Manhandling Monday

I will tame Monday. And I will tame the chaos currently hiding behind my browser.window. More about that later. It’s Monday. The first Monday in October. There’s a movie by that name. About the Supreme Court. There’s your random fact of the day. I switching things around today. I am NOT making a Wallyworld run. There are reasons. I’ll hit the store tomorrow.

So why am I manhandling Monday? Because I need to get it to behave. That’s one reason I’m not following my habitual schedule. The main reason is that I ran into a few speedbumps this weekend and ASSASSIN’S MOON isn’t uploaded yet. Saturady was busy with family, sports, and a crash-landing of a nap. All of which kept me off the computer. Add the eyesight issues–I can only read for so long before everything goes blurry, my eyes burn and water, and I get a headache, it makes it tough to polish as many pages per day as I’d like. Stupid real life. I workd off and on yesteray and got a lot done but I’m not finished yet. And yes, I’ve added/changed some words and fixed some typos. Anyway, the plan is to get it uploaded today and hopefully, it’ll go live various places over the next 24 hours. Tomorrow’s blog will have links. If they are live. 🤞🏼

In other writing news, I did manage some new words on CROSSFIRE. It’s moving along and it’ll go fast–I hope!–once I get the Moonstruck Wolf books back in publication.

In sporting news, Stormy had a good soccer game Saturday but he was disappointed because his team lost. He blamed himself because he let the ball through when he was playing goalie (which he plays only occassionally and doesn’t actually practice at). He was also taken down by the biggest kid on the other team, who happens to be a “flopper.” That means that he “gets tripped” by opposing team players in hopes of drawing a penalty kick. The kid is notorious for doing it and it took the ref about twice to figure it out. Anyway, the kid ran right up to Stormy as he was about to bend and grab the ball. He took an elbow to the face but managed to hold onto the ball. And the kid flopped. 🙄 On a good note, Stormy got a “free” kick (I am NOT a soccer person!) earlier in the game and the ref, who is the head ref for the league, complimented Stormy on his ability.

More sporting news. Did you hear about the Chicago-area youth football league that suspended a team because one of their players is in the 10th grade. Here’s the story. It’s a 14U bracket. The kid is 14. He also happens to be REALLY smart so he’s been accelerated to the 10th grade. The kid is barely 140 pounds, looks 13, and is no way ready to play against high schoolers. The league says that their by-laws state no high school players can play in the league. Two fallicies. The kid is NOT a high school player. He’s a student attending high school classes. And he’s THIRTEEN!!!!! That ranks right up there with the female volleyball players being told they can’t use the girls’ locker room at the gym because there’s a trans player on the team and girls in the girls’ lockerroom might be bullying. So they have to change in the little bathroom. Don’t even get me started on trans males participating in womens’ sports. 🤬

More sporting news of a happier variety. The REAL OSU (Go Cowboys!) beat the Baylor Bears and have moved up two spots to #7 in the polls. Sadly (mixed emotions here for…reasons), OU lost to Texas Christian University. My Cardninals had quite a weekend. Albert Pujols hit homeruns #701 and 702 and he tied Babe Ruth in career RBIs. This was the last regular season home series and they split with the Pirates 2-1. Big ceremony for Albert and Yadi Molina, both who are retiring after this season. They are in the post season and it would be awesome beyond belief if they went all the way!

Okay, no more sports. Reading. Or in my case, listening. I’m still trucking through Jayne Castle’s Ghost Hunters/Harmony series. There’s a new release, SWEETWATER AND THE WITCH, at the end of the road. I’ve also picked up a couple of sale audio books. We’ll see how they go.

Baking. I actually did some. These easy-peasy cinnamon were pretty darn tasty. Not quite as good as my homemade version but yummy enough that I’ll make them again. Luckily, Lennox (our heroine from ASSASSIN’S MOON) makes them so I’m featuring them in tomorrow’s Tuesday Treats & Titles blog. Note that the picture is of the actual batch I made. How ’bout them apples?

It was First Saturday but due to the timing of the soccer game, none of us made the siren test. However, we did trek up to our usual First Satruday restaurant for yummy Mexican food. Jake made a new friend with a little kid that had been terrified of dogs until Jake. Mom and grandmom were surprised but glad. They had no clue why the little boy freaked out around dogs but he sat on the floor and petted Jake for about 5 minutes. The child was probably 2? Maybe 2 1/2? Anyway, it was sweet.

That’s it for me. I need to flex my muscles and get ready to manhandle Monday now. That dang book ain’t gonna polish itself. Off to work I go. Right after one more cup of coffee. What about y’all? Good stuff for you this weeknd? Plans for the week? Yummy foodstuffs? Good book, movie, TV show? Sports story? Go ahead, distract me! 😉


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I like walks on the wild side and coffee. Lots of coffee. Warning: My Muse runs with scissors. Author of several award-winning series--Moonstruck, Nightriders MC, The Penumbra Papers, and Red Dirt Royalty (Harlequin Desire) & other books! Purveyor of magic, mystery, mayhem and romance. Lots and lots of romance.
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2 Responses to Manhandling Monday

  1. Sometimes you have to switch things up and show Monday who’s boss. I’m totally not ready for it to be Monday and I’d love to switch it up, but… well… work. Which means I need to hurry up the online stuff and take a shower. As soon as I see the book is live, I’ll snag it. Yay. And yay for new words! Hurray for Stormy. That totally sucks about that kid and yeah, we’re probably on the same page with the whole trans in sports thing. Yay for OSU and the Cards. Yay for reading and baking. Yay for Jake the Wonder Dog. Super yay for coffee! Without which I could not function as a normal human being.

    Nothing really to report from here. You read my Sunday Update. Other than that, I’m boring. Looking ahead at my week, I anticipate five days of the same with potential sprinkes of snafu and fubar. And now I really need to shower. Have a good day! :hugs:

    • Silver James says:

      Yay for showers. They can help almost as much coffee, which IS the elixir of life, as we both know! There’s something to be said for boring work. I hope the FUBARs and SNAFUs remain at minimal standards. Also yay for your shopping “spree” over the weekend. I don’t remember if I commented on that or not. Anyway…hang in there! 🤗

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