mex lunch with the kids. :HUGS: about Boone. Yay for new keyboard letters. Fingers crossed they work out well for you. Yay for reading. Yay for your sports teams, too. I’m glad you’re getting some words down and editing done. It will be better for the hard work you’re doing now.

    The weekend? We spent some time cleaning up the car, so the inside doesn’t look like it’s a nearly 20-yr-old rattletrap. (It is one, but it doesn’t LOOK like one. LOL) Also, I made cookies yesterday. And I’ve read A LOT. I’ll be good and decompressed for work tomorrow. Yay. (I totally needed three days of rest after Friday, lemme tell ya.)

    • Silver James says:

      Yikes! Sorry Friday was a bear. Fridays should be easy, y’know? Speaking of older vehicles–and yay for your’s not looking her age!–when I bought Drover, it was with the idea that he would be my last vehicle. With not quite 70K miles and a perfect maintenance record, I anticipae my 14 yo will last way more than 20! And he looks pretty darn good for his age. Yes, I do take care of him, and luckily, he’s been garaged the majority of his life.

      And speaking of cars in general, I’m curious how many people will flee California and the 17 other states contemplating banning fossil-fuel powered vehicles. Talk about supply chain problems, not to mention the drain on a power grid that already has rolling black-outs. Hey, people come here! We have freedom. Just leave the politics you’re fleeing behind. We don’t take kindly to outsiders buttin’ in to our bidness because we’re all territorial and stuff. 😉

      Have a great week. Glad you got some veg time, cookies, and much reading!

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