The Monday After

So, this is the Monday after Thanksgiving–at least here in the USA. Other places, it’s pretty much a regular Monday. I wonder if other places have Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (which usually stretched into Sunday, as does Black Friday, actually), and Cyber Monday. There’s supposed to be all sorts of deals on-line today for Christmas, and all the stuffs are supposed to arrive BY Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve started. I have two presents for Stormy, one for Lawyer Guy, some stocking stuffers, and I know of at least one I’m getting Only. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. But…it’s stuff I hope they’ll like. I’ve been known to be buying stuff the week before Christmas and wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. Madness. And crazysauce, especially if folks were coming here for Christmas Eve dinner. That doesn’t happen any more. Family situations change and so do family traditions. Ah well. Time marches on.

Case in point: A friend mentioned seeing a FB post about the iconic “WKRP in Cincinnatti” episdoe where the radio station’s ad manager Herb and Les Nesman, their weather guy, did a turkey drop from a helicopter as a Thanksgiving giveaway sponsored by a grocery store. It was…a massacre. See, domesticated turkeys don’t fly, not to mention the downdraft of the helo’s rotor blades. Anyway, back in the day it was funny, and those of us who remain politically incorrect still giggle over it. But back to my friend. She couldn’t believe how many comments there were about “What? What are you talking about?” So, at T-giving lunch at Uncle Fix-It’s house, I mentioned the scene. Only laughed (she is my daughter after all), LG laughed, Cousin K laughed. Then Niece Two asks, “What?” So we all explain it. Only even pulled ithe YouTube up on her phone. We all laughed. Except Two. She just blinked. “I don’t get it,” she said. “And I don’t remember that show at all.” Dear Lord, I’m old.

In other news, I didn’t finish one book last week. In fact, I barely listened to the one currently queued up in Audible. Why? I’VE BEEN WRITING!!!! I figured out a snag in the prologue that had been niggling at the back of brain for months. I got the wording right and BAM! As Emeril would say. Y’ll do know who Emeril is, right? Anyway, I’m almost to 50K in chapters, notes, snippets, and full scenes. Will I be left with that many when I’m done? Probably not. I’ll be happy with about 45000 words finished and published. I have 5 solid chapters that just need a final edit, I’m not quite 1/2 way through #6, and all those snippets and scenes are now pretty much in chronological order so I can write them in, adding more words. I may not have CROSSFIRE publsihed before Christmas, but 🤞🏼 I get it out before New Year’s.

Once again, let’s not talk about sports, um-kay? Except maybe FIFA. Big upsets there and the USA is doing better than expected. Also, speaking of upsets, go Michigan! Thank you for running over that other OSU, you know, the one that tried to trademark the initials and when that didn’t happen they started calling themselves THE O State U. Really? Anyway, no offense to anyone in the state of Ohio. I have nothing against y’all. In fact, I have friends there. It’s just the arrogance of that university that puts my hackles up. And it’s not personal. I feel the same way about Notre Dame, the Red Sox, the Oakland/LA/Las Vegas Raiders, and about half the teams in the SEC. See? I’m an equal-opportunity disliker. 🤣

In other news, I’ve hit a smilestone with this blog. (And yes, I mean SMILE as well as MILEstone.) According to WordPress, I’ve had 100,000 views. Holy cow! Now, if even half those views bought a book, I’d be a best-selling author. Still, glad folks find something interesting enough to drop by to check me out. It’s appreciated. And to my regulars? Y’all rock my world!

So… *scratches head*… that seems to be all the news I have to share. Off to Wallyworld this morning and then back to work on the ol’ WIP. I’ve been stuck high-centered for so long, I’m a little weirded out by how much I’ve accomplished this past week. I’m hoping the streak continutes until this puppy is ready to upload and hit PUBLISH. What about y’all? How was your weekend? Whose ready for Christmas–decorations, shopping, etc. Or any of the other winter holidays because there are some cool ones coming up. Inquiring minds and nosy people (me!) want to know.


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