Wednesday Words: Best Revenge

Okay, so revenge isn’t actually part of either of our prompts for today but that’s the direction my snippet went. From #1lineWed, we have **FOR ME Through the door. What do you see? Something is happening… is it…** (mo9st of which managed to confuse me but hey, I still managed to incorporate all of it!) and from #ThursdayThreads, comes this awesome thought-provoker: “All of it was gone.” This short scene takes place shortly after a previous snippet–the one where they watched the Russian tanks roll through a village. This conversaton takes place between Maxim and Kin.
“I want to fight.”

The boy’s statement came out of nowhere. Kin glanced over at him, a glimmer of understanding poking at him. On sentry duty, he’d been surprised when Maxim showed up. The kid perched on a rock without a word. Now, ten minutes later, he’d found his voice.

Unsure why the boy had picked him, Kin didn’t rebuff him. “Why?”

“I am old enough to fight.” Max’s hands curled into fists and he thumped them on his thighs.

“Not really. Not unless you have no choice.” Kin looked away. “You’re English is pretty good.”

“I am smart.”

“But you have a lot to learn, kid.”

The boy sulked. “I need to fight. For me. For my sister. For my country.”

“What happened, Maxim? Back in Maripol.”

“Marishka was in hospital. The treatments. My father he was police, yes? My mother and I, we were home.” At Kin’s nod, the boy continued. “Sirens and then the bombs. ‘Something is happening,’ my mother says. Then…” He closed his eyes and shuddered. “The house, it fell.”

Max’s voice lost all emotion. “My mother…she was…buried. I looked for my father. At the police station, I looked through the door.”

“What did you see?”

“Nothing. Only the front wall still stood. I went to hospital. I found Marishka under her bed.” He turned bleak eyes to Kin. “My town. All of it was gone.”

Without thinking, Kin pulled Max into his arms.”

“That village, they fought. If it is not for me, then who will revenge us?”

“There are many ways to get revenge, Maxim. You are smart. Use your brain. Grow up. Get an education. Your country will need engineers and doctors and scientists. It will need architects and builders. Especially builders. Soldiers? We take lives. We tear down things. Builders put life back together for those who survived. You and Marishka are survivors. Learn. Become. Then go back and be a builder. That, son, is the bloody best revenge of all.
And there you have it. I have to admit that I’m really liking the way some–okay almost all–of these scenes are coming together to form the whole story. Kinda makes me want to go buy a jigsaw puzzle and put it together. LOL Truth be told, this was one of those stories that I had no idea where it was going. Meg, the heroine, is based on a character suggested by a writing friend. All she said was, “Her name is Meg and she studies wolves. And Kin is her mate.” That was …wow…a LONG time ago. It’s taken me this long to figure out the circumstances of her rescue, their meeting, and the events that follow. I certainly hope it’s worth the wait for my readers. So, question of the day: Is revenge a dish best served cold?

PS: I just realized. This is Pearl Harbor Day. Kind of a fitting theme…


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  1. Dawn says:

    Aye…time to plot and plan

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